// Things I Love Thursday v.293

critter pots anthropologie
these adorable freakin' critter pots! ♥
cocktail illustrations
this awesome cocktail illustrations ♥
♥ i live for these prickly pear margaritas ♥
these paintings by cathy mcmurray ♥
this adorable rainbow party invitation ♥
♥ and this darling cloud tape dispenser (with rainbow tape!) ♥
this amahhhhhzing cake ♥
♥ this awesome "mixtape" ♥
the work of marion barraud ♥
cool poster design
♥ this poster design ♥
Try Skillshare For Free For 2 Months!
try skillshare for free for 2 months *updated link!* ♥

// From now until December 31st: Download the Shopbop app and get 15% off your first (full price) purchase with the code "app15". Use it to scoop up these awesome painted overalls or these rad boots. -- Full terms for the promotion here.

// Wanna watch the eclipse but failed to get glasses? Or maybe you just wanna do a fun little project with your kids? Here is a DIY Pin Hole Viewer for the eclipse on Monday!

// I'm a sucker for these "Pick a ____ and see what it says about your life!" - Here's one with crystals haha Was yours accurate? (Mine was so...)

// I am super feeling this whole military green thing right now.

// I've shared this survey site a handful of times in recent TiLT posts and I've received 3 or 4 emails/DMs asking questions and if I used any others that were worthwhile. This one is ideal for anyone between 18 and 24, and there is this one specifically for dudes, too. If you're Hispanic, there's a specific campaign you can join here. If you don't fall into either of those categories, you can always use this one - all four pay $3 per survey. Not bad if you've got time to kill. -- I'll share others as I find 'em!

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// Do Something - Actionable Steps To Challenge Racism

The state of our country gets scarier and scarier by the day. The events in Virginia over the weekend are just further proof that the hatred and bigotry of America is being fed and fueled by the current administration. If you don't see the problem in neo-Nazis and what went down this weekend then YOU are the problem. If you don't want to read political rants, why are you still here? We can all learn from what is being shared by POC. It can be totally overwhelming to look at the current state of affairs and wonder what to do or where to start or how to help. I've tried to compile a list of efforts and articles that are worth being shared and supported. We must do more. We should not rely on POC to educate us on racism. I'm guilty of this myself but we can all use Google. Call out racist friends, family, and acquaintances. Recognize your own privilege and prejudice. Understand that you may fail and disappoint at times, but use them as opportunities to learn and grow. And quite possibly the most important of all: LISTEN. If you're looking for a way to make an impact but don't know how, this post is for you. (I'm happy to add any/all relevant links if you want to share any!) * I use "you" as a generic term referring to all of us non-POC.

// Donate to victims of Charlottesville

// Articles and sites worth reading and sharing (and acting on)

// Organizations to donate to

// Women of Color owned businesses (please send others to include!)

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// Kaelah's Closet on Poshmark!

TODAY is THE DAY! There are a boatload of listings up on my Poshmark closet and they'll go live at 8pm centra time! Pop over and give a follow if you want to keep up with updates, and save your favorites so you can snag 'em fast! It feels SOOOO good to finally start making progress on this purge.

CLICK HERE to check it out 
(you can see all the listings now btw!)

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// Things I Love Thursday v.292

♥ this gradient is so satisfying ♥
this galvanized stock tank looks surprisingly chic in this farmhouse bathroom ♥
this wimbledon party ♥
these collage pieces ♥
♥ this 70's inspired lookbook ♥
this fantastic doodle wall ♥
this awesome use of space ♥
♥ this bag is one of my faves ♥
this inspiration board ♥
♥ these photos ♥
these moto jackets are *heart eyes* ♥

// [NSFW - or maybe even life..] Inside America's most extreme haunted house experience: McKamey Manor. (McKamey just recently opened up a smaller "satellite" experience about 20 minutes from our house. Folks around the property aren't stoked.)

// Here is the first waterpark for children with disabilities! And it's free of charge! Seriously, read this. Look at those precious faces full of happiness! So beautifully designed, too.

// KFC just released online merch, and it's actually kind of amazing. Real talk, I want that sweater harrrrrd.

// Here are FIVE free months of Rocksbox for anyone who wants one! Just use the code KAELAHBFF and you'll get your first month on the house! First 5 to claim them wins, obvz. (If they're all used up, try kaelahxoxo... it works like half of the time haha!)

// Make some cash by taking surverys online (Yes, it's real, not a scam, and I actually use it too... hence why I'm sharing haha!) 

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// Summer Sandal Makeover

Y'all, school starts back here in Tennessee in less than a month! Ahhh! I'm just not ready for Summer to be over yet! I love the colors, the weather, and the carefree attitude that comes along with the season. It's a little hard (and intimidating) to think about getting back in the rhythm of the school year. One of my favorite trends for the past few months has been pom poms and tassels on any and everything.I first saw a round up of cute, embellished sandals on Shopbop and I've wanted a pair of my own ever since.  Since it's such a fun Summer look, I decided to upcycle a pair of black slides I had so my feet can feel like Summertime all the time ;) This whole thing took less than 15 minutes, so if you've got some fun embellishments laying around, get to work!


one // two // three // four // five

I took these $1 slides I had and outfitted them with metallic gold ribbon, gold chain, and the brightest pink and yellow pom poms I could find. There's seriously nothing to this... Just use your favorite type of glue and stick those babies on! I used super glue for the ribbon and chain, and used E-6000 industrial glue for the pom poms (and to secure the ends of the chain). I love how festive and fun they look. They're quite the attention grabber though. 

