// Lace and Lavender

I received this dress in a Stitch Fix package a few weeks ago and as soon as I opened the box I shouted "Holy beautiful!"... I then proceeded to put it on, dance around in it, and tweet my excitement. I couldn't really come up with a the perfect "pairing" for it so I could wear it out and about, but then I found this lavender cardigan in my closet and I was sold. It was the perfect combo! This dress is so elegant and well made. I could rave about it for days! I love that it can easily be dressed up or down. It really is a dream dress and I suggest everyone get a Stitch Fix of their own and specifically request this little number haha! The whole top part of the outfit is light and airy, so the black platforms weigh it down a little. I normally would have opted for my brown version of the same shoes, but they're lost in the abyss that is the underside of our bed ha! #Realtalk 

Anyone have any fun plans for 4th of July? My parents usually have a cookout every year, but our neighbors invited us and the kids out to their little shindig, so it sounds like we might have a pretty fun weekend ahead of us! We don't really get into the fireworks or anything, but I love a good excuse for a BBQ and some pool time haha This might sound totally ridiculous/crazy, but it's so nice to have neighbors we actually like and enjoy hanging out with. Mike and I have had our fair share of "interesting" neighbors in the past 6 years, but we love Doug and Amy next door, and their kids are all great and have so much fun with Toby. I feel like we've waited a long time to say that about our neighbors ya know? I started to think "Maybe it's us. We're the common denominator..." but no, we've just had some doozies over the years haha! Anyway, Happy Tuesday! xo

Bangle bracelet via Rocksbox (use code kaelahxoxo for one free month!)
MIA platform wedges

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// Linden Atlas - Eleven Months

This sweet boy of ours turned eleven months old last week. His first birthday party planning is in full swing and he is a bright spot in our days. I keep wanting to soak up every single minute of him because I find each passing day to be more and more heartbreaking (and exciting! and fun! and overwhelming!). Sometimes I can't believe that Mike and I made this perfect little dude. It's kind of the coolest thing ever. Just one more monthly update... *sigh* I'm not ready!

At 10 months old Linden:
+ went swimming in the Tennessee river for the first time (and LOVED it!)
+ started consistently signing words to communicate with us.
+ slept like a champ... still! *knock on wood*
+ tried so many new foods, and loved every single one of them.
+ started running! Yes, running! HELP!
+ finally got in a bucket swing and was the happiest kid in the world.
+ got in the pool for the first time, too!

Just a few more weeks and my baby won't be a "baby" anymore... he'll be a toddler. I don't even know where the past eleven months have gone.

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// Tobacco Farm

Tennessee Tobacco Farm
Tennessee Tobacco Farm
Tennessee Tobacco Farm
Tennessee Tobacco Farm
Tennessee Tobacco Farm
I have carried you, always. 

Before you were conceived, I carried a part of you in my soul. When I met your father, I looked into his eyes and saw the other part of you, and knew you, and prayed that you would come to be. 

Before you were born, I carried you in my womb. When you were restless I sang to you and soothed you and told you how I loved you. 

When you were born, I carried you in my arms. I kissed you and held you and put you to my breast, so that you would know that there is light and warmth and goodness in the world. 

Later, I wrapped you in cloth and carried you close to my heart. I held you close so that you could hear that my heart beats like yours; that we are the same, you and I, and that you would never have to cry alone. 

After a while, I carried you on my back, so that you could look at the world with confidence and joy and know that you belonged; so that you could share all of the beauty of the world as an equal to all that live in it. 

Now, later still, I carry you when you are tired or fearful. So that you know that no matter how weary you become, or what life holds, you can always depend on others for support and comfort. 

When you grow older, my darling, and your adventures take you further from my arms, know that even in my last hour I will carry you. I will carry you in my heart, for you are always with me. 

I will carry you, always. 

 - Christine Maguire

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Old Navy dress
Old Navy chambray shirt
Old Navy hat
Sanuk flip flops
Sakura Bloom "Cedar" ring sling

// Things I Love Thursday v.227

these floral donuts with orange glaze! ♥
♥ this was hilarious! ♥
♥ this = #heaven! ♥
♥ this made me laugh ♥
♥ this is one of the best gifs ever ♥
♥ this! the botanical gardens in montreal are wild! ♥
these photos by elizabeth gadd are beautiful ♥
♥ this view ♥
this shirt! ♥

// AFFIRMATIONS! This is such great advice. I hope you check it out!

