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// Instagram Favorites: July

Here is my second installation of my monthly Instagram favorites. Each month I choose 5 accounts to highlight and I share a few of their most recent snaps that I've enjoyed. Some are highly curated, some include more "real" moments, and some are just really nice to look at. Hopefully you find a few new favorites to follow! As always, you're welcome to share your favorite accounts, or even links to your own, in the comments below! xo

BlushShop is a the feed of a cute little boutique in Canada and I'm in love with the colors of this space. The pastel pinks, the paint splattered floor, the gold accents... I'm a sucker for retail inspiration and this feed is full of it. There are a lot of staged product photos, but I enjoy that personally!

Laura's feed makes me want to get outdoors and explore! She captures some of the most beautiful scenery on her adventures. The light, the texture, and the vastness of the spaces she chooses to share... Ah, I love it!

Ali's feed is a very "real" depiction of her day to day, so it seems. She's a designer at and I enjoy the variety of snaps to be found on her Instagram. Everything from behind the scenes photos at work to regular every day pics of her and her friends.

Amber's feed is one of my all time favorites. This girl knows how to decorate! I love looking through her photos of her home, even though it makes me pretty jealous of all the gorgeous natural light she seems to get! She also shares a lot of really precious photos of her kids, but not in a way that seems to exploit them like some moms on social media. It's almost like you can feel the love between this family via her account.

Rebecca's feed is a one stop shop for all things creative and wonderful. She's a Colorado-based photographer, calligrapher, and floral artist. Seriously, she does it all. And she does it so well! She's also a really really sweet person. I'm always fawning over the gorgeous snaps she takes of elopements in the misty mountains.


And those are my July favorites! I'll be back next month to share another round of lovely Instagrammers. Feel like sharing your own or tossing your hat into the ring? Leave your links below! xo

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// Things I Love Thursday v.193

♥ this! "Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn't matter, but work is third." ♥
these coconut mango popsicles ♥
this is proof that mother nature is so cool! they're like dragons! ♥
these rubyetc comics are my favorite ♥
♥ this. so very spot on. ♥
these photos of the misty fog are so enchanting. ♥
this treehouse is a dream come true! ♥
this mid-century inspired home. ♥
this embroidered plastic shopping bag series ♥
these gorgeous planters. ♥

// The models over at Candy Strike are making me really want a lavender colored beehive hair'do haha! (PS; Did you know they have a blog?!)

// Self care for poor folks: When taking care of yourself costs money. (Read Shannon's other posts HERE! I highly recommend them, regardless of your income!)

// Are you a Dr. Who fan? Um, check out this Whovian themed bathroom makeover! So neat!

// !!! If you're still looking for the perfect suit, swimwear is currently 30% off.

// How to become an astronaut.

// My doctor didn't fat shame me and it was a radical, life changing experience. This was such a nice thing to read. Seriously.

// Wishlist Wears: i love the pattern on this skirt // love everything about these flats, but they'd give me the worst cankles haha! // i want to go to disney world just to wear this dress haha // this dress is just so freaking pretty! // these booties are so cute // thinking this might be my next order... ahh! // jumping ahead of myself with this dress, but it's so dreamy // these shoes remind me of tiny little elves, but i still love them // is the ombre trend over? because i love this necklace.

// Did you win the Neutrogena giveaway?

What are you loving this week?

// The Longeneckers - Him and Honey - Nashville Film Portrait Photography

Last month we had the pleasure of photographing this precious little family. Sara is an amazing makeup artist here in middle Tennessee and her husband Michael is one crazy talented handyman. Seriously, I love lurking through their house when I visit because he has always done so many awesome things to it! Sara worked her makeup magic for my bridal portraits, wedding, and maternity photos, so obviously I'm a big fan of hers! We snapped some adorable photos of her little family of four one morning in Dickson, and we even had Michael's parents and sisters join in! We've never photographed this many people in one setting before so it was a fun experience. You'd never know it was so incredibly hot and humid by looking at these folks, right? And how cute are their kiddos?!

