// Scents and Seasonal Decorating (+ Giveaway!)

One of my favorite things about the holiday season is the smells! From cookies in the oven to the rich pine scent of a real Christmas tree, I love how powerful and memorable the sense of smell can be. In the past Mike and I haven't ever really "decorated" for Christmas aside from putting up a tree. We never went all out with garlands or outdoor lights. Now that we're settled somewhere for the next little while, I've really been itching to really deck the halls. I picked up some outdoor pre-lit garland and some wreaths the other day, and even snagged some lights to lay over our bushes, etc. Of course we haven't gotten around to putting them all up yet, but even just the thought of it has me feeling festive.

Our Christmas tree went up incredibly early (on Halloween!), but I've held off on everything else because I didn't want to get too carried away before Thanksgiving. Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, I'm ready to throw myself into it all. This year will be the first year we spend Christmas Eve at home as a family. Every year since I was born (minus one), I've spent Christmas Eve at my mom's house. Once Mike and I moved in together that was just what we did. This year Toby has requested that we sleep at our own house so Santa can come visit us here. I'm a little heartbroken and excited at the same time. We'll be making new memories and establishing new traditions. I really really love traditions.
Since I only just recently ordered our stockings, things aren't feeling super festive inside our home. The tree is lit and I listen to "Punk Goes Christmas" far too much, but still, something was missing. Holiday scents! From New Year to Thanksgiving, our house smells like honeysuckle. It's my favorite scent and I love how it keeps our house feeling fresh and Spring-like. But between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve, I bust out all of my holiday candles and wax melts, and I constantly wish we had a fireplace. This year I'm melting/burning scents from Air Wick (Spiced Apple Crumble - OMG, and Emerald Woodland - They come in both candles and wax melts.)
I'm a huge fan of wax melts, and if you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen countless photos of my wax warmers in the background of photos. I have one in our room, the bathroom, the kitchen and the living room. If I really want this place to smell good, it takes all of about 10 minutes with all 4 going! I've really loved the Air Wick melts so far because they're "layered" with different scents so you never really go nose blind to them (the candles are multi-layer too!). Just when you get familiar to the smell of the room, you're hit with a new note that is complimentary, but fresh.
Decorating with a Linden around is a little difficult at times. I can't have an open flame or melted wax anywhere he can reach it, so I'm pretty much left to just decorating on the counters or the window shelves we built between the living room and kitchen. However sometimes I also just prefer to pop the wax melts in the warmer and "hide" it on a shelf so there's no distracting light - just an awesome holiday atmosphere. There's something about walking into a space and being greeted with such a warm, inviting smell. I truly think the scent of your environment can greatly impact your mood and experience.

What are your favorite seasonal scents?

If you're interested in snagging 2 of each Air Wick Life Scent candles shown above, pop over to my Instagram (@kaelahbee) and tag a friend! I'll be announcing a winner this weekend! You can have your home smelling delicious before Christmas rolls around, too!

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This post is in partnership with Air Wick. All opinions and words are my own, as usual.

// Things I Love Thursday v.245

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of my fellow Americans! And Happy Thursday to everyone else! I hope you enjoy the things I found for this week's TiLT post!

this neon sign ♥
this snazzy drink ♥
this gorgeous photo ♥
this stellar crosstitch ♥
this awesome dog house ♥
♥ this one, too! ♥
these bunny cookies ♥
♥ this! ♥
this DIY cloud plush♥
♥ this, too! ♥
this shopbop sale is LEGIT! i ordered so many cute things! ♥

// I never thought I'd say certain doorstops were cute... but here we are.

// Got a sassy lady to shop for? Friend? Girlfriend? This gift guide rules.

What are you thankful for this week?

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// #ErgobabyEveryday in Nashville

Last week I spent the entire week working on the latest Ergobaby campaign here in Nashville. I love working with Ergo and it was such a treat to be so involved behind the scenes. I signed on to do some consulting with them for the campaign since they were planning from California. I organized a "Community Day" for local babywearing families at a local coffee shop, Atmalogy, on Monday. We had SO many moms and babies (and even a dad!) join us for mingling, treats and raffles. I'm not incredibly active in the Nashville-based babywearing groups since I'm farther out in the country (and am instead involved in our own local group), so it was great to be able to put faces to names that I've grown a bit familiar with online. Danielle was one of my go-tos for the campaign and it was so awesome to finally meet her in person after being online friends for 6+ years. She came for the Community Day and the first campaign shoot at Imogene + Willie. After the Community Day we decided to go out for some delicious BBQ at Peg Leg Porker. Y'all... those BBQ nachos! They might have been the best thing I ate all week.

