// Things I Love Thursday v.302

this pretty manicure ♥
♥ this stunning kitchen ♥
this cute pup in the sunflower field ♥
♥ this cozy living room ♥
this pretty cake ♥
♥ this lovely home ♥
♥ this nature journal ♥
♥ this sweet cottage ♥
♥ this relaxing bath ♥
♥ this colorful kids room ♥
♥ this sweet pup in a flower crown ♥
these fun phone cases - i rounded up a few more at the link

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// Give The Gift of Experience with Tinggly

One of my favorite "trends" in recent years has been the shift of focus from "things" to "experiences" when it comes to gift giving. It's so easy to buy and buy and buy, and so many of us are guilty of buying things we don't need or even truly value. Giving someone just adds an extra layer of stress to the equation because you want to be thoughtful in your choice, but how exactly do you go about that with something that will only be entertaining for a short while? Shifting the focus of gifts toward experiences is a fool-proof way to ensure you're truly giving a gift that will never be forgotten or devalued. That's where Tinggly comes in.

Tinggly is all about doing, not so much having. They curate hundreds (500+, actually) of exciting adventures and excursions across the world, in over 100 countries. And you, the thoughtful and super cool gift-giver, get all the credit! All you have to do is choose a collection - they're broken down into three pricing tiers (Essential, Premium, and Ultimate) - and then your recipient gets to choose the actual experience that the gift is used on. And they have a full 24 months to use the gift, too. All of this really adds up because the lucky gift recipient can take advantage of being somewhere majestic in the world - maybe making pizza and gelato in Florence, Italy, or snorkeling in Iceland - or they can cash it in in their own backyard - with the South Beach food experience in Miami, or horseback wine tasting outside of Atlanta. Tinggly has something to satisfy the most curious and adventurous travelers, as well as the most romantic couple looking to relax and connect. I think Tinggly is the perfect gift for a honeymoon or celebratory trip such as a graduation or retirement. The 24 month usability period really helps in case someone is saving up for a really big excursion.

I traveled to Orlando a few times in October for work and had planned on trying out Tinggly myself with the swim with the manatees experience. Unfortunately my work schedule didn't end up permitting me to make it but I've been thinking about it ever since! I think the whole concept of Tinggly is so super neat, and I've been focusing more on experiences for both Toby and Linden versus traditional gifts. Toby's #1 wish is to go to NYC and I think it'd be so fun to take him to see the sights, tour the Statue of Liberty, or even get a graffiti lesson (!!!). One of my biggest goals in 2018 is to save up and help make this a reality for him. Just imaging the look on his face makes me teary-eyed. I know that experience would mean more to him than any video game or doo-dad, and seeing him be over the moon would be the biggest gift to me, too.

Memories are forever, and with Tinggly your gifts have the power to last a lifetime.

What experience would you choose if you were the
lucky recipient of such a thoughtful gift?

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