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// Linden Atlas - Three Months

And just like that, this baby is a quarter of a year old! A quarter of a year! A whole season! These are (more than) a few of my favorite photos of him from the past few weeks. His personality is really starting to emerge and I just can't get enough of those smiles every day! And those forced frowns are pretty cute, too. Pinch me. I'm especially looking forward to the holidays with him.

This month Linden:
+ weighs 12 pounds and 2 ounces
+ started the early stages of teething (just this week!)
+ still can't fit in a lot of his 0-3m clothing. (one day!)
+ thinks my messy mom bun is the funnies thing (seriously. it's so cute!)
+ snores almost as loud as dad.
+ loves to swat at his playmat
+ started napping in his crib all by himself.
+ loves to kick, kick, kick!
+ still wakes every 3-4 hours to feed at night.
+ but generally sleeps in until 8am (yay!)
+ LOVES the "itsy bitsy spider" song with hand motions.

They weren't lying when they said each new stage is more fun than the last. I can't wait until he can sit up on his own and hang out. But then again I sort of like how cuddly he is right now. Babies!

* See his other monthly posts here.

// My Babywearing Journey + Ergobaby Giveaway

I could write post after post after post on why babywearing is so important to me, but in order to save you from absolute boredom, I'll try to sum it up nicely in this one entry... When I had so much trouble with breastfeeding (and feeling like an utter failure), babywearing is what "saved" me. I spent the first couple of weeks feeling like I would never bond with Linden because I was so mentally and physically exhausted from stressing over him eating. I was so worried that all of those "breast is best" articles were right and breastfeeding was bonding. Since I couldn't breastfeed successfully, I wouldn't ever bond with my baby, right? Wrong. (Thank goodness!) And I have a handy little wrap to thank for it. 

I knew I wanted to wear Linden since I first found out I was pregnant. I loved the thought of having him close, all the while having my hands free. It would be the best of both worlds. Endless snuggling that allowed me to be a productive work at home mom. Since I wasn't sure what wrap to start out with or if they were worth the cash, I began by using a DIY wrap I had made. It served us well while Linden was still hovering around his newborn weight. Of course thanks to his reflux and incessant spitting up, the crazy amount of washing it endured caused it to check out early on. While it didn't last for long, it opened me up to the wide world of babywearing and everything it entailed. I learned very quickly how beneficial it was for both me and Linden. I began wearing him the moment I was physically able to (post-caesarian) because it seemed so natural. From womb to wrap.

Babywearing is so beneficial for both the carrier and the baby. It has helped me create a bond with Linden that is stronger than almost anything. It's also helped me become incredibly tuned in to his personal "schedule." I'm always aware of when he's hungry, tired, or in need of a new diaper. Linden isn't a huge fan of tummy time, so wearing him helps him strengthen his neck muscles. (That kid has a big head in relation to his body, so strong muscles to keep it up are key haha!) One of my very favorite things about wearing him is I always know when he's ready for a nap because he'll burrow his sweet little face into one of the straps of the wrap where it's dark and cozy. (Anxious mom alert: If your kid does this, you'll freak out thinking he's going to suffocate. Luckily a little adjusting of the strap makes for the perfect little airway! I was worried sick after he developed this habit.)

It's not all about the baby and mama bonding either. Mike was having a hard time feeling super connected to Linden in the earlier weeks because L refused to be held by anyone other than me, and because Mike is gone all day to school, then spends most nights studying like crazy. Linden wanted me to feed him, hold him, soothe him, etc. It took a little bit of practice, but once Mike got the hang of the wrap, Linden was totally game to be worn by Dad. Seriously, it was such an exciting moment for us. Not only did it allow Mike a chance to really bond with L, but it also allowed me to take a shower, get some work done, and be alone when needed. Things that become absolute luxuries once the little ones show up.

Me preaching about babywearing may seriously be bordering on kicking a dead horse for some of you, but it's so hard to keep quiet when it's hands down the one thing that I feel really saved me (and Linden) these first few months. It hasn't been a walk in the park, but wearing him has been exactly what we both needed. And with that being said, I'm super excited about sharing the babywearing love with y'all! I'm certainly no expert on the subject, and in fact I'm still pretty clueless about wearing outside of wraps (soft structured carriers, wovens, etc, etc!). But I'm eager to learn more as Linden grows!

