Stitch Fix : Box #11

I know I've skipped over box #10 but I kept everything in it (Spoiler!) so I'm trying to find time to make a video to talk about them. They're kind of the best things ever haha I really want to touch base on why Stitch Fix is such a rad thing (Yeah yeah, I know. You can totally skip over it when I finally post it, don't worry!) Here's the box I received last week. There's something new happening over at SF so I'm going to share more of that below! I'm not going to spend any time really going on and on about the products. Just going to show you what they are, how much they cost, and a single thought on the photo :)
Now here's where I start explaining about the new deal over at Stitch Fix... They're now partnering with different brands to bring you a Duo-package! I got a package with Benefit and I received this turquoise dress in a pretty box with this lipgloss. I think the lipgloss was a perfect accent for this bold dress, and I'm seriously wearing the lipgloss everywhere. The duo packages are special because the items in the box are discounted significantly. This dress alone was originally $99, so if you added that to a $16 lipgloss, you end up saving $46 with Stitch Fix! Pretty spiffy.

Overall this box wasn't my favorite, but mainly because the prints were a little bit too wild for my taste. That much pattern typically doesn't look very good with my tattoos. I don't want to look "muddy" if that makes any sense? But the purse was darling and even though it's small, I'll probably be sporting it soon! Also - this was the first time I've ever received a purse in my Fix. (New thing maybe?) I'd love to get more as handbags are something I really love trading out. As always, if you want to give Stitch Fix a go yourself, feel free to snag an invitation to join! I'm maybe only a little bit into it ;P

Now I'm going to go battle this summer cold I feel coming on with some delicious pomegranate raspberry green tea that Mike just made me.


we enjoyed loading the 'bean up for a camping trip
we flew a kite with toby in the park
i laughed at how sweet this precious boy is...
"it says mike fwynn, toby fwynn, and mommy fwynn. the mailman brought it"
i've been playing with my jux.
i've been enjoying everything in this parcel from a sweet friend in scotland!
(oh em gee. crunchies, buenos, and happy hippos - heaven!)
we've been seeing a bunch of this... all day every day.

july30 by kaelah bee on Grooveshark

listening to this micro-playlist over and over and over while i clean.

I think I need to set up a scheduled delivery service with a bunch of yummies from Europe... chocolate just doesn't taste quite as delicious in the states. And yes, even after that whole post, that's all I can really think about. Happy Monday!

People You Should Know

"I realized early on that I wanted to do something creative for a living, I just didn't know what. I have so many different interests but creativity was the one common denominator that they all stemmed from. As time went on, I went to college and sort of forced myself into a "realistic", "secure" business major that didn't end up being for me at all. I finally came to terms with the fact that in order to be happy, I needed to be making stuff, so that's what I started doing. Now I have this little business that allows me to do what makes me happy every day!

There is something so satisfying about coming up with an idea and then turning it into something physical you can hold in your hand, especially with letterpress printing which is such a time commitment. It's a really special feeling to be a tiny part of people's happiest moments, like their wedding or the birth of their baby. In the future I hope to keep growing creatively and to work with inspiring people."

-----> 10% off any print through August 31 with the code "LCH10" <-----

"I'm Megan, a writing, cooking, photo-taking graduate student; almost done with a master's in Children's Literature, and two weeks into a job in social media and mobile apps. I tend to get my hands into a lot of different things at one time, and my blog was one of those things-- it started in college as a place for me to collect my writing. It has since evolved into a little more than that, but on any given day, you can still find me there writing about my life, or sharing a recipe, or bombarding you with photos. Freckled Italian is truly my pride and joy.

I love blogging because I have met some amazing people, gotten inspired regularly, and pushed myself to be more creative every day. I probably wouldn't say no to fame and fortune as a well-known blogger, but to have this little space that is all my own to look back on later is satisfaction enough for me!"

KZ_Sp12 52
"Umba Box started in October 2011 out of founder Lauren Thorp's frustration in shopping for her wedding on etsy.  Lauren struggled to find quality handmade products amongst the over-saturated marketplace.  She began to curate from her favorite artists and box them up to share with friends.

Umba Box is a curated discovery service for handmade.  We love to find amazing handmade products and send them to our subscribers.  Soon we will be opening a full online shop where you can browse and order items.

We would love to have everyone visit our Pinterest to get an idea of our style and what you might receive in a box. Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with special offers, some of our favorite artists and more. Our blog features REVEAL posts each month that reveal the contents of each box. Our Shop is coming soon! Refer friends for the chance to win a $250 gift card."

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Please check out these fine folks and see what they're all about. They help make LCH possible! I wouldn't have the ability to invest so much time in this little blog, or being self-employed, if it weren't for them! Thanks, lovely ladies!

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Win a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses!

Today I'm partnering with to bring you this super sweet giveaway! One luck winner is going to be the recipient of a pair of Ray Ban sunnies! I've been wearing mine every single day and I know y'all will love them just as much.

