// Things I Love Thursday v.291

this iphone wallpaper ♥
these delicious cinnamon rolls ♥
this fun and funky branding ♥
♥ this great reminder ♥
♥ this rad neon sign ♥
this unreal collection of typefaces for $18 ♥
this collection is even bigger, mostly brush/handwritten ♥
these mini pink lemon donuts ♥
this awesome DIY honeycomb arch ♥

stella mccartney's phone case game is strong! ♥

// The raffia fringe totes from DVF are giving me life right now.

// Amazon just solved the greatest uncertainty of buying clothes online. HOLLA! (If you haven't tried Prime, you can give it a go for a month!)

// 8 brutally honest truths you need to hear if you want to get your shit together.

// A white lion and a white tiger made babies! White ligers!

// 10+ amazing photos that show how time wears things down.

// Everyone needs to read how these kindergarteners reacted to 'Wonder Woman'.

// Here's a great start if you're shopping for bridesmaids gifts.

// Mayor cuts down this man's 30-year old tree, but he got revenge the best way.

// Got a friend (or you know, yourself) who loves wine and cats? Boom. Kitty cat corkscrew!

// Wishlist Wears: the Alma crop top // this mint tulle dress // this dress is THE most appropriate 4th-of-July-BBQ dress EVER! // this awesome maxi skirt // this reversible bikini top // this white lace ruffle top // this white and red skirt is perfect for summer // this bathing suit // sooo close to order this ruffle bandeau top with matching skirt! // super into these long-tee "dresses" // this denim patchwork dress // this mickey mouse one-piece swimsuit //

// If you're a blogger looking to partner with brands on sponsored content, Fresh Press Media is a great place to get going. Right now there's a Rachel Zoe campaign taking bids until July 1st! If you're chosen you'll receive a seasonal box of goodies (valued at over $400) curated by The Zoe Report - and you'll get paid on top of it all! Win/win! (NGL, I'm totally applying so)

// Here are FIVE free months of Rocksbox for anyone who wants one! Just use the code KAELAHBFF and you'll get your first month on the house! First 5 to claim them wins, obvz. (There are actually 2 or 3 left so hop on it if ya want one!)

// Make some cash by taking surverys online (Yes, it's real, not a scam, and I actually use it too... hence why I'm sharing haha!) 

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// Things I Love Thursday v.290

this this this. ♥

this is the cutest cupcake EVER ♥

these smoothie bowls ♥

this fun colorful cake ♥

♥ and this gorgeous creation, too ♥

this inspiring woman ♥

this photo ♥

♥ this is exactly how i feel ♥

♥ you deserve to hear this ♥
♥ this shopbop sale is a good one! ♥
♥ this collection from WAYF
♥ the field cargo pants from veronica beard are my favorite ♥
♥ i always love the romantic ruffles + lace from zimmermann ♥
♥ and the swimwear, too! swooooon ♥
all of these colors + styles are *heart eyes* ♥

// 25 fascinating pictures for a better day.

// Why poor people stay poor.

// Going to the beach for your bachelorette party? Get your bridesmaids these!

// I love the boho look of this crochet bikini top from Simons paired with these neutral bottoms.

// Margaret Atwood says "It's a form of slavery to force women to have babies they can't afford."

// Here are FIVE free months of Rocksbox for anyone who wants one! Just use the code KAELAHBFF and you'll get your first month on the house! First 5 to claim them wins, obvz.

// Make some cash by taking surverys online (Yes, it's real, not a scam, and I actually use it too... hence why I'm sharing haha!) 

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// Things I Love Thursday v.289

these mini potted cactus cakes ♥
these unicorn cakes ♥
these amazing puppy portrait tattoos ♥
♥ this pretty creation ♥
these stunning candle packaging designs ♥
♥ this amazing back patio ♥
this amazing snap ♥
this stunning flower arrangement ♥
these adorable placemats ♥
this swimsuit ♥

// If I'm shopping online I almost always browse the super-discounted sections first (I'm talking like 70%+ off haha). #NoShame :P

// Magic Mushrooms are safer than alcohol, according to global study. And here's a ranking of many other mainstream drugs.

// Toddler is FedExed across the country amid a winter snowstorm. If this doesn't make you tear up, man...

// Quick and easy way to make a few bucks in your spare time.

// If you're a blogger looking to collaborate with brands on sponsored content, you should definitely sign up for Fresh Press Media. I've really loved working with their platform the past few months.

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// FREE DIY Summer Party Printables!

Free DIY Summer Fruit Party Printables // KaelahBee.com
Free DIY Summer Fruit Party Printables // KaelahBee.com
I LOVE SUMMER! I love summer SO MUCH! I know it's hot and humid and the mosquitos are the literal worst, but I love the beach and the pool and creeks and basically any body of water, along with popsicles, parties, and a lot of fruit! Today I'm sharing a few free* (!!!) party printables that you can use all summer long! These pieces were all inspired by the fun and festive party decor at Michaels right now, so if you're curious where everything (like that cuuuute pineapple serving dish) is from, now you know.

I used my Cricut Explore Air 2 machine to cut out the fruit pieces, but you can (almost) just as easily cut them out with regular ol' scissors. I've included downloads for both the .svg files and the (flattened) .jpg versions. You can print them on white cardstock rather than put them in layers if you hate manual cutting haha. I love making 3-D/multi-layer cards like this so these invitations were fun, albeit frustrating for a while. I'm still learning the ins and outs of my machine so I could have probably made it even easier on myself, but it's kind of a tinker-and-try sort of thing. If you have any handy Cricut tips or resources, I'm all ears!
Free DIY Summer Fruit Party Printables


die-cutting machine 
(or good ol' scissors!)
stationery brads

The .svg files I have included are each layered in their own file. This means your Cricut will automatically break them into their own layers based on color so you can cut with just one mat. Just a heads up in case you get in there and are all "Wut?" haha

The way I've set up my invitations is to have 2 sides attached with a stationery brad so it can swivel (or bend, in the pineapple's case), revealing the party info. Additionally you can also print the party info on translucent vellum to add a third (middle) layer. Con to living in a small town: probably not going to find vellum in your stores... haha I didn't include the party info in the files because you'll obviously have your own stuff. You can print directly onto the cardstock, like I did, or go the vellum route, or whatever else you come up with. Just get the info in the invite, right? ha

the files:

Whether you're looking for fun d├ęcor, bright blooms, or cute party supplies, Michaels has everything you need to MAKE summer bright and fun! Now I'll probably spend the remainder of spring/summer obsessed with fruit prints and that gorgeous fuchsia color! If you're on the prowl for more inspiration, pop over to the Michaels’ blog, The Glue String, to see the rest of the Michaels Makers’ summer fun project ideas.

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* Free for personal use only.

Free DIY Summer Fruit Party Printables // KaelahBee.com

// Things I Love Thursday v.288

this fun balloon backdrop ♥
these DIY glitter ice cubes ♥
♥ this bedroom ♥
this bright and fun trolls party ♥
♥ these DIY unicorn frapps ♥
this fun print ♥
this bag is liiiiife! ♥

// 21 times Disney took things way too far.

// Shopbop is having a surprise sale! Up to 40% off! There are even a few pool floats (!!!) and beach towels included.

// Showing your butt in beautiful landscapes is the new trend.

// Someone mentioned on IG last week that I should consider using a reusable water bottle instead of plastic ones (re: "What's in my doula bag" post), so I just ordered a Manna Moda bottle. She was right, simply recycling isn't enough.

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