Outfit Post : Wednesday, October 6th + My Day

Just a couple quick outfit shots and then I have to dart off to meet Merissa in Grassland to go tour GS&F (a design agency in Green Hills). Then we have to rush back to O'More so we can get to the Student Government meeting (as she's the President and I'm the Membership Coordinator). Sounds fancy, but it's really not. Still! We have to get back to discuss important matters and we will undoubtedly be late. I wish we didn't go on "field trips" on the first Wednesday of the month! Our class runs right into, and through/over, our SGA meetings.  (Of course by the time you read this I will already be in the meeting! It's only 9:30am now... love the queue!)

dress: target ($26), tights: target ($12), flats: kmart ($13)

I bought this dress some random time last year and never wore it. Not once. Until these pictures were taken. I have the sister dress which is coral instead of blue (but the top is coral, not the "belt"). Either way, I've only worn that one once! Luckily they were cheap finds at Target. Still, they're cute so I should show them the light of day a bit more. 

Last night I surprised Mike when he got home at 10pm with a big candlelit dinner for our anniversary (just 10 months. Isn't that crazy?!). We had some yummy yummy Italian and watched Modern Family/Raising Hope. So romantic haha We have a busy couple of weeks coming up! I just realized I'm getting tattooed next Wednesday and I'm not the least bit prepared. Oh man. I need to get my act together! Off I go!


  1. That dress looks absolutely beautiful on you, Kaelah (:

  2. i know i say this everytime BUT you look beautiful.
    men are so romantic when they want to be!! :) i love that about men!

  3. I know I've told you before, but I'll tell you probably a million times:


    It's the prettiest color/texture/length/cut EVER.

  4. I LOVE that dress! You should definitely show it the light of day more, it deserves to be shown off.

  5. I love that blue in contrast with your hair, absolutely beautiful

  6. It bothers me how you're using "a hot minute" wrong.

  7. Youre certainly a busy lady :) Happy anniversary! Me and david always acknowledge the 9th of every month and say happy mini-versary, and even though its kinda geeky we've done it ever since the beginning :p Seems like you two have been going out for so much longer than 10 months! ♥ good times eh :) xx

  8. That's a really cool outfit, and the blue really enhances your hair!

  9. gee: d'awww <3

    mj: i feel like i'd trade it with almost anyone at this point! its so frustrating haha

    anon: if that's the worst of your worries, i'd consider this a pretty "okay" situation. but honestly, i think you're just reading it wrong. i know a hot minute means a short amount of time... and that's the point. i use them all the time, but i don't regularly post them. then again, it WAS my mistake to say use instead of post. (but c'mon, i mean really? THAT reallllllyyy bothers you?)

    ayden: i think that's a great way to keep things fresh and fun! :D congrats for you two!

    becky: i've really grown to love wearing blue. i need more of it though! :P


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