// Elderflower Razz Cocktail

I have found the holy grail of delicious boozy sorbet drinks! It's this! THIS! And it's so simple! Grab you some raspberry sorbet and a bottle of St-Germain. Mix those babies together and drink, drink, drink! St-Germain is one of my favorite liqueur to mix with. If you've never had it before, it's an elderflower liqueur and it's especially delicious with champagne! I have a couple of fun cocktail recipes up my sleeve that include a fun bubbly, so stay tuned.

I know it's the very very very end of "Summer" but if you enjoy any hot weather beverage this Labor Day weekend, let it be this one! It's especially delicious once it's all melted and swirled together. YUM!

Any exciting plans for your Labor Day weekend?!

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// Book Club: Do The Work

This book is tiny, and it can be devoured by almost anyone in barely an hour or two. Though it's short, the message is strong! Steven Pressfield is the bestselling author of The War of Art and Turning Pro (which I have and will re-read to share a review!) This book is basically like your pocket-guide to getting shit done! Pressfield calls out the big bad monster that causes us all to panic, procrastinate, and self sabotage. He named it Resistance and he says the more important the project (small business, screenplay, diet, whatever) is to you, the harder Resistance will attack. This book basically walks you through how to execute a brilliant idea from start to finish. If this book doesn't motivate you, nothing will!

I shared a couple snaps of this book on Snapchat (@kaelahbee) recently and folks loved it! Verdict: If you've ever gotten in your own way and/or abandoned a project - READ THIS! I promise you'll thank me later!

Do you read any small business books? If so, which ones do you recommend?

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// Things I Love Thursday v.267

♥ this! ♥
♥ and also this! ♥
this acai recipe is *heart eyes* ♥
this DIY ice bucket is so pretty ♥
this cake! ♥
this illustration ♥
♥ this has a name apparently! ♥
these vegan s'mores tacos! ♥
these photos by guda koster ♥

this might be the prettiest speaker ever made. and it's voice controlled! ♥
it's half price for the next 3 days, plus $50 off with code GETWHYD

// The top 25 memes from the web's first 25 years. (Happy birthday, Internet!)

// I just ordered this Feminist necklace for myself! Treat yo'self!

// How friggin cute are these panda cosmetic cases from Furla?!

// While I'll likely never own any pieces of my own, I'm LOVING Mira Mikati's work!

// I've been using the 2Chic Ultra Revive conditioner from Giovanni lately and holy moly it's awesome. The pineapple-ginger scent is heavenly, and my hair is always so soft after.

// The flat lays are so pretty they make me want to go buy a backpack right now.

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// Book Club: Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton
Carry On, Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton

This book was so good, y'all. SO GOOD! I posted about this book on Snapchat while on vacation (I read it in one day - on the drive down to Orlando) and so many people screenshot it so I'm hoping some of y'all bought it to read! You won't regret it, I swear.

Glennon writes the popular blog Momastery, and despite the fact I've never read her blog before, I loved her book! It was so honest and funny and it got me right in the feels several times. She references God a lot, and as an atheist that can sometimes be off putting, but the way she addresses her faith really makes it easy to turn into your own "thing" or whatever. Does that make sense? At no point in the book did I feel like I couldn't relate simply because there was a difference in belief. That was an pleasant surprise honestly. I swear I was in tears at so many points in that book. Crying from laughter, then crying from sadness or heartache. 

Carry On, Warrior discusses Glennon's battle with a myriad of challenges including alcoholism, drug use, and jail time. She writes in a way that makes you say "Oh my gosh, me too!" or "I wish we could be friends!" She has such a way of being relatable and humble. I really dig that. 

I truly think any human could find this book entertaining and uplifting. I hate that I bought it back in April 2014 and only now got around to reading it, but I'll definitely be pre-ordering her new book Love Warrior which comes out next month!

Now I'm going to go read her blog!

Any books you recommend I check out?

