Sponsored Giveaway!: Electric Frenchie

This month's Featured Sponsor is online boutique Electric Frenchie. They thought it'd be fun to whip up a Pinterest contest where you style their Pink Quartz Little Bee necklace and then one lucky reader will take it home!

Electric Frenchie was started by Chonie Bradley, an Austin, Texas gal who has a love for indie designers and French bulldogs (a girl after my own heart!) At EF you'll find a totally curated boutique shopping experience. From well known brands such as BB Dakota to local Austin designers, Electric Frenchie has a wide variety of things that will tickle your fancy. (I'm in love with the Charlene K jewelry and all the pretty dresses!) Peep below to see how you can style up and win this sweet necklace!

1. Sign into your Pinterest account and create a new board called "Little Chief Honeybee & Electric Frenchie Style Contest"
2. Pin the "Pink Quartz Little Bee Necklace by Manic Trout" from the Electric Frenchie website with "@styliefrenchie" in the pin's description
3. Style the necklace with outfit components such as tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories, or makeup ideas such as lip colors, eyeshadows, liners and even ideas of where to wear your outfit! From romantic vintage to rocker-chic, we can't wait to see what you will come up with!
4. When you are finished with your board, copy and paste your board URL in a comment below so we can judge the winner by Thursday!
5. Happy Pinning!

Here's my board as an example! Have fun with it. Pin awesome places you'd like to visit, things you'd like to do, and the cutest outfit you can think of! 

A winner will be chosen Thursday, April 5th and contacted via email or Twitter (so please leave a way to reach you with your board URL!). Hope your weekend is going splendidly! xo

(If you need help figuring out how to pin something check out the Help section here, or if want to add the "Pin It!" tab to your bookmark toolbar, click here!)

Congratulations Natasha!

Here's To Being 24!

Square Wooden Bingo Number 24
House Number 24 - Budapest Hungary
(click through for original source)

As silly as it sounds, the urban/found typography post on my birthday morning is one of my absolute favorites to do. Each year I begin by finding some of the most fantastic type photos of my age. A silly tradition maybe, but it's nice to start by appreciating good design. I have such a soft spot for urban typography... I really should make more of an effort to showcase that on here!

Well friends, I'm 24! Still feel the same... not exactly revolutionary or anything, right? That's okay... this year is going to be a good one. I can feel it in my bones. The actual thought of "being 24" is kind of strange... it seems like such an awkward age. Also, maybe I really like these posts because it helps buy me a few hours while I scramble to finish my "24 before 25" goal list! haha Does procrastination go away with age?! Here's to being 24! (Published at 3:50am... when I "technically" turn another year older!) xo

PS: I recall seeing several of you mentioning that today is your birthday, too! Leave your link below so I can wish you a proper happy birthday! Woohoo Aries! ;)

Things I Love Thursday

Here's to the last day of being 23! We're hoping to squeeze a fun little adventure into today before the weather gets all wet and yucky. Cross your fingers for us! It'd be just as fun for me as it would be for Toby so here's to hoping!

this glasswing butterfly ♥

this is the best parody of tumblr memes EVER. ♥

this. don't waste your ability! ♥

♥ i'll never tire of beautiful typography paired with the smiths' lyrics ♥

these business cards remind me of diana SO much! ♥

it's true. ♥

♥ socially awkward penguin is my life. ♥

maybe 24 is the year i learn to not suck at watercolor ♥

♥ um what?! ♥

♥ i miss the old office. ♥

Other Awesome Things: 

// This is such an insanely beautiful bedroom. But I know Mike would much rather sleep on the couch! haha 

// This quote from Amy Poehler:
"Only hang around people that are positive and make you feel good. Anybody who doesn't make you feel good, kick them to the curb, and the earlier you start in your life the better. The minute anybody makes you feel weird and non included or not supported, you know, either beat it or tell them to beat it."
// In case you're ever in the market for toilet paper with your Twitter feed printed on it, you might want to bookmark this website. Though it may make more sense to use the Twitter feed of someone you may not be so keen on. Too far? Maybe. They'd make a great gag gift! (Though I can't help but wonder what kind of quality it is... ha!)

// I love love love the idea of embroidering a map to show your travels and then framing it for your home! Memories made into decor! 