As an Ergobaby Brand Ambassador I am over the moon to share this giveaway today. In celebration of October being World Babywearing Awareness Month, one lucky reader is going to win an Ergobaby 4th Trimester pack which includes a wrap in your color choice and a set of Swaddlers! (Remember when I shared the Swaddlers in my Newborn Essentials post?! They are the bomb dot com!) 

I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to use the Ergobaby wraps these past couple of months. I promise I'm not just saying this, but they're amazing! At first I was worried there'd be too much fabric and they'd be cumbersome (my DIY wrap was much thinner), but they provide the perfect amount of support and stretch, and they still breathe, too. That way Linden is cozy when it's cool, but not too warm when it's hot out. They have a handy little pocket on the front even. (I may or may not use this for my phone and a spare pacifier or three haha!) After a handful of washes each, they're still holding up like new. (When you have a reflux baby, you get used to doing a lot of laundry! SO. MUCH. LAUNDRY!) I alternate between the Clay and Eucalyptus wraps, and I never leave the house without one! One of my favorite things about babywearing is spreading the love when out and about in public. Without fail, every time I wear him in a store, someone comments or asks about the wrap. We may live in a small town, but it's so fun to see babywearing become more and more normal around here.

As far as the giveaway goes, you don't have to be pregnant or a mom to win. Enter for a friend, give as a gift, or donate to a local women's shelter if you'd like! If you're curious about babywearing and you want to try it out without shelling out a lot of cash, enter and test your luck! I promise you'll be so stoked to have these in your arsenal. My hope with this giveaway is that another mama out there experiences just how powerful babywearing can be. It has had such a positive impact on my experience as a new mom, and I really want one of y'all to have that, too!


Good luck, friends! I can't wait to see who wins!

// Amelia

Sunday was gorgeous around these parts. There's just something so perfect about the sky in October. Have you ever noticed that? It's the most gorgeous shade of blue this time of year. Toby was having a field day over at our neighbor's house thanks to their gaggle of children, so while he played hide and go seek with all of them, we took Linden on a little stroll. This pretty little area is just down the road from our house, and is the very same plot of land that I played in when I was about 4 years old. It's kind of fun to walk through areas like that and remember some of the adventures I had.

Last week wasn't the best for me in terms of getting up and getting dressed (despite saying I was totally going to do just that...) Like I mentioned in my Currently post, things have been majorly busy around here. Luckily we made some insane headway on our kitchen addition this past weekend and I'm actually typing from the new counter! That probably sounds strange to include since it's pretty irrelevant, but we actually realized that our raised counter that Mike built would be the perfect height for a standing desk. Truth bomb: We were both using an ironing board in the kitchen as a standing desk when we needed to work/study and Linden demanded being held haha! This is much nicer and way more sturdy. Anyway, we're finally finishing up the kitchen makeover and getting the house together. I'm hoping to share some snapshots from around the house soon. I can't believe we've been here for almost 2 years and I've yet to do that. Then again so much of it feels unfinished. That's usually how it goes, right?

Now about this outfit: It's the standard Kaelah uniform, but I love the bright cardigan and the fun print on the dress. They're schematics for airplanes, helicopters, etc! There might even be a blimp on there haha! Fun right? Both the cardigan and necklace are from Stitch Fix, and the dress is a Modcloth grab. It felt really good to curl my hair (for the first time in 2+ weeks!), put on some makeup, and even paint my nails this weekend. I feel like a new person when I'm ever so slightly put together haha

This week I'm hoping to make a little more progress on our Halloween costume and format a few more Rad Gal, Rad Gig and Baggage submissions! (Click the "Submissions" page if you want to get in touch about being featured!) I'm also on the beginning stretch of the holiday sign rush! It's super exciting to be able to paint so many gifts for people. I just got a new shipment of supplies last Tuesday and I'm already sold out of one of the sizes again! Madness! But I'm definitely pinching myself for the opportunity to do what I do and work from home. So thanks to everyone who orders and reads here and all that jazz. You make it happen!

Drop back by tomorrow because there's going to be a super fun giveaway that I'm really excited to share! There might even be a few more fun giveaways brewing, too! xo

Mak cardigan via Stitch Fix
Target flats

// Currently

I've been a bit MIA from the blog lately... only 3 posts in a full week. The past week and a half have been a little overwhelming and I'm just trying to ease up on the workload a bit. We've also been doing some "renovations" in our house for the past week (building new counters and cabinets, installing a dishwasher, etc) so not only am I zonked, but our house is also a wreck! I find it so hard to be productive when things are messy, so I devoted most of yesterday to clean, clean, cleaning! Anyway, here's a Currently post to share what I've been up to lately.