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// Onyx - Maternity Style - 38 Weeks

Today is the day! Well... more like tonight is the night! Mike and I are headed into the hospital at 10pm to be admitted for an induction starting around midnight. I'll be 39 weeks and as nervous as we are about everything that's about to happen, we're anxious to meet our little man. I ended up being admitted to the hospital yet again yesterday after my 2 hour NST at the OB office, and I laid up in the labor beds for 4+ hours getting checked. Baby Flynn is doing okay, but he was awful quiet/still during the whole ordeal so they wanted to be safe by having me stick around for the remainder of the day. I know my whole family must be so ready for this ordeal to be over because it's exhausting and taxing on everyone. Carting me around to appointments, sitting around with me in hospital rooms, shuffling Toby between sets of parents, and just the overall anxiety of the past 5 weeks. I feel confident that my doctor knows what she's doing so here goes nothing!
Onyx - Maternity Style - 38 Weeks - The Clueless Girl's Guide
Onyx - Maternity Style - 38 Weeks - The Clueless Girl's Guide
Check out that BUMP! This kid managed to drop quite a bit the morning these photos were taken (Saturday). I woke up and everything looked normal and then by the time we strolled out of the house to run errands I was calling Mike into the room to say "Look at this thing!" He couldn't really tell what I was saying, but I spotted a huge shift in such a short amount of time. It was so cool to notice, ya know? This outfit is what I wore when Mike and I had our last little "date night" on Friday. By date night I mean we spent a ton of time in Target and I ate a boatload of pancakes at Cracker Barrel haha! Going out with a bang, y'all! (Real talk: I've been craving Cracker Barrel pancakes this entire pregnancy, and I finally ate them at the very end).

Anyway, this dress is another one from Belly Dance Maternity. I have never worn something so ridiculously comfortable in my life! I don't know what makes it so soft, but Mike said it was like wearing a sleeping bag with the feet cut out haha It doesn't feel like a sleeping bag, but it's just so cozy that I want to wrap up in it. It might look like an ordinary black maxi dress, but I love how classy it feels. It can easily be dressed up or down depending on the day/mood/accessories. The sleeves are something totally different for me, and I love that it's an actual maxi dress. Bonus points that the small little slit is in the very back rather than up the side of the leg like my Old Navy and Target ones!
Onyx - Maternity Style - 38 Weeks - The Clueless Girl's Guide
Onyx - Maternity Style - 38 Weeks - The Clueless Girl's Guide
I kept the accessories super minimal by only adding this tassel necklace from my most recent Stitch Fix shipment, and my favorite Urban Expressions clutch. This bag holds so much, but it's not obnoxiously big. The zipper compartments allow me to make it wider or thinner depending on what I want to stuff inside there haha. This outfit garnered me quite a few comments while we were out and about running errands. I guess it really did highlight the belly because everyone and their mother was letting me know that I am basically 85 months pregnant. (Thanks guys! I kind of knew that already...) Ha. 
Onyx - Maternity Style - 38 Weeks - The Clueless Girl's Guide
Onyx - Maternity Style - 38 Weeks - The Clueless Girl's Guide
After months and months and months of abstaining from all kinds of goodies, I'm looking forward to a nice, cold glass of pinot grigio soon! Brie also sounds really good right about now... haha And maybe sleeping on my stomach again! Oh boy! I've loved being pregnant but life after baby sounds like it's going to have it's perks. It's just so hard to believe that this is my very last outfit post with Baby Flynn on the inside. Guess we'll see y'all on the other side!

Heidi dress c/o Belly Dance Maternity
Stitch Fix necklace
Urban Expressions clutch via Stitch Fix
Urban Outfitters sunglasses
Ipanema sandals

PS; I have my Things I Love Thursday post set up to go live Thursday morning, and I think I might even have something set for tomorrow, too. I'm not sure when Baby Flynn will make his appearance but you can follow along with our little journey on Twitter and Instagram if you'd like! Otherwise I'm sure he'll be making his formal debut on here in a couple of days! (But first sleep! And cuddles!) xo