// Recipes: I will without a doubt be making this peach masterpiece this summer! -- I dare you to tell me this is not the most divine strawberry cake you have ever seen! -- Mango Avocado Quinoa Salad -- Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Devil's Food Cake... and I can't believe I just typed that -- and finally, Roasted Spring Asparagus

// Blogs I'm loving lately: one (cutest girl!), two, and three

// Here's a pretty pretty birthday wishlist: These replica-esque Jeffrey Campbells (for 25% of the price!), This dress because I own nothing in this color!, this bag is the perfect alternative to the overtly neon garb for summer, this bright mint dress is stunning!, Polka dot flats (cheap, practical and darling!), and all of the remaining pink Kitchenaid items I need to fill out my collection (like the blender, cutting board, hand mixer, chopper, and food processer and maybe we can throw in a Cuisinart coffee maker to match?!... seriously, Mike is a good man for letting me decorate our entire kitchen around my Kitchenaid mixer! haha I just want pink things!)

// Have you heard about the 3/50 Project? It's a site/app that helps you locate "mom & pop" type shops so you can shop local and help strengthen the economy and keep small businesses afloat! So cool!

What are you loving this week?

24th Year: Make Yourself Proud

I was feeling a more personal post today so I hope that's alright...
(edited to add: my birthday isn't actually until friday, but thank you for the sweet birthday wishes already :P)
When I think back on the past 12 months of being 23, I feel like I've grown by leaps and bounds in terms of maturity (well, sometimes) and finding myself. I've always felt like I kind of knew what I wanted to be/do, but the past year has really solidified some of my life dreams. 

Last March I turned 23. I wrote a 23 before 24 list, half of it was silly, the other half semi-serious. Little did I know that so very very much of what was in store for me the following year wouldn't even make it's way to that paper. I had these ideas for myself, and Mike, that I didn't think we'd even touch on until a year or two down the road. Honeybean is a shining example of that. After being inspired by so many wonderful ladies and friends in so many cities, we decided to take the plunge. 2 weeks after the thought we had a business license, and 3 weeks later we had a full renovated camper. That was already almost 8 months ago! Just 3-4 months into my new list and I was already tackling bigger and better things. It's an awesome feeling.

Not only that, but we signed the lease to the loft on my birthday. What a birthday present that was! We lived there for almost 11 months and absolutely loved it. Then we took a chance on the other side of the river... We've only been here 6 weeks but we think it's so great. We love our little house, and we're making it into more of a home daily. Then there was Toby... oh my stars! This obviously is the most recent (and biggest!) adventure we've embarked on, and it's without a doubt been the most rewarding. It was like our priorities all of a sudden shifted when came into our lives. 

I tend to keep the "big important secrets" under wraps for a while, just to make sure they don't fall through before speaking publicly about them. But because I've found so few women who are willing to share their journey, failures and successes, with a small business, I wanted to try and speak about mine. We've been looking at brick and mortar spaces the past little while. A few "oh we're interested in hearing more" phone calls made, and a much more serious one as of late. We found a space... nearby our home and a great size for starting out. The price and situation seem great, too. The only thing we're not sure of: the location is ~eh, even though it has 30,000 cars passing by daily (!!!), and the "Are we ready?!" freak out. I thought by having Honeybean it'd help satisfy the need for a storefront. It'd give us a few years to get things ready and to plan... but it's done the exact opposite. It's made me realize how much I loved owning my own business and it makes me eager to move on to bigger and better things (all the while keeping the 'bean of course!)

We've talked with some friends and showed them the space. We've gone over it in our heads, and aloud. We've weighed the pros and cons and when we still couldn't really make a decision, we decided to re-prioritize yet again. I honestly do feel so incredibly lucky to be in the situation I'm in. To have a partner who is as interested in making this a "family business" as I am, and to have all of you to share this journey with. While our initial thought process was to put our money toward opening up a brick and mortar, then think about buying a house, we're thinking we may flip that. Or at the very least take baby steps. We won't be signing anything for that space soon, but to know that we're at that point... the looking and planning... man, it's terrifying!
One of the things I find so alarming about the blog world is how "effortless" everything seems. The perfect life, the perfect babies, the perfect jobs and opportunities that fall into laps. Life isn't like that. No matter how much we try to sugarcoat it to make it seem like a fairytale, there are real struggles there. Daily ones. I know I mentioned a handful of posts ago that I find it so disheartening that there are so many women out there that refuse to speak openly (and honestly) about their journeys. Even privately! It seems as so many just want to keep their secret locked away so they're the only ones who are successful. Maybe it's a little naive of me to think of blogging as a community, because I'll gladly be the first to admit that not everyone is nice. But to be fair, building a business from the ground up isn't something that happens overnight and it's not something that everyone can get lucky on. It takes planning and budgeting and maybe even sobbing here and there. It's a little bit bigger than just starting a blog. The idea that you can "wish" your way into a successful business is kind of foolish. And maybe I'm just slightly bitter that there are women out there who operate under the 'guise of "helping you" and "teaching you what they know" because it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize who is self-motivated and who isn't. Of course this isn't meant to point any fingers (and if you think it's about you then you should have talk with yourself), because it's about no one specific. Just the general air of blogging and owning a business. 

