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// Instagram Favorites: September

Here is my fourth installation of my monthly Instagram favorites. Each month I choose 5 accounts to highlight and I share a few of their most recent snaps that I've enjoyed. Some are highly curated, some include more "real" moments, and some are just really nice to look at. Hopefully you find a few new favorites to follow! As always, you're welcome to share your favorite accounts, or even links to your own, in the comments below! xo
Shauna's feed is SO dreamy. Not only does she have the cutest family (with baby boy #2 on the way!!!), but she has an incredible sense of style. The photos she posts of her home always have me drooling. She's one-half of the team behind Forage Haberdashery, Seed House Stationers, and Something's Hiding In Here. Crazy talented, right? But even better, she's one of the kindest and most supportive people I've ever had the privilege of knowing. Seriously, y'all. This gal is SUCH a gem. We adore her!

Marlyn's feed is just really really sweet. She's a total doll and she's expecting her first little one, too! (You'll notice a trend in my favorites, I'm sure. I'm a sucker for a Mom-stagrammer!) I really love the photos she shares of the California coast.

Beca and Doug post on the Tumbleweeds Instagram and if you don't know them already, you're probably living under a rock. They were the creators of the original wooden veneer sunglasses. They are such hard workers and so so kind. Beca made all of the delicious desserts for our wedding (!!!) and I don't think we could ever possibly thank her enough. There's little this girl can't do!

Honey and Fizz is a new account I've recently started following. I just love all of the "happiness" that is shared on her account! There's so much color and vibrancy. I really, really want that flamingo pool float! I know it's the last day of September and all, but seriously... it's awesome.

Alexis' feed is so cute. She's adorable and I love the photos she shares of her little family. I really dig all of the cool rope wall hangings that she creates! I really want to try my hand at one sometime. I think it'd be super cute in our bedroom! And those pipe vases?! Genius!


And those are my September favorites! I'll be back next month to share another round of lovely Instagrammers. Feel like sharing your own or tossing your hat into the ring? Leave your links below! xo 

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// Tea Box Express

For the past couple of months I've been working behind the scenes on something super fun. It's neither my brainchild, nor my venture, but I've been lucky enough to play a small role in someone else's dream. At the very beginning of the Summer I had an interesting email in my inbox. It was from a gal named Andrea who was hoping to launch her own tea subscription box. She was the author of a tea-centric blog and website, and since she and her husband owned a shipping store she thought it would be a great way to marry the two. She was looking for someone to help with the PR and marketing side of things. You know, the social stuff. I was so flattered by her invitation to join. And excited, too! I was totally on board with everything she was dreaming up. I spent several weeks before Linden arrived getting things ready for the launch. We both knew that once I had a baby at home I'd be a bit strapped for time. Luckily everything has worked out wonderfully because the time has come to launch Tea Box Express!

Being part of the action from the very beginning has been so fun! The name, the logo, the box inclusions! I love getting a little sneak peek at the action, and being able to put my small little stamp where invited. Tea Box Express' first box will ship in mid-October, but in order to get your hands on the pilot collection, you'll have to order by the end of the day on October 1st! 
Each month there will be a new theme, and that's where the contents come in. October's theme is "Bee Happy" and includes a bevy of bee-themed goodies like the best tasting honey I've ever had, a honey dipper, a bright yellow tea bag rest, and some delicious black tea. Oh and I can't forget the gourmet bee shaped sugar cookie! There's also a little quote print with space on the back for you to fill out your own 'Happy List." October's box is all about positivity and trying to see the bright side of things. I'm so tickled with how it came out!

If you're a tea or subscription box fan, this box is perfect for you. But even better than that, it makes an incredible gift! It's thoughtful and useful without being "too much" or pointless. Whether it's for your mom, grandma, favorite teacher, or next door neighbor, they're sure to love it! And if you think October's theme is a good one, just wait until November! Let's just say it'll spice up your morning cup!
If you're interested in ordering your own box or giving one as a gift, pop over to the Tea Box Express website to learn more. You can keep up with the silly things I share on behalf of TBE by following us on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. (The TBE Facebook page is seriously overflowing with AMAZING tea-inspired awesomeness! I'm totally biased, but it's true!) And just as a token of our excitement, here's a 20% off coupon, too! Use the code CLUELESSGIRL20 and let me know what you think if you order! I'm excited to share the future boxes with y'all!

// BAGGAGE: v.1 - Mike's Backpack

I'm a sucker for "What's in my bag" posts because I'm a naturally nosy person. I love seeing what people find important enough to carry around with them on a daily basis. I thought a fun new feature for the blog would be a "What's in my bag" feature that y'all could participate in! I didn't want it to be limited to just purses though, because that's pretty boring. I want to see what you have in your laptop bag, diaper bag, makeup bag, whatever! What do you consider an essential when traveling or going to school? I think the contents of someone's bag can tell a whole lot about them. Our first feature is Mike and his school bag!

