Kentucky Part Two!

We didn't take nearly as many photos on Monday as I thought we would, but Mike was in control of the camera and we were just too busy enjoying things! Here are some photos from the zoo and then after our late lunch/dinner at the little microbrewery (Can't believe I didn't get pictures of the cute little place! We had a lovely table outside on the sidewalk and it was really really nice). 

And lots of silly sort-of-candid photos of Susannah and I: (and the last one just to prove that Chris WAS there! haha)

It's really exciting to meet people that share the same interests and ideas that you do. We really enjoyed hanging out with Susannah and Chris.. and we really loved their stories! It was nice to laugh that hard for a while! Two thumbs way up from us, y'all! (Oh! And their accents! Soooo different from what we're used to! I love it!)


  1. I literally lol'ed at those shots of us! Gris and I were talking about the accent thing on our drive down there, I'm so envious of yours and we knew you guys would think we have Chicago accents!


  2. Ok seriously, you just made me want to go to the zoo lol although its still a little too hot here in Phoenix for that. Maybe next month or in December lol.

    Little Sugar Monster

  3. that old type writer is too cool...and the giraffes...i love giraffes : )

  4. awww glad you two got to meet! you both look so cute!

  5. just curious, because i live off of bardstown rd....did you guys venture to cumberland?...its a microbrewery


  6. Leigh: yes that's it! I couldn't remember the name but it was so cute! We were there for a couple hours it seems! Haha

  7. you girls look gorgeous!

  8. Cute photos! Blog meet ups look so fun (:

  9. y'all are way too cute.

    and now..

    i'm dying to go to the zoo! so fun!!

    p.s. i blogged about YOU today! you've now been wiggled!

  10. yay for louisville.
    you guys look like you had a blast!!!
    you both are beautiful!!

  11. Kaelah -

    I visit your blog almost everyday and I had to comment today about that animal sitting on the rock...muskrat maybe? OMG how cute is that, he's totally just lounging.

    Thanks for providing interesting posts all the time.


  12. Haha, I love the pictures of that meerkat just chilling away! And after my recent visit to Crete, goats now scare the bejesus out of me (my latest blog post explains it all!) so those pictures kind of freak me out. :P

    I'm glad to see you guys had so much fun! You and Susannah are far too cute.

  13. I just sent my boyf the picture of the gorilla sleeping and said "this is you."


  14. A. I love zoo's and these pics make me happy... especially the goats.

    B. ya'll are gorgeous and I love seeing happy girls who are comfortable being themselves. (I work with incoming Freshmen in college and see the opposite so often that seeing young women be happy with themselves is completely refreshing).

    C. I love your blog.


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