READING: entirely too many baby-centric articles and blog posts. "Are these early teething signs?" "How much should my baby get at each feed?" "Is this normal for this age?" Phew... if you ever want to feel inadequate or unprepared, just go have yourself a baby! I'd like to say I'm elbow deep in a book or three but that would be a lie, soooo...

WONDERING: how so many work-at-home moms do it. goodness I promise this entire post won't be about being a parent, but seriously! I'm in awe of some of the ladies out there who manage to run small businesses or work from home while caring for one or more tiny people. I scramble to get as much done as I can when Mike gets home from school or when Linden is napping, but there are only so many hours in a day!

FEELING THANKFUL: for so much. but I'll keep it short and sweet by saying I'm thankful for all of the friends I've made via this blog and social media. the tweets, the comments, the texts, the package exchanges, etc. I'm working on compiling a list (or post!) on some of my favorite maker friends for y'all to check out if you're interested.

EATING: entirely too much candy corn. send help!

WATCHING: Gilmore Girls! I'm over halfway through season four and I love it! I never watched it while it was on air, but when I finished Gossip Girl I decided to give it a whirl. So glad I did! (If you have any suggestions for what should be next, I'm listening!)

WORKING ON: custom sign orders, our Halloween costume, finishing Linden's nursery, getting our house in order, posts for October + November, a new blog design, and getting out of my pajamas each day (yeah right!).

LOVING: the crisp, Fall mornings, infinity scarves, and mums on all the porches. Not really a fan of the crazy early darkness, but you didn't ask that, did you?

ATTEMPTING: to "crib train" Linden. I put off having him in his crib until now because co-sleeping and babywearing work so well for us, but I really need to get more done during the day and I just can't do all of it with a baby strapped to me. So this past weekend I worked on putting him in his crib for his naps and so far, so good! I'm SO happy to report that it's going much better than expected! He's a belly sleeper (*gasp!*) so I bought the Angelcare monitor for his crib. Belly sleeping seems to be the golden ticket because he doesn't startle himself awake. I'm so proud of that little guy for transitioning so well! It'll probably still be a while before we put him in there at night, but we might put him in his bassinet next weekend to see if that works. Otherwise co-sleeping it is!

WANTING: Thanksgiving and Christmas to hurry up and get here! I'm normally not one to wish away the days but I'm just so excited for the holidays this year. Having kids makes Christmas so much more fun and I'm hoping we can maybe do another version of our Activity Advent Calendar for Toby this year. Also super eager for our new phones to get here. Mike and I both upgraded to the iPhone 6 and his has already shipped, but mine is still waiting around to be fulfilled. I'm so excited to have a 64gb phone because I'm constantly having to try and delete photos off of my 16gb iPhone 5 to make room!

What are you up to today?
If you're looking for something to do, share your own Currently post on your blog and leave a link to it below! I'd love to know how you're spending your day! (Currently post inspired by Danielle's feature!)

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// Things I Love Thursday v.204

these donuts! (it's in french, so use chrome to translate!) ♥
this blog + her work! ♥
this photo of amy poehler ♥
these cookies! ♥
* I was sent one of the boxes to enjoy and seriously, it's fantastic. such a wide variety of things in the box and anything you don't love you can easily give to a friend! it's definitely a fun way to find new indie makers to support. the best part? you get like 15 items PER box. that's insanity!
this precious mom + mini duo ♥
this typographic print ♥
this reminder ♥
these super cute onesies from the wishing elephant! ♥

// Ideel (formerly Ideeli) is having a big apparel sale with loads of goodies under $40!

// The Secret Language of Relationships. I loved this post! Mike and I totally have a secret language. I love our little inside jokes and phrases.

// You just broke your child. Congratulations. This seriously broke my heart to read. It's so easy to lose patience with our kids. I am trying to constantly remind myself that they're just precious little beings.

// I'm totally biased but I'm loving all of the neat things shared on the Tea Box Express Facebook page!

What are you loving this week?
Anything you'd like to add for next week's list?!