// Things I Love Thursday v.279

Things I Love Thursday
this! ♥
Things I Love Thursday♥ this, too! ♥
Things I Love Thursday
this project is amazing ♥
Things I Love Thursday
this by david schwen. clearly i love pantone. ♥
Things I Love Thursday
this bath! ♥
Things I Love Thursday
this is whoaaaa ♥
Things I Love Thursday
this mural by lakwena macliver is amazeee ♥
Things I Love Thursday
this cake ♥
Things I Love Thursday
this is TRUTH
Things I Love Thursday
these things have changed my life haha! ♥
I've started using these for *everything* - cleaning my makeup brushes
is my favorite use. but they're great for laundry, dishes, and even
brushing the dogs' fur. not even lying here.

// The day a friend corrected me. I feel very strongly about extended rear facing when it comes to toddlers in car seats, though I would never tell someone they were wrong for forward facing when complying with state law. I've also made a ton of car seat mistakes myself. This time next month I will be a CPST (barring any unforeseen happenings) - and my goal is to simply help equip families with the knowledge to safely transport their children.

// SunnyLife makes me want to move to Australia.

// Mom of 4 shows what life is like without TV and gadgets. I love this. I'm terrible about letting the boys play the iPad or video games when the weather is cold or yucky - Warm weather helps scoot those booties out of this house!

// Want help keeping up with marches, protests, and other acts of Resistance? The Resistance Calendar is all you need!

// ban.do just dropped some fun new pieces - including a glitter bomb water bottle!

// Fleeing to Canada from the US. Photos like these always bring me to tears. I don't want to believe this is the world we live in. (!!! Canada will now accept refugees who enter Canada illegally. Thank you Justin Trudeau and Canada for being the country we can't.)

// ICYMI: I shared a 10-track playlist that you can stream or subscribe to (via Spotify!)

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// M I X T A P E - v.1 February


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I've had a few folks ask if I'd ever start my Mixtape Mondays back up again since I had been embedding songs randomly into my posts haha Well, here it is! I'm not sure how often I'll share them - monthly maybe? bi-weekly? Maybe just when the feeling strikes. I don't know, but I know they won't all be themed like they used to be so, hope you're cool with that.

Starting it off with these 10 tracks - They've been played over and over and over the past couple weeks so I'm working on getting sick of them ha! You do it too, right? Hopefully you'll find something you're digging up there. Let me know your favs if you get a chance!

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// Things I Love Thursday v.278

♥ *mic drop* ♥
♥ this. #warren2020 ♥
♥ i would travel to philly just* to selfie with this mural (*+ see my bff shannon duh) ♥
♥ this is a great "cheat sheet" - use with compliment cards, too! ♥
♥ this makes me wanna go to an amusement park ♥
♥ all aboard the strugglebus! ♥
♥ loooooool ♥
this is where i want to be ♥
this etsy shop is filled with seriously incredible dresses ♥
this is some incredible taxidermy ♥
♥ xo ♥
♥ i would also gladly be here ♥

♥ #kbsigns are available, but i'm moving to a pre-order system ♥
feel free to email me if you'd like to grab one or three of your own!
and click here to browse a small sampling!

// Need a very last minute Valentine's Day gift? Shopbop offers free 2-day Amazon Prime shipping if you're a member (*details here)... and I'll gladly accept any of these ;)

// The true story of how Teen Vogue got mad, got woke, and began terrifying men like Donald Trump. THIS is the kind of stuff our young women need to be exposed to. THIS is the type of response and reaction that needs to be normalized. THIS is one small step in securing a future that truly is female.

// I've been lusting after a cowhide rug since Whitney got her blonde one. I'm loving this one especially. Unfortunately I just don't have anywhere it would work so I"ll dream from a distance.

// If you're into photography - professionally or just as a hobby - you can take this free strengths assessment! It only takes 5 minutes and it was actually incredibly helpful. I'm hoping to learn a lot and grow in 2017. And photography is on the list of things to polish up on!

// Society is creating a new crop of alpha women who are unable to love. LOOOOOOOOOL! Of course this piece is from Fox News. What a load of garbage. Keep being alpha, babe! and love YOU!

// Pennsylvania senator to Trump: "Come after me, you s**t-gibbon" HAHAHAHA Okay, after this and that mural, I'm moving to PA. But only in the summer. I shall winter in the south.

// Silencing Elizabeth Warren backfires on Senate GOP. Can't keep a strong woman down!

// Me trying to make friends. lololol The struggle is real, y'all.

// ICYMI: These are the 6 books I've lined up to read... Have any recommendations to add to my growing list? // Did you see This Charming Life got a little makeover?! If you're reading via RSS or Bloglovin', pop over to see it for yourself!

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PS; I feel that it's worth noting... I won't ever stop sharing my* opinion and my beliefs on my blog, no matter who objects or tries to use it as a weapon against me. Don't want to read about how much Trump sucks or how we need feminism? Well, there are other blogs for that. (* emphasis on "my"... I speak for myself only.)