Sponsor Spotlight: LolaDee!

I'm excited to be closing October with one of my favorite sponsors from this month, LolaDee! LolaDee has actually been a sponsor of LCH for a few months now and I love having her! Her darling handmades are almost as sweet as she is! I've asked Lorna to put together a little something about herself to share with y'all so I hope you find her as charming as I do! She also sent me a cute zipper rosette headband that I just love so I'll share those photos at the end! 

Hello there! First of all, thanks to Kaelah for allowing me to pop in here and tell you a little bit about what I do!..

I’m Lorna or LolaDee from Things I Fell in Love With Today! I'm a 21 year old vintage obsessed, crafty blogger and broadcasting student from Cork City in the south of Ireland and I basically blog about all the things that I see or experience that have made me smile in the hope that they might make you smile also. I also run a little etsy store alongside my blog, where I sell my handmade accessories.

My life is busy busy busy and you can usually find me stressing out over media projects in college or in my craft room drowning in a sea of buttons, thread, yarn and fabric. I also sell my handmade lufflies at a local craft market called The Fair Alternative here in Cork every saturday. When I do have a minute to myself, I tend to spend the time dancing around my living room to terrible music with my nephews or watching episode after episode of True Blood with my boy. The simple things, eh?

I loved art in school and craft was my main focus, often drifting into my own little world while carving some lino prints or moulding a clay model, but when I finished school I never quite knew where to go from there with my crafty side. When I started following some of the blogs that have become part of my daily life now, I suddenly felt all kinds of inspiration. So, I guess you could say that it was the Blogosphere and all the wonderfully inspiring people in it that gave me the push to start making my accessories and selling them online and at markets. 

I have a fascination with buttons so you'll find that a lot of my work features them. I love sifting through jars of buttons, old and new, wondering where each one has been, if its been attached to a piece of clothing, who owned it and how it ended up in my craft room! I make a variety of things from headbands to rings and I'm happy to do any custom orders that people would like. Just drop me a line, don't be shy :) P.S. here's a little heads up... I'm in the process of adding loads of new stock to my etsy so keep an eye on it in the coming weeks!

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about what I do. I hope you check out my blog and say hello :) Have a great day!
LolaDee x

Here is a look-see at what Lorna sent me to sport! (Truth be told, I was wearing it yesterday out and about and left it in Mike's car on accident. He didn't get home until the sun went down today so I couldn't get proper photos. Hopefully I can snag some well-lit ones this week! I'll definitely be wearing it, that's for sure!)

I hope you take the chance to check out Lorna's blog and her etsy shop as both are treasure troves of goodness! You can find her hopping around the internet at these fine places: Blog -- Etsy -- Twitter. Thanks so much Lorna for writing up this little piece, being a rad sponsor, and sending me such a fabulous item! xo

PS; Happy Halloween! 

Sunday Spotlight - Photographer: Tec Petaja

Last week's spotlight featured the work of the always-inspiring Joy Thigpen... well, this week we're focusing on someone she has worked with a bit in her past. While she has definitely had the luxury of meeting and collaborating with some of the world's finest photographers and vendors, I can't help but fall in love with everything she and Tec Petaja do together. And quite frankly -- everything he does solo, too! 

I don't remember how I first found Tec... I think it was around the time Southern Weddings magazine was launched and he and his adorable wife, Chelsea, graced the cover. I had no idea that was them at the time, but their photos simply inspired me and I dare say prompted my love of all things wedding. Chelsea runs a blog and online shop over at Oh My Deer Handmade (so cute!). I also started regularly seeing Tec's work featured on Once Wed. Well, fast forward a little while and I realize that they live in my neighborhood (for the lack of a better term.) They live in East Nashville and Tec has shot many weddings in the Franklin area. Well, of course I'm going to give him bonus points for being a hometown player! Anyway- I've watched both Tec and Chelsea via the interweb (in a non-creepy way) and shared his work with Mike. I can safely say that Tec is Mike's #1 photography inspiration as he dives head-first into a new career path. We're just enamored with what he is able to produce. So now I'll share some photos and let them speak for themselves! They truly need no introduction!

(photo credit: tec petaja via tecpetajaphoto.com)

As you can tell, many of these are from weddings that I have also featured in my Wedding Wednesday posts! There is something absolutely undeniable about his work and I only hope that we can afford him once our big day comes! You can find Tec online at his website, wedding websiteblog and twitter

Weekly YouTube Hilarity.

Okay... I'm running way way way short on time (and I need to jet out the door!) so I'm throwing this together because I'm a procrastinator... Enjoy them anyway!

This YouTube steam is full of hilarity. I don't know if it's a troll or a real person [obvz she IS real, but you get it..]... but c'mon... you can't deny it's funny! Apparently she's a total hit online and I just didn't know! :P

While I couldn't personally make it out, apparently our little YouTuber wrote a very offensive thing on her face and it was brought to my attention. I went ahead and took the video down because I do not agree with or condone the use of the word she allegedly wrote on her face. I know we're all adults here and we have our own minds, but I apologize to anyone who may have been offended! I'm sure you all know that the views and ideas of people that may make their way on the blog in no way reflect my own. :)

Are there any YouTube channels or personalities that you just can't help but absolutely love? 

Nikon F60 Photos!

I've blogged about our treasure find at Oktoberfest already... but we have finally finished off and developed a roll of film! Most of these are from the trip to Louisville we took, and many didn't even turn out (dark aperature!)... but the ones that did were awesome. I've been practicing some manual light leaks so you'll get to see some of that, too! We're so tickled to finally have a proper-working SLR film body in our camera family! I finished off another roll the other day but I need to get them developed this weekend! Stay tuned for those! 

I get so giddy about film!

Outfit Post : Wednesday, October 27th

Yesterday the O'more Select (the four of us ladies graduating in december from the VisCom department) got together at Battleground Brewery where we will be having our senior art show in December and took the promo pictures for our website. Mike was darling enough to be the photographer! He was really excited and did such a wonderful job! While our site is not ready yet (look for it in the next week!), I figured I'd share a few of the photos with you as part of my daily outfit post! Yes, this has definitely become one of my go-to outfits but I can't help it. I really love nautical color schemes! Enjoy!

dress: forever 21 (old!), belt: goodwill, tights: target, flats: kmart, cardigan: target

And one of me getting tattooed yesterday for good measure.