MIXTAPE MONDAY: santa monica dreams.

I know what you're thinking... you're thinking "Gee Kaelah... an Angus and Julia Stone song to start off the mixtape three weeks in a row?! Can't you start with anything else? Do you like anything else?" Well, to be fair, I've been listening to this album non-stop for the past three weeks and I think it's slowly but surely driving Mike insane. The entire roadtrip was him saying "I think you like two songs and two songs only..." but he was quickly hooked, too. This starting song is worlds different from the others, but their haunting voices should be appreciated! Also- I gave myself a 4 minute time limit on creating the album art... I've been working on a social media campaign for class all day and I realized what time it was and noticed that Mike would be walking in the door any minute now... and we've gotta rush the girls to the puppy park before it gets too dark so yes... 4 minutes. The back is a bit hard to read (Jane Austen will do that to ya!) so I took a screenshot of the playlist on iTunes, too. That way you can tell what you're about to download! Enjoy! 

(click title to download)

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