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// Developing Healthy Habits

Over the past few months I've been working on getting my habits in check. Habits like biting my nails, procrastinating, and my insatiable sweet tooth... Oof! Utilizing healthy snack ideas, the power of cooperative work, and positive reinforcement, I'm making some awesome progress. My work has obviously been cut out for me. Rather than focusing on how "bad" my habits were, I've been trying to focus on positive ways to approach them. Instead of constantly trying to remind myself to not bite my nails, I've been making it a priority to keep them polished nicely. If my nail polish is well-maintained, I'm a lot less likely to bite. After a couple of weeks of consistent painting, my nails look awesome! Of course it only takes one anxious evening for them to be nibbled down again, but it's definitely positive progress. They say it only takes 21 days to form (or break!) a habit. On day 1, day 21 seems forever away. But by focusing on positive substitutions rather than dwelling on the habit itself, I've noticed a huge shift in how my mind and body react. I find these substitutions easier to choose in the long run.

While my nail biting is still a come-and-go kind of thing, I've kicked my coke habit completely. HOLLA! My positive substitution in this case has been lemon-infused water in really cute water bottles! Haha That might sound totally silly, but if I have a water bottle I really love, I'm more likely to tote it around with me. The positive effect from this has been being a lot less dehydrated. My skin is happier than ever!

Procrastination and I are really good friends. I'm a true-blue ENFP and I just can't seem to shake it. In an attempt to combat this less-than-rad habit, I brought on Amy as a project assistant (like I mentioned previously). This allows me to set strict work times, stick to a schedule, and have someone else to bounce ideas off of. Instead of being stressed about my mounting To Do list, I'm able to enjoy the company of someone else and check things off rapidly. Win/win!

When you're a freelance designer who works from home, it can be really easy to get in the habit of just sitting. Nothing feels more wasteful than a day spent sitting, in my opinion. I made small, easy changes like sitting on a yoga ball instead of a chair while I worked, and if I'm just zoned out watching tv then I'm at least doing simple exercises on the ball. I've started working out a few times a week at my parents' house (they have some equipment in the upstairs of the shed), and I've been doing yoga and hooping, too! If I'm working out at the "gym," I'm usually watching YouTube tutorials. I love that I can exercise while indulging in a less-productive pleasure. There's no guilt at all, and it's easier to just keep going and going.
And my sweet tooth! Self care to me means: chocolate! I've always had a sweet tooth, but in an attempt to kick the habit, I started snacking a bit smarter. While I still feel the "craving" for sweets here or there, giving in to an actual piece of candy often means there will be candy minus one bite in the trash. There's little satisfaction in it for me now. Even still, the craving comes in random waves, so rather than going against my craving entirely, I just opt to go with a healthier substitute. A few favorites include a couple dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds or these Weight Watchers English Toffee Bars. Healthy snack ideas are plentiful, but healthy snacks with chocolate? That doesn't taste awful?! I shared a photo of them on Instagram earlier this week and was surprised at how many people chimed in saying they loved them too! Linden and Toby are both big fans, and I like that it satisfies my craving without leaving me feeling icky after. I picked these up at Publix and there is a whole variety of treats to choose from. They taste just as good, if not better, than traditional candy bars or novelty ice creams. Whether you prefer baked treats, ice creams or even more savory snacks like cheeses, Weight Watchers has something you'll love. 

The past few months have been full of new experiences, ups and downs. Above all else I've been trying to make choices that make me feel better in the long run. Choosing to tackle a project before the deadline. Opting for a 70 calorie chocolate snack versus a 200+ one. Trying to keep my fingernails out of my mouth. They're small changes, but they have a pretty big impact on me personally. Making these positive changes has honestly helped put me in such a good mental/emotional/physical state. It's a great feeling!

Do you have any habits you'd like to positively replace? How do you plan on going about it? (Or what have you done in the past?) 

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This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Weight Watchers, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #WWFoodsAtPublix  http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

// Book Club: Don't Worry, It Gets Worse by Alida Nugent

Another book born from a blog! What can I say? I love blogs, and I love books, so clearly I love books from blogs. Alida Nugent writes the popular Tumblr blog The Frenemy. Like last week's review I had never read the blog before finding the book, but I absolutely fell. in. love. with Alida's writing style and personality. It's a completely different take on adulting than Carry On, Warrior, but equally as relatable. If you're a 20-something trying to navigate the world post-college/pre-marriage, please read this book. I read it over the span of 2 days on vacation, and I wanted to read more! 

Even though plenty of things aren't exactly relatable at this point in my life (married / kids / divorced), Alida found a way to keep me interested and engaged throughout the book. I found myself super intrigued by the things I couldn't relate to exactly, and that made it a really fun read. Mostly the book just makes me remember a slightly more simple time where I didn't have to dress 2 tiny humans before coffee each morning haha! 