This month's Michaels Makers challenge (the final one! WAH!) was to give something some flair for the back to school season. I'm having a hard time not affixing these bright pom poms to literally everything, but the sandals are a good start. I have a couple sheer curtains and a raffia clutch begging to be pom pom'd out. We'll see what I end up with!

From crystals to pom poms to tassels and patches, Michaels has pretty much everything you could ever need to bling out your Back To School goodies. You can check out how some of the other Makers opted to embellish! Now I'm thinking I need another pair of slides so I can just do some really fun gold chain work! That'd be pretty rad, right?

Check out the rest of my Michaels Makers posts from the past 3 years (!!!) by clicking HERE!

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// Make Money Blogging - Fresh Press Media

Things have been quiet around here, with the exception of random TiLT posts (I actually enjoy writing those). But I still like sharing things like that and I'm seeing through a couple contracted things, so here I am! Everyone and their mama has a blog these days, and that's awesome. I love that there is no shortage of things to find online. No matter what niche you think of, someone has a blog about it. Since more folks are wanting to make money blogging, I figured it'd be a good time to share Fresh Press Media. I've written about them briefly in previous TiLT posts (I'm a FPM Ambassador), but this post will show you exactly how it works so you can get signed up and make some dollllllas!

So, what is Fresh Press Media? FPM connects brands with influencers across the web, and allows them collaborate on mutually beneficial content creation. Bloggers (Influencers) can sign up for free and create a profile (media kit) that brands will be able to view. Brands pitch campaigns in the Marketplace and bloggers can go in, get all the info on what the objective is, and then submit a bid (the rate you would charge for the project). Brands and bloggers can message each other back and forth in an effort to streamline the process and help answer any questions the blogger might have. Brands can approve or reject offers on their end, and if your bid is accepted then it will move from the Bids tab into Gigs. Then you can submit your URLs as specified on the campaign page. It's easy peasy! And the veryyyyy best part? Once the brand approves your final submitted URL, your payment is available (though the minimum to payout is $100). No waiting 45 days or 60 days after a campaign ends. THIS is the big one for me. I've collaborated with a few different brands from the FPM marketplace, and every single one of them has been a positive experience. I appreciate how easy everything is to navigate. It's simple.
These are a few of the campaigns currently available in the Marketplace. It's worth signing up and seeing if any of them appeal or apply to you. It costs you nothing more than the time it takes to enter your email! Happy blogging!

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// Things I Love Thursday v.291

this iphone wallpaper ♥
these delicious cinnamon rolls ♥
this fun and funky branding ♥
♥ this great reminder ♥
♥ this rad neon sign ♥
this unreal collection of typefaces for $18 ♥
this collection is even bigger, mostly brush/handwritten ♥
these mini pink lemon donuts ♥
this awesome DIY honeycomb arch ♥

stella mccartney's phone case game is strong! ♥

// The raffia fringe totes from DVF are giving me life right now.

// Amazon just solved the greatest uncertainty of buying clothes online. HOLLA! (If you haven't tried Prime, you can give it a go for a month!)

// 8 brutally honest truths you need to hear if you want to get your shit together.

// A white lion and a white tiger made babies! White ligers!

// 10+ amazing photos that show how time wears things down.

// Everyone needs to read how these kindergarteners reacted to 'Wonder Woman'.

// Here's a great start if you're shopping for bridesmaids gifts.

// Mayor cuts down this man's 30-year old tree, but he got revenge the best way.

// Got a friend (or you know, yourself) who loves wine and cats? Boom. Kitty cat corkscrew!

// Wishlist Wears: the Alma crop top // this mint tulle dress // this dress is THE most appropriate 4th-of-July-BBQ dress EVER! // this awesome maxi skirt // this reversible bikini top // this white lace ruffle top // this white and red skirt is perfect for summer // this bathing suit // sooo close to order this ruffle bandeau top with matching skirt! // super into these long-tee "dresses" // this denim patchwork dress // this mickey mouse one-piece swimsuit //

// If you're a blogger looking to partner with brands on sponsored content, Fresh Press Media is a great place to get going. Right now there's a Rachel Zoe campaign taking bids until July 1st! If you're chosen you'll receive a seasonal box of goodies (valued at over $400) curated by The Zoe Report - and you'll get paid on top of it all! Win/win! (NGL, I'm totally applying so)

// Here are FIVE free months of Rocksbox for anyone who wants one! Just use the code KAELAHBFF and you'll get your first month on the house! First 5 to claim them wins, obvz. (There are actually 2 or 3 left so hop on it if ya want one!)

// Make some cash by taking surverys online (Yes, it's real, not a scam, and I actually use it too... hence why I'm sharing haha!) 

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