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// Screensaver - Maternity Style - 38 Weeks

Screensaver - Maternity Style - 38 Weeks - The Clueless Girl's Guide
Screensaver - Maternity Style - 38 Weeks - The Clueless Girl's Guide
Okay, so the outfit title... Who remembers those wacky (dated!) screensavers from the Windows 98 era? The pipes that threaded together, or the brick maze? How about the 3-D "bubble" that sort of hovered around your screen like a mouse under a rug? Well, my belly in this dress is totally that screensaver! I cracked up when I saw the photos on the camera because my brain instantly went there. At this point this thing just bulges out like crazy! This is by far the most snug dress I've worn my entire pregnancy, but I love the navy and white stripes. I have to do a little shimmy to get my booty in it, but it's so comfortable. I opted to pair it with a totally inappropriate-for-the-season colored cardigan because rust and navy are just so nice together. I could say I'm looking forward to Autumn but I promise I won't be one of those bloggers just yet haha! Summer can stick around as long as she'd like because I'm digging the sunshine. 

This dress is from Belly Dance Maternity and it's insanely well made. I received a little package of goodies from them last week and I wish I had known about them early on because I probably wouldn't have worn anything else. This was also the first time I dared to wear wedges while pregnant, too. Probably not the brightest idea I've ever had, but my trust MIA wedges are as solid as can be so I didn't have any trouble teetering around. Truth be told I wore them out to dinner and then was back in flip flops after... ha! (Sorry for the lack of consistency in the photo colors... They all look the same on Flickr, but leave it to Blogger to fudge things up!)
Screensaver - Maternity Style - 38 Weeks - The Clueless Girl's Guide
Screensaver - Maternity Style - 38 Weeks - The Clueless Girl's Guide
Today I'm headed to my doctor's office bright and early for what could likely be my very last non-stress test. After my NST on Friday my doctor ordered me to do a third 24 hour urine and then pop into the hospital on Sunday for blood work. She told me that if the baby didn't come on his own this past weekend then we'd be picking an induction day today... so hopefully I'll know the plan in just a matter of hours! It feels so crazy to know he's coming so soon. I got the dreaded preeclampsia diagnosis on Friday, but luckily my symptoms aren't crazy bad or anything. Obviously they're still serious enough to schedule an induction, but I know it could be much, much worse. I'm trying to play it cool and keep myself from getting too worked up about anything. Who knows... I could be induced today and have a baby tomorrow! What! Hope y'all don't mind the lingering outfit/pregnancy posts that have yet to make their way to the blog. By the time they're over it'll be hard not to post all-baby, all the time haha
Screensaver - Maternity Style - 38 Weeks - The Clueless Girl's Guide
Screensaver - Maternity Style - 38 Weeks - The Clueless Girl's Guide
This past weekend was majorly productive on the nursery front. Mike and I cleaned the entire house top to bottom and we finished up most of the baby's room. I still have a few art pieces I'm working on completing, but they'll get done eventually. The baby will be sleeping in a moses basket in our room for the first little while anyway, so I'm not too stressed on having everything completely and totally done. I am excited to share more of the room, though!

I didn't get all ~*professional blogger and schedule a bunch of guest posts or anything to make up for my inevitable absence over here. There's plenty of great content out there for y'all to read and hopefully I can pop in every so often to share some updates. I've taken a much more relaxed approach to my blog in the past 6 months and I like the way it feels. It feels... less forced. I've already received comments asking to please not "turn into a mommy blog" but the fact is: I plan on blogging about what feels natural and relevant at the time. And I bet this baby is going to be taking up most of our lives haha I'll try not to bore you with every single little detail or anything (that's what I have Instagram for, ha!) but if baby things drive you bonkers, come check on me in a few weeks/months when I've gotten it all out of my system! Heh.

Happy Monday, friends! Here's to hoping Baby Flynn makes a safe and smooth entrance into the world! xo

Mak cardigan c/o ModCloth (last year)
Baggu tote via Stitch Fix
Omerica Organic plugs (save 20% with code KAELAH)
Sweet Clementine necklace c/o Noonday Collection (last year)
MIA Jukebox wedges via Ideeli

// Window Shopping - 50%+ Off!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15 // 16 // 17

One thing I'm looking forward to after being pregnant is just wearing regular clothes. Of course I know I'll be a bit limited when it comes to nursing and what I can wear, but I'm just dreaming here! I have been holding off on buying too many non-maternity items not just for the sizing concern, but also because babies are expensive! Every spare penny seems to get funneled into the kid account (as it should haha). Novelty print dresses and online sales are really just a thing of my dreams right now. I can still look though, right?