I've found so much support from so many ladies through blogging. Vanessa of Wanderlust, Punky from Haberdash, and even some rad ladies here in Nashville. The girls at Old Made Good here in Nashville made a great point: "Commerce breeds commerce." I feel like the stinky air of competition drowns out so many potential partnerships and friendships. That can be even said for just blogging! Stop competing so much and just make friends! 
Anyway, I've gone on a tangent! That wasn't my intention! I guess my whole point was to say that I have big plans for 24. For me, for our family, for our business. Whether they all come to fruition or not is something to discuss in 52 weeks, but it won't be for lack of trying. I have to constantly remind myself that it's okay to start small. You don't necessarily have to throw yourself overboard to be successful. Businesses take time to build. And I'm slowly but surely learning some patience. The motto for my 24th year starting Friday: "Make yourself proud." That's the plan! And we're moving in the right direction!

What have you done to make yourself proud?

( 1 // 2 // 3 )

Stitch Fix : Round Two

Three weeks ago I blogged about this cool new company called Stitch Fix. SF is still currently in it's Beta launch, but there have already been tons of "fixes" sent off for. In case you missed the overall idea, you pay $20 up front to receive a "fix" in the mail consisting of 5 professionally-styled wardrobe pieces that match you thanks to an extensive (but easy!) survey. SF mails these items to your house on Tuesday, and you generally receive them on Wednesday or Thursday. You have until Monday to try them on and make a decision on what you'd like to keep. If you buy something then your $20 goes toward the purchase price of the item. If you decide to keep all 5 items then you get a hefty 25% discount. (In my box this go around, the 25% discount was enough to cover TWO of the items!) Anyway, they give you a prepaid mailer to return the items in and voila! You're done! If you don't return them within a week or two, your card will be charged for all 5 pieces. It's a really cool idea! (edited to add: in case you think it's too much trouble to mail the items back, they give you a prepaid, pre-labeled envelope... you seriously just stuff them in the thing [i mean, fold them, c'mon! we're civil here!] and toss it in a blue postal bin around town. No need to go to the post office or pay anything... they seriously do it all for you! If you can't manage that then well... you know. :P haha)
In my last box I sent off for some median-priced items, and I was actually pretty pleased with the price point. This time around I decided to move everything to the lowest price point they offered, just to see what they would send me. I received my package on Wednesday and I was actually really impressed with the items they sent me, though the price point left a little to be desired. My lowest range items were actually more expensive than my median price range, but considering they deal with primarily indie designers, it would be expected that in order to meet my questionnaire requirements, they had to price up a bit.

I ended up really loving 4 out of the 5 pieces I was sent. But I didn't end up keeping anything. I really thought long and hard about it, and I was sure I was going to keep them all (hello discount!) but then I realized it's 80* already in Nashville and 2 of the awesome dresses were chiffon with long sleeves! (I did say that I didn't necessarily like flaunting my arms though, so they listened!) I decided the neon "zebra" dress was just TOO out there for me. I didn't want to be the crazy lady you see walking around with a toddler wearing that... though I do have a soft spot for that insane print. It was also entirely too baggy on my frame (no ladies to fill out the top, and the waist hung too low/loose). The black shift dress was awesome, but with my shape, I need a defined waist. The necklace was very pretty, and the chiffon beaded jacket was my absolute favorite. I'm actually having Returner's Remorse on that one (does that even exist? I'm going to say it does...). 
After talking to a few other ladies who sent off for their own Fixes, I decided to do it yet again (I'm kind of hooked!) and see what I'll get with the next order. I'm sending off for one next Tuesday so I'll report back (I know!). And maybe excuse myself to Gmail to see if there's a way I can get that sweet jacket back! Look how beautiful it photographs! It's super lightweight and just stunning. The top dress was the only item in the box I didn't care for, but that's because it was too body hugging for my tastes (and a wee bit too small! I looked ridiculous!) Still, I'm kind of loving this service. I love finding these new labels I never would have otherwise known about. This service may not be for everyone though. I like the idea of a "surprise" and even if I end up empty handed, I kind of dig the experience. Some people like to be more in control of their shopping experience. It's up to you as a shopper to decide if it's worth it!

