Weekly YouTube Hilarity.

Your weekly dose of funny videos! Feel free to share your favorites below! Maybe they'll make the cut next weekend! (Leave a way to credit you, too!)

This first one is probably one of my favorite EVER! Someone left it in my Formspring and I'm simply obsessed with it. SO GOOD. Upon further investigation, I found that this Steve Kardynal guy has a plethora of hilarious videos. This entire week's feature is devoted to this funny funny man. You'll love it. 


  1. Oh dear. I just died laughing. Perfect way to start my day. :D

  2. steve kardynal is hysterical. i came across this Warped Tour dance one when it first came out (like 1000 or so views) and it made me laugh and smile so big. it's so sweet!
    it's one of those videos, in my opinion, that when you need a pick-me-up to watch.
    the chatroulette ones are SO funny!

  3. Haha oh wow! I was the one who left the video in your formspring actually, cos I thought it was awesome haha I never imagined it would lead to the guy getting the whole of the week's feature on him! :P granted, he is deserving!!! I love his chatroulette videos, I seriously wish I could come across his antics on there haha! Glad you liked the video! (:

  4. oh to be in that apple store. I'd be telling that story for years!


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