// Your Holiday Party Must Have: A Sangria Station!

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Santa Margherita Prosecco Sangria Recipe
Sangria is quite possibly the best thing to happen to life ever. Wine + fruit?! Count this lady in! Sangria is always such a hit when it comes to get togethers and parties. It's got a little bit of somethin' for everyone. Of course that comes in handy if you're a considerate host because naturally you'll want to ensure all of your guests are accounted for when it comes to what you'll be serving, right? Since holiday parties are about to be in full swing, I wanted to share a super simple and cost effective way to appeal to all of your guests! A SANGRIA BAR! Or "station" because, you know, alliteration. 

A sangria bar is exactly as simple as it sounds. Sangria and a whole lotta options for flavor and garnish! This setup was actually my "test run" for my annual party contribution coming up in a couple weeks. I had 2 bottles of this Prosecco from Santa Margherita Wines so I thought it'd be fun to see it comes together before the actual event. By the way, I had no idea what Prosecco was for the longest time. But it basically takes everything I love about champagne (the bubbles!) and mixes it with wine (white wine!). Prosecco is only made in Italy, whereas champagne is only from France. BOOM! Prosecco Wiki all up in here.  

Santa Margherita Prosecco Sangria Recipe
Santa Margherita Prosecco Sangria Recipe
For my sangria bar I opted to mix all of the liquid ingredients together in a pitcher for easy pouring. I garnished the sangria with cranberries and pomegranate seeds, too. I then cut up and laid out a variety of fruits for mixing and garnishing. There are even a few frozen stirrer sticks (well, they were frozen...) If you're interested in the sangria recipe I used, here you go!


  • 1 bottle Prosecco from Santa Margherita Wines
  • 1 can frozen white grape juice
  • 16oz La Croix cran-raspberry sparkling water
  • 1oz rosemary simple syrup (1c water, 1c sugar, 4 rosemary sprigs)
  • 3oz pomegranate juice
  • Cranberries + pomegranate seeds as garnish
The fruit I chose to lay out for the sangria bar included: raspberries, blackberries, pears, granny smith apples, pom seeds, cranberries, limes, grapefruit, and oranges. And of course rosemary sprigs for garnish. I'm loving how easy yet practical this whole set up is. Everyone is free to flavor as they please! This is a stellar way to incorporate a lot of options without a lot out of pocket.

Santa Margherita Prosecco Sangria Recipe

So here's a little info on Santa Margherita Wines in case you haven't tried any of their wine before! They're pretty rad because they're eco-friendly, energy efficient, vegan-friendly, and sustainable. They pride themselves on their commitment to helping preserve the environment, and while that has nothing to do with this recipe really, I felt like that deserved to be mentioned haha! Anyway, I'm a huge fan of Santa Margherita's Pinot Grigio. I've bought that very wine numerous times to give as a gift, and it's always been met with excitement. I've had that Pinot Grigio at brunch, at Thanksgiving dinner, and various other family functions. The pinot was absolutely ace, but give me wine with some bubbly goodness and I am hooked.​

One of my favorite things about this sangria bar is that it's such a fun and fresh take on a super traditional Italian wine. I absolutely cannot wait to entertain with this setup this holiday season. Plus, there's no reason sangria should be a summer-time only drink anyway, right?

Santa Margherita Prosecco Sangria Recipe

Whatever parties you have happening this holiday season, a sangria station is sure to be a big ol' hit! Are you a big sangria fan? If so, what's your favorite concoction? Any suggestions on fruits I should add for the party?

Happy partying! Cheers!

xo KB

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// Things I Love Thursday v.272

An all-links installment of TiLT here today! I've been having some issues with images breaking and posts refusing to publish as scheduled. Is it Mercury Retrograde? Of course not, just some wonky luck right now haha. Hope you enjoy what's below!

// If you spend a lot of time ironing or steaming your clothes, you need this iron. I know this because I own it and it's seriously idiot-proof. Maybe that sounds terrible to say, but there may have been a time or seven where I went to iron a second item (way different fabric) and I forgot to change the heat settings. This totally takes care of that for you. You're welcome. :P (But really - awesome Christmas gift idea)

// Ever wanted flats that looked like crayons? Because that's totally a thing. In blue, too! (I forgot all about my JC pencil flats til just now! Gotta go find those!)

// LGBT motorcycle gang delivers breast milk to babies and it's a brilliant use of resources. (Though "club" would've been a better term for the title)

// Since going to the gym has become a regular part of my routine, I've been noticing so many cute sportswear separates (basically sweatpants. whatever.) These SUNDRY zippered sweatpants are SO CUTE! And I'm *this* close to ordering these Fame joggers from Wildfox.

// If you click on nothing else in this post, at least click on this! It's a Trump hat ornament (Yep, the "Make America Great Again" hat) and the reviews. are. HILARIOUS! I have died laughing I swear.

// Coffee lover in your life? Zoku has an iced coffee maker that's just a tumbler. So rad.

xo KB

// Life Lately (+ A Few Holiday Deals $$$)

This past week flew by in such a hurry. Toby only had two days of school so it threw everything off up in my brain haha. Despite it being a holiday week, I made it to the gym 5 out of 6 days (!!!) and I'm totally feelin' myself right now. Throw Thanksgiving and Black Friday adventuring into the mix and everything becomes a bit of a blur. My TiLT post didn't go up yesterday morning like it was supposed to, so I copied the time-sensitive bits and bobs over here and TiLT will come around next week. 

And a few deals if you're in the mood:

// Shopbop is having a bomb sale right now if you're looking to drop some dollars. (Here is all the info on that, including exclusions) If you need help deciding: the Gift boutique never lets me down! They also posted a Holiday How-To Guide on their site and it's totally worth a gander. So far Lucy Hale and Caroline Maguire have been featured. Their lookbooks might inspire purchases for yourself, too!

// ModCloth is having a similar tiered sale with the biggest discount being 40% on orders $200+! That's pretty easy to do at ModCloth haha This buffalo check dress and this saffron houndstooth dress are totally "treatyoself worthy."

// Etsy and Independent Shops are my favorite places to buy gifts. Every single year the most meaningful gifts are small biz buys. Today is Small Business Saturday so here are a few fabulous shops you should support! Black Springs Folk Art // Everyday Is A Holiday // The Wishing Elephant // Lux + Trip // Moorea Seal // #KBsigns (heeeeyo!)

xo KB