Sunday Spotlight - Stylist + Art Director: Joy Thigpen

I feel like I should preface this post with a disclaimer... that disclaimer being that I have a huge girl crush on Joy Thigpen. Every wedding, editorial, and picture I've seen that she has touched has been pure gold. Yes, that's right... she most certainly has the Midas touch. She manages to capture an ethereal  beauty and whimsy about everything. Not to mention she has an adorable website to boot! So here you are... ladies and gentleman who are not familiar... this is Joy Thigpen. (Also- this will be very image heavy! I couldn't narrow it down any more... they're all so breathtaking. Many of the photos have been seen on my blog before, and I am especially keen on the last set as they're from right here in Franklin/Nashville! It's also my favorite!)

Joy is a creative director and stylist for events, interiors, and editorials. Her strength lies in harnessing the subtleties of line, color, texture, composition, and context to turn feelings into experiences. According to the Atlantan Brides, “Brides, bloggers, and editors now consider Thigpen—a pioneer in the relatively new wedding styling industry—the go-to gal for big day beautification.”
Whether creating scenes to be viewed two-dimensionally or experienced three-dimensionally, “like walking in the pages of a magazine” as clients and guests often comment, Joy delights in bringing beauty and imagination to every day life. She appreciates a wide array of stylistic genres and loves the variety provided in moving between them. Her signature style is best described as “organic elegance,” mixing nature and glamour, raw and refined, which is no doubt informed by studies in Florence, Italy, and the Amazon. Joy studied art and anthropology at Berry College and spent seven years as a photographer. Recently, she transitioned from taking pictures to making them, currently serving as the Creative Director for the blog Once Wed.
Joy lives with her husband Tyler and two children, River and Oswin in Cambridge, MA.

You can find Joy all over the web, especially places like Once Wed (!!!), twitterher own personal website as well as her own photography section of her site. I hope you find her work just as inspiring as I do! Next Sunday I'll touch base on one of her common partners-in-crime who just happens to be the eyes behind the lens on many of these photos (and one of Mike's biggest inspirations, too!)


  1. As a fellow aspiring wedding photog I am excited to hear about Jose Villa next week ;)

  2. You are right. Her work is sooooo gorgeous!
    I love every bit of it.

  3. Melinda: while i love Jose's work and think he's wonderful, he's actually not the one that will be featured :)

  4. These photos are absolutely gorgeous, as you said, so ethereal and whimiscal and just, lovely. Just browsing around her website now - thank you for sharing :)

  5. wow, LOVE her! thanks so much for introducing me to her work, it's so inspiring!

  6. ahh really? lol i thought i was being clever. hmm. my next guess would be tec petaja but i guess i'll just have to wait and see! :)

  7. WOW i totally understand the girl crush!!


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