Everlane backpack (c/o) // pharmacology + med/surg books // iPhone 5c // pen light // bandage scissors // student nurse ID // jolly rancher candies // flash cards // stethescope // Acer Iconica Tab 8 tablet (c/o Intel Tablets) // Vitapens highlighters // various pens // Denik notebook

Hey, I’m Mike. I’m a nursing student by day, and a father, business co-owner, wannabe musician by night. My backpack is a staple throughout my week. As I start my clinical rotations it will see less day to day use but will still be with me on classroom days, and will still be home to my always important study tools. Important because there is always studying. Always

My backpack is made by Everlane. I really like it because the thick canvas it’s made from can definitely take a beating which is important since I often sling my bag into the bed of my truck before heading out in the mornings. Aside from durability I also love the look of the bag. I think it’s a bit more stylish than a typical Jansport or whatever. It fits the “super smart nursing student that plays guitar on the tailgate of his truck between classes” look I’m going for. 


Flash Cards - No nursing student's backpack would be complete without flash cards. They are one of the most effective ways to study for me. The combination of writing the cards, reading them and saying them out loud with Kaelah really drives in the information.

Stethoscope - I mean what could be more important for a nurse than a stethoscope? It’s one of the most valuable tools for assessing a patient, and let’s be honest, nothing feels more nursey than tossing a stethoscope around your neck. 

Tablet - I love carrying our Acer tablet (c/o Intel Tablets) in my backpack. It’s really convenient for studying on the go since all of my text books are available in PDF format online. It’s also great for looking up new terminology I may come across really quickly. Probably the most useful thing about the tablet is the apps available for studying or for quick reference. There's an app called Epocrates that is my favorite. You can find any drug information you need. Don’t know how much Fluconazole to give your pediatric patient? The answer is just a click away. 


BAGGAGE is a new feature on The Clueless Girl's Guide where I invite folks to share the contents of their bags. We all like a little sneak peek at what others are carrying around, right? If you'd like to share what you tote around in your purse/backpack/makeup bag, feel free to get in touch! I'd love to have you!

#spon: I'm required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel. This could include the Intel Corporation providing us w/
content, product, access or other forms of payment. (Acer table c/o Intel - no other compensation was provided)

// Things I Love Thursday v.201

♥ this sounds like my kind of party ♥
this miiiight be my new favorite gif ♥
this new tea subscription box (!!!) ♥
these jackets! ♥
this. i love seeing peeks of people's workspaces ♥
this rad tattoo ♥
♥ this gorgeous photo (source?) ♥
♥ this! ♥

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// My sister in law is a flight attendant and I would hate to be working any of these flights! What's the most inappropriate thing you've ever seen on a plane? (I don't have any juicy stories... but the NYC subway? That's a whole different ballgame...)

// Wishlist Wears: this dress would look amazing with any color cardigan // the mesh panels on these heels are fun // i love the fuschia on this little number // the pattern on this skirt is everything // clear galoshes! (do y'all call them galoshes? wellies? rain boots?) // this mauve scarf! // and this chunky knit one!

What are you loving this week?

// Linden Atlas - Two Months

Linden turned two months old yesterday! And today he's nine weeks! This past month has been pretty special because he finally gave me a big, gummy smile for the first time! He is all smiles when he sleeps (or poops... ha!) but I was waiting to get a really good one out of him while he was awake. I was the only one home when he finally did it, and I lost it! I started sobbing like a madwoman. Seriously I probably scared the poor baby. He gave me three big ones right in a row and I was pretty much hysterical. Mike came in shortly after and I was still a mess. 

Since we finally found the culprit to Linden's cries, he's been a much more mellow baby. We've got a steady rotation of Zantac for the reflux, hypoallergenic formula for his milk allergy, and Mylicon for his tummy. He's still sleeping quite a bit during the day, but the little squish likes to be held a lot so he's almost always in his wrap. Luckily wrap time while awake can be a great substitute for on-the-floor tummy time so he's holding his head up like a champ.

This month Linden:
+ is still in almost exclusively newborn clothing. 
+ finally broke 9 pounds (last week!)
+ measured 22 inches long.
+ started to coo and loves to have "conversations."
+ still loves to be soothed by mama in his wrap.

I can't wait to see what month three holds for this little guy. I'm hoping he'll finally be big enough to try out his cloth diapers by the end of this next month. Fingers crossed! By the time he packs on enough weight to wear his Winter clothes it'll already be Summer 2015. 

* RockaRoo + MamaRoo swings c/o 4moms