MIXTAPE MONDAY: aged chords.

Here's a fun little mix of tunes for you this week! Hope you enjoy them!

(click the title to download)


  1. I won't be able to listen to this mixtape until I get back next week but I cannot wait already! I've found some amazing music through you - thanks Kaelah. :)

  2. I'm loving this! I just got a new computer that can actually download things at normal speeds, I'm excited to be in on your mixtapes now! I just downloaded a couple of old ones to get me through the evening.

    Cheers : )

  3. This is all kinds of awesome, thank you so much :)

    (Although I looked at Edward Sharpe and TMZ and was like....what is TMZ the entertainment place doing making music, aren't they busy chasing Lindsay Lohan?!? Silly me)

  4. What a perfect mix for a rainy Tuesday morning!


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