// Under Pressure: Reaching Milestones in Adulthood

There’s so much pressure to do things a certain way once you reach adulthood- as if your life has been pre mapped out for you without your say. There are all these timelines and milestones we’re expected to reach by certain ages, and these can add unnecessary stress to our lives. Just about all of us will feel like we’re ‘behind’ in some way or another, but that’s because these timelines don’t really exist. If you look at your peers also in their twenties and thirties you’ll notice that everyone is at a completely different point, where they’ve all prioritised different things. It doesn't mean any of you are right or wrong, it’s all about what’s right for you! At the end of the day we’re all only human with a set amount of hours in the day, you can only do so much meaning that you won’t always follow every typical milestone expected of you by a certain age. And that’s completely ok! It’s your life so live it as you wish, you could achieve all of these things or none of them and still live a happy life. Here are some examples of the expectations people tend to have in adulthood.

Overseas travel
There’s no denying that overseas travel is great- it educates you, opens up your eyes to different cultures and ways of life, it allows you to have incredible experiences. But not everyone can afford to take a gap year or go travelling overseas before starting university. In fact, many people only really have the luxury of travelling later on in life. If getting abroad and seeing more of the world is on your list, just do what you can with your time and budget. If getting away for six months, a month or a week isn’t possible- go for a few days instead. If you can’t travel abroad, do more in the country you live in. Anything from camping to boating to road trips can still give you wonderful experiences and memories. 

Higher education
The standard route into higher education tends to be leaving school, attending sixth form or college and then going to university shortly after. But again, it doesn’t work out this way for everyone. Maybe you hated school and couldn’t wait to leave, maybe you had a baby young or were caring for an unwell family member at the time. If years have passed and you’ve decided now is the right time to get the qualifications you want, there are lots of online colleges and universities you can sign up to these days that allow you to study from home. Since they can be done on a part time and flexible basis, you don’t need to give up your job to learn. 

Getting a good job
Speaking of getting a good job, this is another thing that’s expected in adulthood. It’s a little trickier these days, unlike in our parents and grandparents generations, a job is rarely ‘for life’ now. Things change so quickly that businesses come and go and a much quicker pace, the tasks that many businesses require their workers to do change and evolve along with technology. If you’ve still not found a job that you feel settled in, don’t panic. Consider doing some education or voluntary work if you can to make you more employable. You could even look into setting up your own business and working for yourself. 

Buying a house
Getting onto the property ladder by purchasing a house for sale is always going to be a good thing. It gives you security, stops you from wasting money on rent and is a great thing to achieve. But again it’s simply not something that everyone can do, especially in early adulthood. Renting can be a great option if you’re not sure where you want to live and want to try out some different neighbourhoods, cities or even countries. If you do want to buy a house, start a savings fund and even if you only save a small amount, it will add up over the years and you’ll reach your goal eventually. 

Getting married 
Getting married really isn't something you can rush. Most of us have to ‘kiss a few frogs’ so to speak before we find the person we want to settle down with. Maybe you’re happier being single or never getting married, and that’s ok too! The trick is to find someone with the same outlook as you, so you’re on the same page. 

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// 3 Myths You Probably Believe About Apple

Apple is one of the largest companies on earth. They are so large in fact that there is barely a person who doesn’t own or hasn’t owned one of their products. Being the size they are, Apple has been subject to many myths and fallacies over the years.

Today we are going to attempt to separate fact from fiction and squash those pesky little myths, once and for all.

The Apple Logo

One of the most prominent and most twisted tales when it comes to apple is the story of its logo. Many people will claim to know why the Apple logo is what it is, the truth, however, despite what teachers have told the students has nothing to do with Turing.

The myth that circulated for many years, and still today is that the apple is inspired by the bite that Alan Turing took from the apple. The amusing thing is that Rob Janoff, the graphic designer who created the apple logo that we know, didn’t know a fat lot about Alan Turing.

Another myth that followed the apple logo was that the bite from the apple was meant to represent a metaphorical ‘byte.’ The reason for the bite is far more amusing. Janoff decided to include the bite as a way of stopping people believing the image was that of a cherry tomato.

Apple Computers Are Difficult To Use

This has been something that has been circulating incorrectly for years now. There seems to be a convoluted myth that apples are far more difficult to operate than a pc.

The truth behind this matter is quite simple; it’s a matter of what you are used to. Most schools across the world had a tendency to adopt a windows based system when it came to educating the world in the way of computing.

With the lack of initial users in comparison to windows, it just became a ridiculous notion that spanned across the ages. The truth is, it is just as easy to access activity monitor on Mac as it is with Windows.

One of the most controversial things that could be said is that a Mac may be slightly more user-friendly that a Windows PC nowadays.

Macs Work Better With Apple Accessories

If you have ever visited the apple store and spoke to one of their “Geniuses”, you may be fooled into thinking that when it comes to your mac, you better have apple products for optimum performance. 

This is one of the biggest myths that surrounds Apple, and it is generally pedalled by Apple itself. Apple has a fantastic ability to try to make the use of third party products as difficult as possible. 

Unfortunately for Apple, the Chinese market is always quick to follow up any apple release with a cheaper solution, and in all honesty, as the Apple graveyard in China does put out some quality alternatives.