After an early dinner (late lunch?) with Danielle, I headed over to Target to enjoy some kid-free time with a red cup in hand. It's such a stereotype but I don't even care. Y'all, that was the most peaceful hour of my life! haha And I really needed it since I was about to gear up for 4 very long (but fun!) days! My friend Maya texted me after getting off work so I headed downtown a bit later to do a second dinner (ha!). We went to Old Spaghetti Factory and Maya had the most ridiculous drink ever: a cherry (?!) limeade with a freakin' cotton candy cloud, y'all! WHAT! 1) That has nothing to do with Italian food and 2) I'm sure it is marketed for 7 year olds, but she ordered it and we both enjoyed the cotton candy goodness so whatever. YUM. (Seriously, look how excited she is. Such a doofus. I love her.)

After that I settled into my hotel for the evening and got some much needed rest. I worked as a production assistant on the Ergo shoots for the rest of the week, and that meant running here, there, and everywhere around town. But I also got to see so many fun places that I (as a long-time local) have yet to explore. I love Cheekwood but it had been quite some time since I went. We also shot at the Farmers Market, Butchertown Hall, Imogene + Willie, Bartaco, etc. I even had a chance to bowl a few frames with Casey (the other green/blue haired PA!) at Pinewood Social. And y'all, their fried broccoli! SNAP! Order it. You'll love it, I promise.

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

Slow Hand Coffee Co.

Imogene + Willie


Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream

Barista Parlor Golden Sound

Nashville Famer's Market

Pinewood Social

Butchertown Hall (Is this place not stunning?!)

I can't even begin to tell you how crazy exhausting last week was. I even had to cancel plans with my friend Erin because one night I didn't get done working until close to 8pm and I could barely stand up by then! It was all well worth it, but it was certainly hard work. I did manage to make it out to IHOP (ha!) with Maya and Courtney on one evening though. I was craving breakfast for dinner and we were all downtown anyway, so to IHOP we went! That strawberry and banana French toast hit the spot, so whatever! After that Maya and I had the great idea to go get BFF tattoos. I mean, it was a long time coming, but it was certainly decided on a whim! We swung by our favorite shop, Music City Tattoo, but no one was there. Then we hopped across the river to Electric Hand and Kenny did a little number on each of us. We have matching cactus tattoos now! They're super cute. By the time we were done getting tattooed I needed to go crash to prepare for the next day. Everything went well with the shoots, and after I wrapped up the last bit of work on Friday afternoon, Maya and I decided Friday the 13th tattoos should probably happen, too. We were able to get in with Mike at Music City (his wife Laura has been my artist for the past 5+ years!) I think so highly of Mike - He's so fun and kind. I was excited to finally have a piece by him. Maya got a fun black outline Friday the 13th "Viking" axe tattoo and I got a booty heart. Ridiculous, but adorable. I love it.

I did manage to swing home Friday night and enjoy seeing my little family for a couple of hours. I passed out pretty quickly though because I needed to be up and on my way back to Nashville the next morning for a training. I took my Placenta Encapsulation training on Saturday and Sunday with (most) of the other women in our agency. I thoroughly enjoyed everything that I learned, and I'm eager to be able to provide that service to our clients. (If you're local and are looking for an encapsulation specialist, give your girl a shout!) Mike didn't have to work Saturday so he opted to drive up and spend the day at the skate park. This is totally the skate park where we started "talking" almost 10 years ago! I rushed up to watch him skate for a little bit after day one of the training. We crashed at Maya's place since she was working downtown super later. It was nice to get some time to ourselves. We went out to eat and then picked up a Redbox movie and just enjoyed spending time together. He headed home Sunday morning after I left for my second day of training. I was so excited to get home (for good!) after Sunday's workshop. Y'all, my bed has never felt so good!

It was a super crazy week and I fell behind on my emails like WHOA! But I always appreciate y'alls patience. It was a super fun week and I'm so glad I was able to take part. Now I just need a vacation ha! 

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// Things I Love Thursday v.244

these "nature crafts" by mer_megs! ♥
these painted steps send a great message ♥
♥ this baby tapir! ♥
these fun projects from mollie makes ♥
♥ this ♥
these festive cookies will inspire your holiday baking ♥
this coat rack! (+27 more!) ♥
these blueberry cinnamon cake donuts! ♥
these minimalist gingerbread decorations ♥

// I ordered this flask for Mike a couple months ago, and it's so so perfect for the season right now! I love the little wool sleeve on it. I might need one too, because whiskey on the go! ha!

// Look at these photos before you say we can't take in Syrian refugees. Clearly I feel very strongly about my stance.

// Tuesday was "Unfriend Day." How many people did you unfriend that day?

// Have you given in to the Stitch Fix temptation yet? Because you should. Seriously.

// From The Wanderlusty: 7 Lucky Casinos in Las Vegas

// Holiday shopping? Gifts for Home - Gifts for Her

// DISCOUNT CODES: get your first month of DITTO Endless Eyewear (a sunglasses "subscription" service!) FREE with the code KAELAHBEE - Your fist month of ROCKSBOX (a designer jewelry "subscription" service!) FREE with the code KAELAHBFF - 20% off your first month's box of Tea Box Express with the code TRYTEABOX20

What are you loving this week?

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