Lucky for me, Alida wrote another book! And it's on it's way to me as I type this. You Don't Have To Like Me is already speaking to my soul. I know I'm going to love it just as much, if not more, than Don't Worry, It Gets Worse. I'll let you know in a week or two!

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// Life Lately

I've been staying incredibly busy so far this month. School started for Toby on August 1st, so I thought it was perfect timing to get back into the swing of things. I hired a project assistant (my friend Amy) and she works a few hours a day with me. We've been able to accomplish SO. MUCH. STUFF! I love being self employed and working from home, but working alone can really be a drag. Having someone here to help keep me motivated has really been a blessing. Plus we hang out tons anyway so why not make it productive?! 

I ended up in the ER overnight last week. Having Linden has made my gallbladder all types of angry and fussy, so naturally it was yet another gallbladder attack. I know I should just schedule the surgery and get it over with, but I keep just making excuses so... I only got 90 minutes of sleep that night, but amazingly enough I wasn't a total zombie come Friday. Saturday and Sunday were supposed to be spent at a labor doula training (as a refresher), but my childcare situation fell through so I missed out. I'm making up for it by sitting in on the postpartum training today though! I love that I get to hear these workshops from different trainers - it's like it's brand new each time. That's kind of fun.

Tomorrow I'll be packing up some Kaelah's Closet orders and spending the day working on design work. I'm living the life, obviously! haha What's been going on with y'all lately?

xo KB

PS; Follow me on snapchat for some behind the scenes peeks at the postpartum doula workshop! snapchat: kaelahbee

// 3 IZZE Ice Cream Float Recipes Sure To WOW!

This post brought to you by IZZE. The content and opinions expressed below are that of This Charming Life.
IZZE Sparkling Soda Ice Cream Floats
In the spirit of this hot and humid Tennessee heat, I'm bringing you some snazzy ice cream floats! Awwww yeah! Part of me didn't even want to eat (drink?) these because they were so pretty. But of course I couldn't let them go to waste haha I've partnered up with IZZE to bring you three delicious recipes sure to please at any party! Speaking of party, who wants to have one? IZZE calls it "Friendsday Night" and I'm itching to make these for the masses! ;) So suit up, come over, and let's get our brain freeze on!
IZZE Sparkling Soda Ice Cream Floats
IZZE Sparkling Soda Ice Cream Floats
IZZE Sparkling Soda Ice Cream Floats

This Pomegranate Raspberry float is an instant crowd pleaser! There are very few people that this wouldn't appeal to, I'm sure of it! The flavor combination is just so classic and delicious. I decided to do my own take on it using raspberry sorbet and IZZE Pomegranate sparkling juice. I also added some whipped cream to the float, to give it that traditional creaminess. This combo is so simple! Just scoop, pour, and enjoy!

I debated on using lime sorbet for this recipe, but let me just say that the creamy vanilla bean ice cream mixed with the fresh lime juice and tart IZZE grapefruit is ON POINT! It's so darn good! I sliced up some grapefruit to toss in because who doesn't love a snack in their ice cream float?!

IZZE Sparkling Soda Ice Cream Floats

This one right here is the real MVP in my opinion! Blackberry and basil is where it's at! I muddled some basil leave and blackberries together to create a "syrup" that I then layered with the vanilla bean ice cream. The flavor combination is a little unexpected, but they work so incredibly well together!

IZZE Sparkling Soda Ice Cream Floats
IZZE Sparkling Soda Ice Cream Floats
Are you totally drooling yet? It's hard to choose a favorite honestly. But I have to admit the Blackberry Basil was pretty freakin' awesome. There's something so unexpected and exciting about basil in a cold treat. Linden's favorite was definitely the Pomegranate Raspberry though! He may or may not have ended up wearing most of it. And you can't beat how easy and effortless ice cream floats are. Just take your favorite flavor of IZZE Sparkling Juice and pour it on top of your glass of milky goodness. Instant cool down! There are so many flavors of IZZE available, the combinations are endless! The eight fruit flavors include: Clementine, Grapefruit, Apple, Pomegranate, Blackberry, Cherry Lime, Blueberry, and Peach. They're 70% fruit juice and a splash of sparkling water, so they're a great alternative to sugar-laden sodas. That makes it totally okay to put on top of ice cream, right?