Everything on this list is at least 50% off right now (some of them are 70% off!) and it's so hard to resist the urge to hit "Add to Cart"... At least I can waste part of an afternoon making a collage of the pretty things haha! Keep dreaming, KB!

// Rad Gal, Rad Gig: Chocolatier

My name is Andrea Smith. I love it every time I get to say “I am a Chocolatier.” I use wonderful bulk chocolate to make creations like ganache center truffles, toffees, caramels, and shapes. It is my art. It is my passion. I learn something new about it everyday, wether it is through error or reading and experimenting. 

I have always been a fan of chocolate. I had been looking online for something when I came across a website that was selling really cute chocolates. I ordered some. When they arrived, I opened the box and was in awe. They were like little works of art. Some had little prints on them, some looked airbrushed with vibrant colors. The thought came to mind, that maybe I could do this, and make the designs into things that I enjoyed.  

I had gone to school for Special Effects Make-up. There I had learned sculpting and mold making. I did a bit of research and found out that I could use an FDA approved silicon to make molds and be able to use food product in them! From there the ideas were limitless… still are. I could make chocolates with imagery that I loved, Monsters, Tattoos, Sci-Fi, and other goofy stuff. I immediately fell in love. My goal was to make these creations in my own way, while respecting the teachings and following Chocolate Masters from all around the world.

I played Roller Derby at the time, and got injured. I was told I could not play unless I had surgery or got a brace. This brace was extremely expensive. I then offered everyone I knew a pre-ordered bag of Toffee, for a certain amount of $. I ended up getting ordered for 100 bags of toffee. I got REALLY good at making this stuff, and it tasted better every time I did it. It was a big hit, so big that I ended up winning Best Chocolate in Atlanta’s Best of 2011. From there I couldn’t stop, I had done a lot of airbrushing in art school as well and learned it was pretty much the same, only the paint was replaced with colored cocoa butter. That made it easier for me to learn as well.  I found a job as head chocolatier and manager at a small chocolate shop in Atlanta, and worked there sharpening my skills for the last 3 years.

I have competed in 2 pastry competitions for Chocolatier of the Year against other chefs from all around the world and my placement has moved up each time!  I have now moved to Nashville, TN. and just 5 weeks ago opened my own chocolate shop. Where I showcase my works of art and sell to the public. The response has been incredible. It only motivates me more to up my game and try new and exciting techniques and recipes.

Being a part of the chocolate industry is amazing, it is bigger than you would ever think. I have only to scratch the surface, but plan on making a name for Chocolate F/X real soon.  I only want to dive in more and more everyday. I cannot wait to someday travel and meet chocolatiers in France and Belgium.


Rad Gal, Rad Gig is a new feature on The Clueless Girl's Guide where I invite really neat gals to share their really cool stories. Whether your gig is a full-time job or just a hobby, I want to hear from you! If you think you'd be perfect for Rad Gal, Rad Gig, feel free to get in touch or view the information on the Submissions page! Just submit a short description of what you do and why you think it's rad!

// Small Celebrations - v.2

I just realized that I haven't shared a "Small Celebrations" post since February! What! There are so many things to be stoked about right now! After spending the entire day on Wednesday in the hospital, and trying to play a mad game of "Catch Up" the rest of the week, I could use some positivity. How about you?

