Weekly YouTube Hilarity.

Here are a few that were hiding back in the corners of my YouTube "favorites" page. The one with the little girl and boy always cracks me up because she makes the most exaggerated dance moves and he goes as far as to wear similar things and even make his room/surroundings match hers. So silly! Tina always tickled me because I really liked her videos (and not in that making-fun-of-her way...). They were just really entertaining! The cuppycake boy is so stinking cute!


  1. That Zach Galifinakis vid has been my favorite for so long! You need to watch between two ferns! Do you ever watch Tim and Eric awesome show? Watch the Absolute Vodka commercials they did with Zach! You won't be disappointed!

  2. Aah, it's Tina! Legend!

  3. Awh the poor nervous boy! I know how he feels sometimes!


  4. That poor nervous kid :)
    The chubby cupcake kid creeps me out, i'm scared his gonna be under the stairs :)


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