// EVERY Girl Deserves a Safe, Quality Education

Y'all are familiar with Malala Yousafzai, no? She's a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest ever Nobel Prize laureate. She has lived through so much in her 18 years, and she's a truly remarkable role model to so many (myself included!) When my friend Turi asked if I'd be willing to share some information about Schoola's mission to raise $100,000 for the Malala Fund, the answer was obvious. I've talked about Schoola a handful of times here on the blog (We're big fans! Here's another post, too!), but this might be the most inspiring partnership yet. Schoola has partnered with Gymboree in an effort to raise money for Malala's non-profit organization, and they're doing it in a really cool way. While most clothes listed for sale on Schoola's site are secondhand and donated by customers, Gymboree donated 10,000 brand new items for Schoola to sell for the benefit of the Malala Fund. Not only that, but Schoola will also send 5,000 students to see the film He Named Me Malala through the Students Stand #withMalala program. Y'all, this is awesome stuff!

The clothing donated by Gymboree spans sizes 4-12 and can be purchased for 40-60% off retail. Not only are you buying quality (brand new!) clothing at a fraction of the cost, but the funds are funneled right back into education programs for girls around the world. 66 million girls don't have the privilege of an education. That's unreal! Schoola's CEO Stacey Boyd wrote a really wonderful post about what this partnership means for her and her company. I totally recommend you all read it. I'm all about female empowerment and women making their own way in the world. THIS is exactly that! This is so moving and powerful and awesome. I can't think of a better brand to help bring awareness to the lack of accessible education than Schoola. A match made in heaven!
Toby got to try out a cute little Gymboree ensemble thanks to Schoola, so here's a whole post of his silly little face. The whole Gymboree selection is currently on sale so please consider scooping up a piece or two if the clothing or mission speaks to you! I may not be building schools with my own two hands, but knowing I'm contributing to a worthy cause makes me feel really good. If you're not really up to go shopping yourself, consider requesting a Schoola bag and donating some gently used clothing from your closet! School accepts clothing for kids and women, so your hand me downs can do some good! We've donated a couple bags of our own already, and hearing about their partnership with the Malala Fund makes me want to go do another thorough sweep. I'm really pumped to see what Schoola is able to do, and I can't wait to follow more of Malala's incredible journey.

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PS; Schoola has a referral program too! You can share your link with friends and each person who signs up gets $15 in Schoola credit, and so do you! You can rack it up pretty quickly and the benefitting school programs still get funded! Win/win! 

// Things I Love Thursday v.239

My Michaels Makers post went up yesterday (in case you missed it, Linden was a lobster!), so my TiLT post got pushed to Friday! I hope you don't mind. Just a little something something to get you through the last day of the week!
this photo ♥
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this illustration and all of anine's work ♥
this champs watercolor illustration ♥
this little girl's room ♥
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this candy costume ♥

// I just designed and ordered the silliest tank top from Zazzle. I can't wait to wear it! I think I'm kind of falling in love with how easy it is to upload a design and get it shipped right to you. My coffee mug collection needs a few self-designed pieces, don't you think?! haha

// This totally looks like a straight up music festival. And apparently designer water bottles are a thing! 2015 is weird!

// 10 delicious twists on your classic apple pie recipe!

// I love the styling in the lookbook for Rebecca Minkoff's new activewear line.

// These shoes look so neat, and you can get them for a major steal on Kickstarter right now! (What are some of your favorite Kickstarter campaigns happening now?!)

// 21 things you'll only understand if you're a girl who hates feelings. This isn't me at all, but I still laughed!

// Dad stops, pulls Stepdad into wedding procession to give daughter away. I'll admit, I cried.

// If you're into reusable paper towels and the super soft feeling of bamboo, get you some of these NatureZway towels and cloths! We've been using 1 roll for almost 3 months (!!!) and we still haven't run out!

// 7 powerful photographs of terminally-ill patients living out their final wishes.

// This "90s Collegiate" collection is seriously so "Clueless" !!!

// If you're into traveling, you need to be following this blog!

// Did you know "Pom Bag Charms" are a thing? Can someone tell me why?

// Today is a big day for me "business" wise! Please send me some good vibes if you got 'em!

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// DIY Babywearing Costume: Chef and Lobster

DIY Babywearing Costume Chef and Lobster
DIY Babywearing Costume Chef and Lobster
DIY Babywearing Costume Chef and Lobster
Happy freakin' October! How are we already at the end of 2015?! I really love October for a number of reasons: The gorgeous foliage, our wedding anniversary, cooler temperatures, and HALLOWEEN! Last year Linden and I did a little babywearing costume by dressing him up like a bag of popcorn. This year I wanted to keep the babywearing tradition alive by doing something fun. Did you know you can buy dog costumes and hook them right on the front of your soft structured carriers (SSCs)?! That's just what we did! We scooped up this adorable lobster costume that was meant for a dog at Michaels, and we just attached it like normal to the outside of one of our Ergos! We also bought a hot dog for another costume, but I was dead set on doing the chef and lobster! The best part about it? This entire costume cost us $7! SEVEN FREAKING DOLLARS! I made the chef's hat with some felt that I had laying around, and we threw some bubble wrap in the stock pot to look like boiling water (um, and it can double as your candy bucket! WIN!) Nevermind the fact that Linden (as a lobster) is obviously way too big to fit in that pot... haha! And just a heads up: for the best fit, buy the costume in a size "large" so it can easily fit over the back panel of your SSC!

There were so many fun dog costumes to pick from at Michaels when we went. I'm kind of wishing I had bought one of everything and then just made a full series because for $7 you can't beat that! I had picked up Mike an apron at Michaels, too, but it just didn't lay right under the Ergo, so we tossed it. I'm thinking I might need to finish our hot dog babywearing costume, just to keep the momentum going. We'll see!
DIY Babywearing Costume Chef and Lobster
DIY Babywearing Costume Chef and Lobster
DIY Babywearing Costume Chef and Lobster
That's one delicious looking lobster, right?! (The most ridiculous thing about all of this is that Mike refuses to stop wearing that dang chef's hat at home! Seriously, he has been wearing it 24/7. Kind of hilarious.)

If you're looking for supplies to make your own DIY costume, or just some fun things to decorate your house with, Michaels has a pretty huge selection right now. I told Mike that it's time we start really investing in fun seasonal decor since we plan on staying put for several more years. If you need a little inspiration or motivation, the Michaels Halloween project page is a pretty good place to start. Of course you can also check out the other 49 (!!!) awesome projects below! Let me know which one is your favorite! 

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