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Congratulations An Apple A Day!

him + honey photography

It's been a long time coming, but today is finally the day we can share with you our latest venture into living a self-employed life together. Today we introduce you to him + honey photography

Mike has been doing the freelance photography thing for a while now, but his passion for digital imaging had seemed to taper off a little bit. After taking a film photo class a few years ago and trying his hand at a few different SLRs, he realized his passion burned much brighter in analog. I always tagged along on his shoots, to aid him with lighting or second shooting. I also maybe micromanaged the shot composition and styling. My love for film photos has only grown over the years, with the introduction of toy cameras and old janky analog pieces we've found along the way. When Mike asked me if I'd like to make a go of it with him, "yes" seemed like the only logical answer. It's really the same old business, just with a new format and branding.

We've been working the past few months to shoot images that we love. In a style that we adore. We had fun with the digital thing for a bit, but the images just weren't what we wanted. That's why we chose to do our own engagement photos. We knew what we liked, and how to achieve it... it was just going to be a risk. Film is risky... and I guess every good decision in life has some risk factor to it.

I love working with Mike. With Honeybean, with my blog, with photography... it just feels natural. Some people probably think we're absolutely crazy for being so invested in each other. In our private lives and in our careers, but for us it just seems right. I'm sure there will be days where living and working together drives us mad (we've had a few), but I can't image a better partner in life. If for some reason working so closely doesn't work out down the road, we'll figure it out. But shooting together the past few months has been a real treat for the both of us. We're equals, and that seems to be the key!
Please check out our new site at, and let us know if you'd ever like to book a shoot! We're available for travel, and we're currently offering a pretty unreal package to out-of-state clients. I'm eagerly awaiting the day (just a few weeks away!) where Honeybean and him + honey are my only two obligations! It's an exciting time.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Our New Ride -- Lucille

Remember how I keep alluding to a super sweet thing we drove to Indiana for last month? Well, here she is! In all her glory! A 1972 Honda CB 350 motorcycle!
Probably sounds a bit crazy to some, but I've always wanted a classic motorcycle. My papa had one (an orange one) that I remember seeing at my grandparents' house when I was itty bitty, and I always thought they were so neat. Of course I've also always been terrified (They don't call them donor-cycles for nothin'!) I even sold my pink scooter like 4 years ago because I was a bit scared to ride it in traffic! But after riding in Florida I really wanted something that I felt attached to. I started looking for one and actually found it incredibly quickly. This one had just been listed a few hours earlier and it was a steal. The price was out of the world. I showed Mike and he loved it just as much. We called up the owner that night (about 8:30pm) and we were on the road headed an hour north of Indianapolis just 12 hours later. 
We've played with her a bit at home, traded out some bits and bobs, and made some adjustments. I like that it's just a 350 because I feel like I can handle it without being overwhelmed, but I need some boots with a little bit of height. (The saddle is a bit tall for me at 5'2"-ish, so it's not the easiest to move with my feet.) It really seemed like fate because just a day or so later a motorcycle safety class came up on Groupon for half off. I eagerly snagged one because I'd rather spend 2 days learning the ins and outs of all motorcycle safety biz before getting on the road. I don't want to put myself (or anyone else) at risk. I was supposed to take the class a few weeks ago but the rains were insane. I'm holding on to it for a good weekend and I'm going to make the most of it!

We're really excited about this little thing and I can't wait to work on it more with Mike. I know most people won't find it quite as exciting as we do, but we are in love with it. We really want it to be our exit vehicle for the wedding, too! 
Overall, it was a random last-minute roadtrip well worth it!

Things I Love Thursday

Posting this way later in the day than I'd like, and keeping it short but sweet this week!
these awesome prints in Holly's Etsy (here's her site!) ♥
this awesome photo♥
these unpublished photos from the 50's. they shed a lot of light on life in the era of segretation ♥
this. ♥
the kickstarter for this documentary: DragDad. ♥
the only reason i watch the kardashians: scott. ♥
these hyper-realistic paintings by huber de lartigue ♥
♥ this is the best gif. (excuse the quality!) ♥

this simple yet profound message. ♥
♥ this looks dreamy! ♥
Other Awesome Stuff:
// Play a fun "monster" video game for your chance to win a share of $200,000? Yeah? I'm in. This is probably all I'll be doing today haha!

// Emily shared her "Part 3: Guide to Happiness" on her blog! (She's also sharing her favorite things over on Rachel's blog!) The internet makes the world a small place :)

// I love this post from Natasha.

// Diana shared the "Truth Behind Instagram Photos" on Twitter yesterday. My thoughts: Pretty spot on. ;)

// All I'm going to say about this shop is: BOWS! SO MANY PRETTY BOOOOWWWWSSS!

// I'm a huge fan of Kickstarter campaigns and I love to fund the ones that speak to me. I loved seeing the Faraday Proteur bicycle and I can only hope to see one in real life one day! (And maybe wish I had $3.5k to spend on a bike haha) So glad they hit their goal!

// Wishlist Wears: these leggings are AMAZINNNGG. (I know they're very Black Milk-esque, but I love them) -- more galaxy print stuff: This dress! Out of this world. -- This mid-century rocking chair! (I know I can't wear it, but c'mon!) -- Kissing tortoise belt! -- Vintage Chanel swimsuit! -- Pretty yellow dress.

// Now until August 6th you can save $50 on the Photoshop Elements/Premier Elements 10 bundle! Check that out HERE! If you'd rather buy Elements by itself, you can save 30% off the list price HERE! :) If you've been wanting to snag it but not shell out the cash, it's your lucky day.  

Happy Thursday!