Throwaway Camera

Here are some disposable photos from the weekend we went to Louisville. Don't you just love that Funacho truck?! Also- that little yellow house is my dream home... oh my!

I have a few more that I need to have developed. You can't deny the beauty of cheap film, that's for sure! We also took a few rolls on our new Nikon F60 and I've been practicing some manual light leaks so hopefully they turn out cool! 


  1. Pretty pictures! You are so freaking gorgeous as well. :)

    Little Sugar Monster

  2. I love that yellow house! I've always wanted to live in one with a tower, so it pretty much meets all my requirements

  3. You're so pretty! I wish I had the patience to have pretty hair like you all the time.

  4. That yellow house is amazing! Nice pictures. Love your blog (:


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