My list of (awesome) little things includes:
  1. Nightly cotton candy skies! Isn't that photo up there unreal?! I know the gorgeous pink is partly due to entirely too much pollution in our atmosphere, but I really do love seeing those skies. They only linger around for a few minutes, so you have to catch them at just the right time. Totally a great reminder to just take a few minutes to yourself and look up.
  2. Being so close to meeting Baby Flynn! We were pretty sure he was coming on Wednesday thanks to pitocin-induced contractions (3.5 hours of contractions 1.5 minutes apart! AH!) but luckily he managed to pass the Oxytocin Challenge Test and we were sent home. It was a huge reality check in the sense that he will be here any moment now and we're still not really "ready"... Though are you ever?! I can't wait to kiss his face, fingers and toes... I keep lingering around his nursery, picking up his tiny socks and shoes, and thinking about how crazy different life is going to be so soon!
  3. Family who have gone above and beyond in these last few days. My mom has carted me to my last 3 doctor's appointments, sat with me in the hospital on multiple occasions now, and taken many days off work just to ensure I'm not overwhelmed with everything that has been happening lately. Mike's parents have been so supportive and attentive, and they've offered to help take Toby off our hands during the busy/stressful parts of this whole "birthing a baby" thing. It's so great knowing we have so many people to rely on if/when needed.
  4. Finishing up design projects. I'm finally at the tail end of my insanely-overbooked-schedule and I'm am so excited! I only have 1 design installation and 1 logo project to complete, and then I'm pretty much just hanging out until this kid decides to show up. I'm not convinced I'll finish either project before he shows up, but that's mainly just due to client schedules. Crossing my fingers!
  5. Shaving my legs (all by myself!) at 38 weeks pregnant! This one probably sounds absolutely ridiculous, but when you've got a big ol' belly between you and your knees, shaving is tough! I may or may not have gotten stuck in the bathtub at one point. Lesson learned: don't turn sideways with your legs over the side of the tub when you have absolutely no way of hoisting yourself out... That was a bit of a challenge. I was able to shave my legs, but there's no way I can paint my toenails... so Mike stepped up to the plate for that one haha! He's a good egg.
  6. My editorial calendar/planner. I'm a few months into using my new editorial calendar and planner and I'm still loving it! That's so rare for me as I've always wanted to be a "planner girl" but eventually I just work my way out of it. This planner I picked up from Target seems to be just the ticket though. Don't worry, I'm still planning on sharing more about it soon so you can maybe benefit from the amazingness that is an editorial calendar!
  7. New ink pens! I love when new pen day rolls around! haha Right now I'm alternating between 12 different fun Paper Mate Flair pens (they're sort of felt-tipped, like Sharpie pens, but they don't bleed through the paper and they're so pretty to look at!)
  8. These last few park dates with just me and Toby. Pushing him on the swings, watching him climb like a monkey on the jungle gym... They're small but special moments.
  9. Waking up in our "new" bedroom. We still haven't totally completed the "makeover" just yet, but I love waking up there each morning. The light bouncing off the soft blue walls, seeing the big tissue paper flowers floating over the side of the room, and hearing the hum of the fan. It's amazing what a little tweaking to your space can do for your mood.
  10. New client inquiries! I know #4 was all about finishing up my project obligations, but I'm already excited about my schedule once I return from "maternity leave" (Ha! Like that's a real thing when you own your own business...) I already have some design clients lined up, as well as some Him + Honey photo gigs, and plenty of sign orders. It's definitely helping me feel more at peace with stepping away for a few days/weeks.
  11. Getting Him + Honey photo scans back! AHHH! It's like Christmas every time our FTP email comes through.Whether it's personal work or client work, we get so giddy when we open them up. There's just something so incredibly magical about seeing a photo for the first time after a shoot. It's so gratifying!
  12. A clean house. One of the (ridiculous) reasons I was totally not ready to bring Baby Flynn into the world on Wednesday was because I kept going over in my head "Oh my gosh, our house is SO not clean! I need to mop! And do laundry! And clear off the carport!" haha Of course I certainly wouldn't let that stop the kid from making his grand entrance (uh, how could I?!), but I'm glad we had the opportunity to devote a little time and energy to the state of our abode yesterday. I just feel so much more relaxed when things are neat and tidy... though it's rare these days. I know my house will be the last thing on my list of priorities soon so I'm trying to at least help myself feel comfortable at first!
There we have it! I know some of those are much more major than "small" celebrations, but even still, they're on the list! I'm feeling especially happy and excited today, even though I'm headed back to the doctor for yet another non-stress test this morning. Here's to hoping Baby Flynn plays it cool and I don't get carted off to the hospital again for an induction! But if I do, let's just hope it all goes well and he makes it here safely!

What little things are you celebrating today?

// #FlynnFestFL - Perdido Key Adventures

We had an absolute blast in Florida this year. Despite being 8.5 months pregnant and sweating like a crazy lady, it was a much needed reprieve from the daily grind. I think it was also a really great way to end our lives as a family of three. We spent 9 days with my parents in Perdido Key, just like last year. We took the RV down, camped at Big Lagoon State Park (we love it there!) and managed to enjoy a wide variety of activities during our stay. This post is going to be crazy picture heavy (sorry!) so please forgive me. I made sure to truncate the post so if you're interested in seeing the rest of the photos and reading about where we went/what we did while we were there, feel free to click through below! (Spoiler alert: They're all iPhone photos... because who wants to carry around a clunky camera on vacation?!)

flamingos we set up at our camp site

Big Lagoon is seriously so so gorgeous

a little RV selfie at 34.5 weeks pregnant (with a dirty mirror!)