What do you think? Any of these flavor combinations tickle your fancy? Or do you have any flavor mashup suggestions?! My only goal for this weekend is to make more of these and enjoy them in the pool! You're invited, too!  

xo KB

IZZE Sparkling Soda Ice Cream Floats

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// Things I Love Thursday v.266

this pretty flower ♥
♥ this ice cream ♥
♥ this pretty picture of the moon ♥
♥ these pretty transparent lipsticks ♥
♥ this dress from zuhair murad ♥
these adorable fabric watches ♥

// 37 popular local foods that ship nationwide. You're welcome!

// This handbag collection was inspired by the time the designer glued Legos to a purse to give it some flair. How fun!

// I shared my new yoga mat last week, but I'm reallyyyy loving these Wildlings Yoga pieces!

// This Humans of New York post.

// Need a fun and useful gift for someone? Any/All of these books are a good choice!

// President Obama says, "This is what a feminist looks like." I want this article as my living room wallpaper. Seriously. I love him so much.

// Are you following me on Pinterest / Instagram / Snapchat? Holla atcha girl! @kaelahbee

// I wrote a post for the doula agency I work for, Music City Doulas. Check out the post here: How To Rock Life With A Baby. 

What are you loving this week?

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// 12 Baby Games for Every Stage

12 Baby Games for Every Stage

In my spare time I often find myself looking through toy reviews online. Toby is old enough now that he has obvious preferences to the toys he plays with, and he can communicate those preferences, but Linden is still at my mercy when it comes to baby games and gear! haha Every parent has those really strong convictions in the beginning - Only educational toys! No blinking lights! No loud noises! Wooden everything! I say that in a lighthearted manner, I promise! (I was one of those people, too.) But reality sets in and you acknowledge that most kids' toys blink and hoot and holler and do all of the things you swore you'd stay away from. Some may not appear to be educational at all (But play is always educational, right?). If you walk down any toy aisle or browse any toy department online, you'll notice the incredible variety of gadgets available. There are so many! Hundreds of baby games, thousands of "Must Have!"s, and one very overwhelmed mama. How can you ensure you don't just add to a pile of clutter at home when your kid ignores his toys all together? I've read plenty of articles on age-appropriate toys and how to encourage brain development through play. Based on my own personal experience with Toby and Linden (and those handy online reviews!), this is the list I put together for our favorite types of toys and games! And essentials, like Lovies! 

Many of these toys can easily apply to other age categories, but if you have a little one's birthday coming up soon, this might help inspire a gift idea that will be truly enjoyed by the recipient! And I swear if there's one thing on here we love more than any other, it's that darn rollercoaster (our review here)! It is still the star of our backyard, and I'm tickled pink every time Linden "woo!"s down it! (I know I listed it in Preschooler, but Linden has loved it since he was like 18 months old, and Toby still rides it haha) Linden also has the fire truck car at Mike's parents' house. Toby rode in it when he was L's age, and it's so neat to see it be special to each of the boys.

What are some of your favorite age-appropriate gifts to give to the little ones in your life?

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(all products available on diapers.com)

// Things I Love Thursday v.265

this photo gives me all the feels! ♥
these pretty peonies ♥
this photo! ♥
this is so true ♥
this lightning ♥
♥ i want to eat these
these pups! ♥
♥ this gif is mesmerizing ♥

// Travis is by far the most incredible dancer to ever come out of SYTYCD. His choreography brings me to tears every time!

// I've been channeling my inner 90s kid by using the SkipFit (only $16.12!) lately. It took some practice to remember how to get in that rhythm! I've also been trying a weighted hoop ($30.99) again (my friend Lauren taught me some basics a few years ago, but oof! I'm obviously out of practice!) Both are so fun though!

// Holy freaking crap! This elevated bus in China can drive over two lanes of traffic! (They built it in mere months, and it just took it's first test drive!)

// So, Snooki make a music video... titled "Yung Mommy". Okay.

// I just bought several boxes of edison bulb string lights like these to hang outside on the deck. So excited to make it even more cozy!

// I just ordered a YETI Yoga mat and a water bottle from Ban.do via Shopbop. My yoga game is about to be so strong!

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