// Screensaver - Maternity Style - 38 Weeks

Screensaver - Maternity Style - 38 Weeks - The Clueless Girl's Guide
Screensaver - Maternity Style - 38 Weeks - The Clueless Girl's Guide
Okay, so the outfit title... Who remembers those wacky (dated!) screensavers from the Windows 98 era? The pipes that threaded together, or the brick maze? How about the 3-D "bubble" that sort of hovered around your screen like a mouse under a rug? Well, my belly in this dress is totally that screensaver! I cracked up when I saw the photos on the camera because my brain instantly went there. At this point this thing just bulges out like crazy! This is by far the most snug dress I've worn my entire pregnancy, but I love the navy and white stripes. I have to do a little shimmy to get my booty in it, but it's so comfortable. I opted to pair it with a totally inappropriate-for-the-season colored cardigan because rust and navy are just so nice together. I could say I'm looking forward to Autumn but I promise I won't be one of those bloggers just yet haha! Summer can stick around as long as she'd like because I'm digging the sunshine. 

This dress is from Belly Dance Maternity and it's insanely well made. I received a little package of goodies from them last week and I wish I had known about them early on because I probably wouldn't have worn anything else. This was also the first time I dared to wear wedges while pregnant, too. Probably not the brightest idea I've ever had, but my trust MIA wedges are as solid as can be so I didn't have any trouble teetering around. Truth be told I wore them out to dinner and then was back in flip flops after... ha! (Sorry for the lack of consistency in the photo colors... They all look the same on Flickr, but leave it to Blogger to fudge things up!)
Screensaver - Maternity Style - 38 Weeks - The Clueless Girl's Guide
Screensaver - Maternity Style - 38 Weeks - The Clueless Girl's Guide
Today I'm headed to my doctor's office bright and early for what could likely be my very last non-stress test. After my NST on Friday my doctor ordered me to do a third 24 hour urine and then pop into the hospital on Sunday for blood work. She told me that if the baby didn't come on his own this past weekend then we'd be picking an induction day today... so hopefully I'll know the plan in just a matter of hours! It feels so crazy to know he's coming so soon. I got the dreaded preeclampsia diagnosis on Friday, but luckily my symptoms aren't crazy bad or anything. Obviously they're still serious enough to schedule an induction, but I know it could be much, much worse. I'm trying to play it cool and keep myself from getting too worked up about anything. Who knows... I could be induced today and have a baby tomorrow! What! Hope y'all don't mind the lingering outfit/pregnancy posts that have yet to make their way to the blog. By the time they're over it'll be hard not to post all-baby, all the time haha
Screensaver - Maternity Style - 38 Weeks - The Clueless Girl's Guide
Screensaver - Maternity Style - 38 Weeks - The Clueless Girl's Guide
This past weekend was majorly productive on the nursery front. Mike and I cleaned the entire house top to bottom and we finished up most of the baby's room. I still have a few art pieces I'm working on completing, but they'll get done eventually. The baby will be sleeping in a moses basket in our room for the first little while anyway, so I'm not too stressed on having everything completely and totally done. I am excited to share more of the room, though!

I didn't get all ~*professional blogger and schedule a bunch of guest posts or anything to make up for my inevitable absence over here. There's plenty of great content out there for y'all to read and hopefully I can pop in every so often to share some updates. I've taken a much more relaxed approach to my blog in the past 6 months and I like the way it feels. It feels... less forced. I've already received comments asking to please not "turn into a mommy blog" but the fact is: I plan on blogging about what feels natural and relevant at the time. And I bet this baby is going to be taking up most of our lives haha I'll try not to bore you with every single little detail or anything (that's what I have Instagram for, ha!) but if baby things drive you bonkers, come check on me in a few weeks/months when I've gotten it all out of my system! Heh.

Happy Monday, friends! Here's to hoping Baby Flynn makes a safe and smooth entrance into the world! xo

Mak cardigan c/o ModCloth (last year)
Baggu tote via Stitch Fix
Omerica Organic plugs (save 20% with code KAELAH)
Sweet Clementine necklace c/o Noonday Collection (last year)
MIA Jukebox wedges via Ideeli