One Last Sponsor Intro...

Well ladies and gentlemen, I went and made a boo-boo! I left out one of my rad sponsors for this month on accident! I guess these things are bound to happen when your mind is on a  long road-trip, adventures in a new city, and hanging out with new friends! My mistake! Now, let me introduce you to Claire!

Nothing Happens Unless We Dream

"Hi, My names Claire and my blog is a place for all my inspirations, loves and creations. I love watching films with my honey, cooking yummy vegan treats, collecting books, stickers, magazines, beads, buttons and anything crafty. Vintage jewelry, Animals, My cats, Well any cats! The beach, photography, Hiking, Art, Sharks and traveling" Blog 

Be sure to drop by Claire's blog and let her know she wasn't left out! :D

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