// Things I Love Thursday v.298

You guuuuuuyyyssss! I'm seeing Brand New next week in Atlanta AND I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT. Favorite band, playing my favorite album.. ahhhh! That's by far the ~thing I'm loving most~ right now and I totally felt the need to share that in this post haha! Anyone else going to that show? Anyway, here's the rest of the stuff I'm loving...

♥ this kainos coffee shop wall ♥
♥ this stunning photo ♥
this beautiful wreath ♥
this bedroom/color palette ♥
this gorgeous stained glass moth ♥
these diy pineapple candles ♥
these DIY cactus jewelry holders ♥
this stunning kitchen ♥

// Happening this Sunday, here in Nashville: Me Too. The Women Speak. Listen.

// Speaking of the #MeToo movement, did you know how it was started? A black woman started te Me Too campaign against sexual assault 10 years ago. Thank you, Tarana Burke, for your courage.

// Wishlist Wears: these gymshark leggings // this dress is currently at the top of my wishlist // this mauve mesh top // this scalloped grey corduroy skirt // these green joggers // this dad hat // the morris dress (!11) // this pleated blush pink maxi skirt // this red cut out midi dress // this jacquard cropped floral jacket // this sweatshirt is hilarious // this incredible white dress // these booties fit my target budget // super into these running shoes // this amazing sweater (!!!!) // this floral number // this amazing double breasted peacoat // this bright and bold sweater // this tan coat is so chic // this little black (faux) leather skirt // these FENTY Puma x Rhianna shoes (in gold, dark green and purple too!) // this black biker skirt with quilting and buckles! // so into the wash of the farrah skinnies // more than happy to get a stocking full of socks if they're kate spade // these frye ivy sneakers

// Bully's new album drops tomorrow but you can stream it early on NPR! It's SO good!

// New items added to my Poshmark! I've been accepting like, all offers lately, so if you spot something you like/want, let me know! I can send you a private offer, too!

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// Things I Love Thursday v.297

♥ this is basically my blue + cream wishlist ♥
i love the fluffy fringe of #1, and how electric the #2 purple leather jacket looks. #3 is the perfect little white dress and #4 makes me want to tatter up an old denim jacket. i love the structure of #5 and #6 makes me want to host a dinner party or something. #7 is hands down my absolute favorite - that color! #8 is the ideal casual jacket for autumn. do *NOT* get me started on the kids section though!
this incredible home! ♥
these smoretini shooters! ♥
this modern toddler room makeover ♥
this gorgeous palm springs wedding ♥
this bathroom ♥
this dining table is fantastic ♥
this donut wall (i need to throw a party because FUN!) ♥
this stunning cake ♥
this scandinavian-inspired studio makeover ♥

// Did you know CHI made a clothing iron? Well they do, and it has a retractable cord! Brilliant! I'll admit that I've slapped myself a time or two with it though... it zips that sucker up fast! You can buy it at Bed Bath and Beyond currently.

// I am fully committed to wearing tracks suits and track suits only this Autumn/Winter.

// How about this... Did you know H&M made Halloween costumes?! Because I didn't and I am so into them! They have some for adults, too.
// I have a nice collection of Georgia Perry pins but look at all of these!

// Modcloth's Stylish Surprise is back! For $5-$20 you can get a surprise item in the mail. The categories are: Dresses // Shoes // Accessories // Tops // Bottoms // Apartment // Jewelry // Outerwear // Swim

// These blueberry graham donuts from IIFYM makes me want to get to baking.

// If you hate almost everything to do with fitted sheets like me, you need this. SO HANDY! And they're super comfortable, too. They also make them for cribs and one of my postpartum clients has them.

// Trend: How do you feel about sock booties? I worry that my calves are way too thick to pull them off personally. But I really want a pair haha

// I am feeling the new leopard everything from Kate Spade.

xo KB

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// Things I Love Thurs(Tues)day v.296

On a Tuesday because who needs rules anyway?!... haha!

Things I Love Thursday
Things I Love Thursday
♥ kailochic's halloween decor is on point again this year - 2017 +  2016

♥ these socks, y'all!! (bob ross // ufo)
Things I Love Thursday
Things I Love Thursday
this nursery is GOALS! ♥
Things I Love Thursday
♥ this ice cream sundae party is my cup of tea ♥
Things I Love Thursday
♥ i love this quote so much ♥
Things I Love Thursday
this DIY play kitchen is too much! ♥
Things I Love Thursday
♥ i love this airy home
Things I Love Thursday
this print is perfect for autumn ♥
Things I Love Thursday\
this brussels sprouts + quinoa salad makes my mouth water ♥
Shopbop End of Season Sale 2017!
this sale! click the image to shop ♥
The Dad Bag via Things I Love Thursday
the "Dad Bag" - a "dad bod" inspired fanny pack which i have a lot of feelings about ♥
At first I totally chuckled and thought it was hilarious, but quickly realized that never, ever would a "Mom Bod" fanny pack ever be celebrated or accepted. So you know, feelings.

// There's a pretty stellar end-of-season sale happening at Shopbop right now! It *just* went live and it's not even advertised on the site yet, but starting right now you can use the code EOTS17 to save 20% on any order under $500, and 25% off any order over $500! The sale page will be live with details starting tomorrow (Wednesday!), but act fast because the sale ends Friday! -- Now is also a great time to get on board for the Shopbop Loyalty Rewards program that's about to launch!

// Alice Seeley Harris' photos exposed the horrors of colonialism in the Congo. Note: These may be disturbing to view, so please be aware when you click. They're important and absolutely worth seeing though.

// Ketchup sandwiches and other things stupid poor people eat. I think I've shared this article before, but it's always worth reposting for others to read. It's the perfect slap in the face, bringing you back to reality, when you realize just how privileged you are, even if you didn't grow up with or currently have much more.

// Love is sweatpants and takeout, actually.

// This horror-themed campsite near Toronto is the most terrifying place to go camping.

// Brave! This woman is already trying to embrace fall fashion even though it makes her sweat a lot. I love parody articles like this. Even though this woman is totally me right now - mainly because it *was* cold, but then got hot as balls again and it feels weird to wear a strappy summer dress at the end of September...

// I recently updated my Poshmark with loads of new dresses and shoes - and I'm constantly uploading more on the fly - pop over and make some offers! It's all gotta goooooo! Also - if you use the code TNKXL when signing up, you and I will both get $5 ;)

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