I also love hearing about your Fixes! Have you sent off for one or blogged about it at all? I'd love to know what you think and if you kept anything! Each fix is unique so it's cool to see what stylists think fit into your life based on your questionnaire. Here is an invite if you'd like to sign up to receive your fix. What do you think about the pieces I received? Would you wear any of them? xo

PS: Didn't Mike do a lovely job styling these in our bedroom?!

I was not compensated for this post. This is 100% my unbiased opinion!

Pricing breakdown for this Fix: Beaded chiffon jacket: $90, Black + Lace cocktail dress: $106, Black + Rainbow dress: $152 (yowza!), Black ruffle chiffon dress: $93, Green + Gold resin necklace: $60. Keep in mind you'd automatically have $20 off of these prices. Still, they were a little high considering the intended price point I requested. Hopefully the next fix will have a lower price tag!

Denim and Red

Love Song by Sara Bareilles on Grooveshark

I've worn this outfit both ways so far, so I thought I'd just condense them into one outfit post. I mean, when the only factor is tights, you may wonder how that constitutes as a totally different ensemble. I know I promised you no outfit posts for a few days, but I'll be posting my rad new Stitch Fix box tomorrow! This week is going to be all about adventuring, catching up on design work (a never ending task), and making our house a home. We're finally getting the artwork in the mail so I can't wait to share more of that! Feel free to link over any other rad artists you think we should check out! We're looking for some rad illustrators to do us some family portraits for one of our rooms so if you know of anyone who does awesome portraits, please let us know!
I know that this song is "so 2007" but I've been listening to this album a lot lately and there are tons of memories associated with it. No shame! haha I'm also working on my "24 before 25" list of goals for Friday's birthday post! I'm coming up a little short as I've realized I kind of accomplished many of which I was saving for this list! That's such an exciting feeling... but also makes me feel like I need to dream a little bigger... so I guess that's what I'll do! Do you make birthday goal lists, too? If so, what are some of yours?!
Also -- how fun are these shoes?! They're so comfortable, and I'm glad to have finally styled them up! The red denim is seriously just too much. Perfect for spring and summer! (As always, you can save 15% off your own Blowfish shoes with the code BFBEE15!) I think I might try to style the dress a little more "nautical" next time... we'll see. Hope this week is wonderful for you! I'm gonna go sip some coffee and knock out the rest of these emails. I'm almost caught up! xo

Charlotte Russe dress
H&M denim jacket
Assets by Spanxx tights
Tush wedges c/o Blowfish

March Sponsored Giveaway!

This month's Sponsored Giveaway is definitely one for the accessory-minded gal! From necklaces to shop credit and pretty pretty hair bows, we've got you covered! One lucky winner is going to take home everything below! Peep below how you can enter to win xo
Shana Logic is a one stop shop for all things eccentric and fun. You'll find jewelry, apparel, accessories and even home decor. You can also find made to order items as well as fine art. A couple of my favorite pieces: Shark USB drive, Attention Please cat print (!!!), and the Pensive Corn Plush.
 shop // facebook // twitter

If you're in the market for chic hair goodies, Sproos is where you should turn to. Featuring a plethora of bows, clips and headbands, they have the perfect statement accessory. I'd totally wear the daylights out of the Darling Bow headband! (By the way, you can save 20% on your order with the code KAELAH!) ** In addition to the one bow for the overall winner, NINE other lucky ladies will take home a cheetah print bow! The odds are in your favor! **
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Roxy of GrrFeisty always has something up her sleeve. From adorable faux bois zipper pouches to hair accessories and roller derby inspired hand mirrors, her etsy shop is the perfect place to find a gift for that special quirky someone (or you know, yourself!). Her blog is a total time trap, too! (In the best way, of course)
blog  // shop // facebook // twitter

Kintage is the oh-so-new online venture for Aileen of Barker Zoo! Only having launched this month, you can already tell it's going to make it's place known in the online shopping world. From knick knacks to cute personal accessories and dresses galore, Kintage is a great place for online shoppers who like a deal! I just got the Line by Line dress in the mail and I can't wait to wear it all summer!
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

To enter to win, drop by the sponsors above then leave a comment below telling me your favorite piece in each of their shops! (Be sure to leave your email or twitter name with your comment so I can contact you if you win! You can spell it out like kaelahbee at gmail dot com to avoid spam!) This is just one entry. Please include all 5 "favorites" in one comment!

If you'd like additional entries you can.... 
+ Follow the blogs above/leave a sweet comment (one entry per blog followed, up to 3!)
+ Follow the sponsors on Twitter (one per follow, up to 3!)
+ "Like" the sponsors on Facebook (one per Like, up to 4!)

