// 24 Cute Swimsuits Under $30!

24 Super Cute Swimsuits Under $30

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It's finally Spring and that means Summer isn't far off. Of course it totally gets hot enough here in Tennessee to submerge myself in some water well before mid-June rolls around. In an attempt to tide myself over until I can bask in the sun sans clothing, here are 24 super cute swimsuits I've found... every single one of them UNDER $30! I'm thinking numbers 4, 8, 12, 18, and 21 are my favorites. What about yours?

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PS; 75% of these swimsuits have options for Free Shipping!

24 Super Cute Swimsuits Under $30

// Things I Love Thursday v.283

♥ this is life ♥

this awesome illustration - those prints! ♥

♥ this outfit looks like a unicorn tail ♥

this photo♥

this painting-inspired weaving ♥

♥ this close-up of a butterfly's wing ♥

this papercraft set ♥

this pink bathroom! ♥

this bold pattern/branding ♥

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// ICYMI: the Friends With Benefits Roadshow is this weekend! Enjoy free local music and food, and take advantage of the free pet adoptions! // Weekly Recap: I became a CPST! // Dining Room Inspiration

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// Picking A Dining Table + Chairs

My parents had me a custom island built as a Christmas present this past year, and it has ~transformed our kitchen. We got rid of our diner booth + Formica table last year, so we had been eating at the coffee table ever since. Now that we have this big island, we're able to eat together and enjoy it. The spot where we had the diner booth is sad and lonely though! I currently have a trunk and a bench over there, with Linden's doll house, but it's not a very good use of the space. We really need a seated dining area but the space is kind of small and awkward (our back door is right in the middle of the room). I've been toying with the idea of a small round table (like the tulip tables above) with 3-4 chairs or an L-shaped bench, but I'm having a little bit of trouble narrowing down exactly what style chair I want to go with. I'll eventually replace our black and white retro tile floor, but for now it stays. Our cabinets are white and our countertops are a dark grey "dalmatian" pattern. You can tell by the photos above that I tend to gravitate toward those industrial chairs - I just can't help it! I have a seafoam green one in my studio, and they make matching bar stools, too. This post makes me want one of everything though: The 30 Coolest Contemporary Dining Chairs Ever. I'm now on the hunt for dining rooms featuring those acrylic ghost chairs! I know they'll never work in my dining space, but I'm kind of in love with them regardless haha. We do have more than one of those "Eames" style shell chairs in our house, so going with the smaller version (without sides) might be an option, too.

Any of y'all have any suggestions on where to look for dining tables/chairs? I've been half-heartedly scanning both Overstock and Wayfair, but I think I really need to nail down a direction first. What style chair gets your vote? 

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