// 5 secret Amazon Prime perks you didn't know about. (Okay, maybe you did. But just in case!)

// I hated breastfeeding. I've received *so* many emails re: my breastfeeding story in the past several weeks. I came across this and wanted to share it so other moms could feel like someone else understands.

// Hooray for Soul Carrier! They surpassed their Kickstarter goal in just 56 hours!

// 14 things all Southern women know to be true. This was just a funny thing to laugh at (and nod my head at!)

// Unpopular opinion: I hate all of these gratuitous childhood graduations. Part of me was really sad Toby didn't have a kindergarten graduation, but part of me also agrees with this.

// Get your first month of Rocksbox 100% FREE (as many shipments as you can get in 30 days) by using the code kaelahxoxo.

What are you loving this week?

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// Pattern Clashing

This outfit was not intentional... I was wearing this dress and cardigan with some cute yellow Minnie Mouse-esque flats, but I really needed to get some stuff done outside and the flats were killing my feet. I grabbed the closest pair of shoes I had handy, and they just happened to be these. While they weren't exactly what I had in mind for a style post, they ended up being my new favorite to pair with this dress! Not to mention they're outrageously comfortable. (And they were only $5 to boot!) I think I might make it more of a priority to pair clashing patterns together. I totally need another reason to stand out, right? This dress is so perfect for these Summer days. It's lightweight and breathable, but also stretchy in the perfect places. I love the way the neckline is cut on it, too. Sourpuss for the win!

This past weekend was a bit of a doozy for us. I ended up in the emergency room Saturday morning. I started having crazy awful back pain around midnight Friday, and I was basically rolling around, hysterical and out of it, for hours and hours and hours. Mike finally coaxed me to sleep close to 4am and as soon as I was up for the day, the pain was back. I had a similar episode like 6 weeks ago but it came and went in just a couple of hours. This time it was so bad I was begging Mike to take me to the ER 45 minutes away. After they got me admitted and started an IV, the doctor said it sounded like textbook gallbladder issues. Turns out it was just that. Loads of pain medication and a CT scan later, I was out the door with a scheduled ultrasound. I'm still waiting to hear back from the surgeon's office to see what my ultrasound said, but I'm hoping there will be no more crazy attacks on the horizon! I would much rather have a medication and intervention free birth than to experience gallbladder pain again. Gallbladder issues run in my mom's side of the family so mine might be getting the ol' heave-ho eventually. I guess we'll see!

Yesterday I ordered Linden's first birthday party invitations! I can't even.... AHH! He turned 11 months old yesterday. Just like that. I'm so excited for his party because it's just going to be fun times with family and friends. Nothing major or crazy, but hopefully a fun little day to honor the littlest Flynn. I'll share more about the party preparations here soon!

Now I'm off to finish up some sign orders and organize a Kaelah's Closet sale! Be sure to follow the Kaelah's Closet Instagram page as I get ready to list a million and seventy five things haha 

Pink Martini cardigan via Stitch Fix
Shine necklace via Rocksbox (use code kaelahxoxo for free month!)
Bangle bracelet via Rocksbox
FiveBelow animal print shoes

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// Window Shopping + $35 FREE Eshakti Credit (All Dresses Under $20!)

1 // 2 // 3  ---  1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

I really love all of the dresses I have from Eshakti. Each one has lasted me several years and I always get compliments when I wear them. I think the quality is kicked up a notch when you consider you can customize it to suit your size and shape. Love cap sleeves? Hate short hemlines? Want pockets? One click of the mouse and boom, all of that is yours. Pockets are necessary, riiiight?!

They were (are!) having a pretty big sitewide sale so I took advantage of the $35 off gift code I had and bought the top three dresses. (I placed 3 orders under the same account and it let me use the credit all 3 times. WHAMMY!) Each dress ended up only being $20... and that includes shipping! I couldn't help but pick out a handful of other dresses that I'm lusting after, too. Each one of those are also under $20 each when you use the gift code!

Use "KAELAHBEE" for $35 off any Eshakti.com order!
* Code and sale valid until Sunday, June 21st, 2015 *

I can't wait for my new pieces to get here. But I'm feeling like I really need that black and white chevron number... haha

Let me know if you end up scoring anything! I'd love to hear what you got!

