// Nashville Shores

Nashville Shores
Nashville Shores
Nashville Shores
Nashville Shores
Nashville Shores
Nashville Shores
Nashville Shores has become one of our very favorite places to spend the day this summer. Along with Whitney and her crew, we bought seasons passes and we're putting them to good use. We've already been 3 times in June (one of those times Whitney and I went alone haha! Shh!) and we're thinking about heading back this week again. I know the photos don't look like it, but I swear my other kid was there too! :P Toby and CJ stayed on the waterslides non-stop so we maybe saw them for about 15 minutes total. Linden and I took it easy over in the kiddie pool. He hated it for the first 2 hours - he just clung to me and whined (and ate snacks). Finally once I got him to stand up and realize the water was only 1' deep, he was all about it. He started going down the slide and he didn't stop until I forced him to leave. That photo of him up there in the little umbrella stroller is the perfect depiction of how we all felt when we finally left. 

Every time we go Toby ends up saying "This was the best day of my life!" and I can't help but find that totally magical and adorable. Totally a win!

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// Taking Space

Things have been really slow around here the past several months (years? Eh?) but that's not all indicative of life offline. The days have been packed and chaotic and often overwhelming, but also really enjoyable (usually). It feels like I come on here every couple of weeks to give a brief synopsis of what's been going on, but the truth is all I can ever really do is skim the surface. Things are good though! I've felt better about myself in the past few weeks than I have in years, and I think that really shows. Right now I'm trying to figure out just how exactly I'm supposed to navigate this new chapter for myself and the boys. Mainly dating. Everything else (so far) I feel like I have a pretty solid grip on. But y'all, can we just talk about post-divorce dating when you're in your 20's and have 2 kids?! Yep. It's about as messy as one would expect. Haha! While I likely won't come here to divulge all the details, I can say that I have been dating and it's been pretty weird / funny / awkward so far. Aside from a couple of months before Mike and I reconnected, I haven't been single in a decade. Things are so strange now. But I'm figuring it out. I think! The boys are spending some time with Mike this weekend so I'm busying myself with projects and friends. It's weird to wake up to a silent house sometimes. I even slept in for the first time in forever the other day.

I have a feeling y'all will start to see a lot more of me soon. I've really just needed to take space and time to sort through everything going on behind the scenes 

It feels really good to be where I am right now. Mentally, physically, emotionally. I feel like I'm starting to get a little spark back that I've been missing. I like where things are headed. See you soon?

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// Things I Love Thursday v.260

these amazing illustrations ♥
♥ this. ♥
this adorable pup ♥
this house is unreal! ♥
♥ this is so true ♥
this custom ducati ♥
these bouquets ♥
this reminder ♥
this neon sign ♥
this gif ♥

// I need to find the perfect beach bag. These Hat Attack ones are so pretty!

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// Currently on the hunt for a pretty new wallet. I'm leaning toward one from Kate Spade. Help me decide!

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