If you kept tally then you'll notice that is up to ELEVEN entries! (I know, ridiculous) Please be sure all additional entries are in separate comments so they can be properly counted! Entries not left separately will not count, sorry! A winner will be drawn next week and contacted shortly thereafter! Good luck! xo

Congratulations to Katlyn Larson!

Home Sweet Home

Our little family has been hard at work making our little house a home. Most of the inside is done with the exception of wall hangings and a piece of (small) furniture here and there. The outside really needed some TLC though. It was a cute little cottage in it's own right, but we wanted fresh flowers, colors, and plenty of dirt for Toby to dig in.

The past week or two has been loads of fun. We've picked out flowers, hanging baskets, and started to mock up our small raised bed that we'll have in the back. We're excited to plant a few of our favorite veggies (zucchini, squash, and red peppers please!) as well as have a nice little area for an herb garden. The transformation so far has been awesome to watch. It may not look like much, but we're kind of loving it! We "built" three new flowerbeds (two at the porch, and the one circular one in the yard). We also added the birdbath and a strawberry plant on the porch! (Apparently we also inspired our neighbor, Flo, to start beautifying her yard! She sent her son over to see what we were up to so she could put him to work! We really like her, she's the sweetest lady!)

In case you didn't see the house when we first moved in last month, this is what it looked like:
(and yes, someone was using the rocks in the front to spell out things with haha)

I'd say we've done a good job so far! Can't wait for the rest of our plants to sprout up!

Do any of you have green thumbs? (Confession: I don't. I once forgot to water my succulent for THREE MONTHS. I'm amazed it survived.) I'd love to know your tricks! Happy Friday!

Edited to add: Today we're putting in the red mulch! So exciting! Seriously, it's so pretty!

Things I Love Thursday

I need to stop leaving my TiLT posts to do until Thursday morning! I get overwhelmed by so many awesome things! This one may seem a little bit short/rushed (in the links departement) but that's because we've got to get down to Columbia to pick up a weedeater, pressure washer, and other fun household goodies that adults usually have. Like how I keep reminding you that I'm an adult? Yeah, it's weird for me, too. ;) Here's my weekly list of wonderful!
this stunning picture ♥
this typography and quote ♥
this incredible photorealistic painting by pedro campos ♥
♥ this is nyc in 1955! ♥
♥ i'd be inspired to write in this notebook ♥
this kitten in a hammock. i know. ♥
♥ i can't get over this 'shoop of mason + scott disik! ♥
♥ this dream kitchen! (i always have a dream kitchen to share!) ♥
♥ this makes me think of my shoe collection haha! ♥
♥ this. exactly. ♥

Other Awesome Things:
// Foodie Finds: Blueberry Pancake Cupcakes // Banana (+ Nutella!) Sushi (totally going to make this for Toby next week!) // Chocolate Oreo Snack Cakes // Zucchini Chips // and perfect for the already-here Summer weather: Blended Strawberry Lemonade... oh em gee.

// This DIY garden is definitely inspiring! I can't wait til we actually put some effort into our raised beds! Cross your fingers we do that this weekend while Toby is visiting with his grandparents!

// Ever given an audible "WTF?" or side-eye to Pinterest projects? This website is for you! 

// I probably shouldn't find this website as funny as I do, butttttttttt oh well. You might like it, too.

// Mike just sent me a link to this site: The TuTu Project. I have to admit, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I opened the page and was in awe of this man in his pink tutu, then I read his story. It's kind of an awesome one. I'd totally put his book on my coffee table. The pictures, even with the funny context, are stunning. It's worth a gander, I promise!

// I'd be the happiest girl in the world if all of these dresses just magically plopped into my closet. Especially the sleeveless solid pink cotton dress. Has there ever been a more perfect dress?! (With a way out of my budget price tag!)

// If I only get one thing for my birthday (next Friday!), I really really really hope it's this! (And you know... my car detailed, too!) -- This dress would be so perfect for a summer picnic -- I'd really like to try this lipstick, and maybe this blush, too! (What are your favorite brands/shades?!) -- And finally, this dress. It's alllll kinds of ridiculous, but in the best way!

// In awesome-for-KB news we have: I upped my Birch Box subscription for a full year and I'm stoked to maybe start sharing what's inside! -- and I received my second Stitch Fix shipment yesterday! I loved 4 out of the 5 pieces, and the kicker: it's cheaper for me to keep all 5 than it would be the 4. I haven't made my final decision yet but I'll share the contents and outcome later this weekend! Any other subscription boxes that you might recommend?

What are you loving this week?