* Totally not a sponsored/paid post, I promise!

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// Lemon Pop

Animal print is totally a neutral, right? Even when it's two prints that aren't exactly the same? Eh? Because I've been wearing a whole lot of it lately. I probably wouldn't normally pair it with a dress like this, but I was feeling a little sassy the other day and thought it might be fun. I really love this Eshakti dress that I've had for a few years. It's lightweight and can be dressed up or down. And it has pockets! My only complaint is that it wrinkles so quickly! Would you believe I totally ironed it twice before these photos? Once early in the day and then a spot ironing before snapping photos. And it's still pretty wrinkly haha It's not exactly the best dress to travel with, but it's still one I pull out of my closet time and time again. I love the wide yellow and white stripes. It was warm on this day (but not unbearably hot or anything) so I opted to grab my super lightweight Unique Vintage cardigan. I love this thing! It's so thin but it doesn't feel cheap. The color is fun, too. I kept it in my bag most of the day since I wasn't cold, but anytime we go into a restaurant it's like they're blasting the AC, so it came in handy a few times.

Stitch Fix was a major winner in this outfit, too. The bag is by Baggu and something I scored in a Stitch Fix box back last year or so. The necklace was from Stitch Fix, too! They've been nailing my last few boxes, but I keep forgetting to share them with you. I proooomise they're coming soon! I just keep saying that though, right? These flats are from Unique Vintage earlier this year. They're such a fun print I think. (Just a quick tip if you decide to nab them for yourself: upsize a half size or so! They seem to run pretty small! But they're so comfortable otherwise so two thumbs way up!)

We were working on the deck and patio this week when Mike said something about painting this shed in our yard. We have a red(ish?) one and a white one, but both have old, worn paint. Is it totally ridiculous that I said I didn't want to paint them because I think they make fun photo backdrops?! HA! Yeah, I just admitted that. #Bloggerbrain

I'm hoping this weekend brings good news about a family vacation next month. Everyone seems to have a crazy schedule and it's so hard to find a week that overlaps. Once I know whether we're going to Florida or not I can set a date for Linden's first birthday party (!!!!). I'm eyeball deep in party prep and I've bought most of the stuff for it. I just need to finalize invitations, plan the cake and food, and then get everything mailed! Ahhhh! I can't believe my baby will be ONE! Wasn't he just born like, last week?!

Anyway - a quick freebie if you want to use it: You can get $35 shop credit to Eshakti, totally free, by using the code KAELAHBEE. They were having a pretty good sale earlier this week, but I'm not sure if it's still going on or not. I think you can apply an additional discount if you shop on a mobile device, too. Don't quote me on that though! But if you want to treat yo'self to something pretty, go for it! I'm trying to resist the temptation haha!

Eshakti dress (use code KAELAHBEE for $35 off *anything*!)
Baggu bag via Stitch Fix

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// Things I Love Thursday v.226

♥ this is my life ♥
this piece (and all pieces) by gemma flack are fab ♥
♥ this is so for real, ya know? ♥

♥ this was my favorite scene of season 3 (so far - on ep 8!) ♥
♥ this picture ♥
these brutally honest food pyramids (there are more, too!) ♥
this illustration. i love typography AND guacamole! ♥
this! brand new forever! #teamjesselacey ♥
these photos of grace jones by john-paul goude ♥
♥ this is crazy powerful ♥
Chinese doctors bowing down to an 11 year old boy diagnosed with brain cancer who managed to save several lives by donating his organs to the hospital he was being treated shortly before his death.

// What your sleeping positions say about your relationship. DEAD! This was hilarious. Totally not what I expected at all

// That's all she wrote: Why I left ladyblogging. This was actually very very interesting.

// Foodie Finds:

// Did you see what we got Mike for Father's Day? (Perfect if you're a Tardy Tammy like I usually am!)

// Have you ever heard of Soul Carrier? I'm kind of really digging it, and they just launched a Kickstarter.

// Want a free $35 shop credit to Eshakti.com? Use the code KAELAHBEE by June 21st! No gimmick, no contest. Enjoy! (Let me know what you order! I can't deciiiiide!) They just released new categories like pants, jumpsuits and shorts, too! My favorite has always been the dresses though. Oh man, I love them

What are you loving this week?

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