Drop a Love Bomb!

Hey y'all! I'm going to share with you a LoveBomb mission that I'd be so thrilled if you took part in! I suggested Annie yesterday after stumbling upon her blog and seeing what her family is currently going through. If you need more information about LoveBomb, check out the mission below!


Hey team!

Today we are dropping a Love Bomb on Annie!

Annie is a young woman with two children and 20 weeks pregnant with her third. She and her husband, Jade, just found out that their new little one most likely has Downs Syndrome. Annie's strength and perspective on this news is incredible. On top of this news, however, they found out that their baby has an opening between his or her two ventricles.

Within the next week or two they will find out if their baby still has a hole in his or her heart, which will mean delivering in a different hospital/city and many surgeries, as you all know.
Annie was suggested to us by one of our members, Kaelah - both of us would like to ask you to please join us in coming together behind Annie and her husband to offer love, comfort and encouragement. Prayers and wishes for healing are treasured.

I'm sure many of you know the weight of a stressor like this, and how much it affects the entire family unit. Reassurance from a loving community is one of the greatest things we can provide for them.
You can comment on Annie's most recent blog post by CLICKING HERE!

Time to drop a Love Bomb, family!


If you'd like to join the LoveBomb family, click the little button below and sign up! It's a great way to spread love and positivity! (You don't have to sign up in order to take part today! But it'd be rad if you wanted to keep up with our Bombs every week! Maybe you know someone with a blog that needs a little encouragement! Feel free to suggest them to Lauren!)


  1. I've been and commented on her blog :) Going to blog it too :) Thanks Kaelah :)

    I have a friend who has a daughter with DS. Princess Nat (the daughter of my friend) is super lovely and I love her hugs. When my G-ma passed away I broke down in tears in the middle of church and the first person to come and see if I was okay was Princess Nat. She stood in front of me and then hugged me for ages lol.

  2. Are you ready for your surprise?!! It'll probably be there this weekend!!! :D


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