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// Currently

sneaking a cheeky Target selfie while waiting on some help in the bookcase aisle

starting my day with tea and this guy each morning

we're slowly but surely making progress on the nursery!

georgia is the snoozing-est dog ever

we've started taking active measures to keep enid out of the baby's bassinet haha!

pipkin thinks it's necessary to be on all of the pillows at once

when i'm home alone i eat like a toddler

i'm eyeball deep in mother's day sign orders and i'm almost caught up!

i had a day full of lounging in bed and reading the other day. win!

we took toby for a surprise froyo date the other day because he had been so good

baby flynn is supposed to be a leo so i made him a little constellation hanging for his room!

READING: Right now I'm in the middle of reading The Art of Possibility and so far I'm loving it. It has seriously opened my eyes to so many things. It's only a couple of bucks on Amazon! I had some folks ask for a review when it's all said and done so stay tuned for that once I finish!

WONDERING: How on earth I'm going to survive this yucky sinus infection or cold or whatever it is, without any medicine. This sickness hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday and I've spent the past 36 hours feeling like I'm going to die. I went to bed at 9:30 last night and from 11pm until 8am I was up every single hour. Finally the fever and headache were too much to bear at 4am so I took 2 Tylenol and settled back in to sleep. Luckily by the time I woke up at 5am my fever had broken and my headache subsided. But ugh, few things are grosser than waking up in a pool of your own sweat haha! This is the first time I've been sick while pregnant and boy oh boy, it is not fun!

FEELING THANKFUL: That everything with the baby is a-okay! I had my glucose test on Wednesday and I was convinced that I was going to fail it. I don't know why, but I was set on it. I was told that they would call me if my results were abnormal, but otherwise they'd just see me in 4 weeks. Well, I got the phone call the next day. I saw it was my doctor and I was like "NOOOO!" - but all fears were put to rest and I had passed. Thank goodness because I did not want to do a 3 hour test! Now I just need to stop reading so much about pre-eclampsia and things like that... I freak myself out!

EATING: lately I've wanted a fuji apple chicken salad from Panera for every single meal. We live like, an hour+ away from the closest Panera, so it's one of those things where I can't have it and that just makes me want it more, ya know? My stepdad drives 2 hours to work each way every day and he brought me one home earlier this week. I shouldn't admit how excited I was, but whatever. It was the best! haha

WATCHING: Probably entirely too much tv honestly. I was so set on canceling our cable for the Spring/Summer since we'll be outside so much, but of course as soon as one good tv show ends, another one starts up. I'm looking at you, Nurse Jackie! We've really taken a liking to Enlisted too (Chris Lowell, swoon!). Oh and Surviving Jack! And Veep. And, and, and! Haha Any good tv shows you can recommend?

WORKING ON: A plethora of Mother's Day sign orders! I was overwhelmed at the number of reservations I got when I opened them up on ~*sale. I've been trying to paint as many as my hands will allow every day, all the while keeping up with my custom orders, too. It's tough and my hands cramp up like crazy, but it's a good problem to have! I'm also sending out the very last batch of Kaelah's Closet orders today. I shipped about 40 packages yesterday, and there are probably 10 or so left to go out today. It has been so awesome to clear out space in our house! Purging all of this stuff has become an obsession haha

LOVING: I was tempted to say this weather again... and I guess that's true. I'm so glad Dogwood winter is over because I don't think my body could take another cold snap. This week's cold front has seriously rattled my body like crazy. I'm ready for full-blown Spring... which in Tennessee really means higher humidity and sticky air. But I'll take it! I'm crossing my fingers that we're only 2 or 3 weeks out from pool weather, too!

ATTEMPTING: to plan out the rest of the nursery in my head. I have so many ideas and plans and crafts that I want to do, but only so much patience! haha I know the baby won't give a hoot if he has a cohesive nursery theme or whatever, but I've loved every minute of the planning process so far. It's starting to sort of fall into place (as much as it can with only one piece of furniture, that is!) and I'm loving the outcome!

WANTING: to convince Mike a "babymoon" isn't a total waste of cash. Sadly he starts school in less than 2 weeks and we already have plans for his Summer vacation, so unless we were to magically jet off in the next few days, a babymoon simply won't be happening. I guess I should channel all of this energy elsewhere then, huh? haha

What are you up to today?
If you're looking for something to do, share your own Currently post on your blog and leave a link to it below! I'd love to know how you're spending your day! (Currently post inspired by Danielle's feature!)

// Things I Love Thursday v.180

Holy moly! I just realized how much I did not blog this past week! Sheesh... Well, I'm here to make up for it with a super rad TiLT. But then again I always think my TiLTs are rad soooo... I hope you enjoy it anyway! Happy Thursday! xo

these are the BEST easter eggs for any graphic designer! ♥
this photo would be gorgeous blown up on a wall ♥
this might be the best gif on the internet ♥
♥ but this gif gives it a run for its money ♥
these cross-stitched microbes! ♥
this place is so gorgeous! ♥
this may be the world's most reasonable question... ♥
this looks like the most delicious thing in the WORLD! ♥

this photoshoot with aubrey plaza is everything! ♥

this coffee mug is so rad! ♥
this water looks delicious! ♥

// I love this little shop. Not only is Fritha an absolute doll, but her online store is overflowing with cuteness.

// This video is way funnier than it should be haha!

// Foodie Finds: garlic parmesan french fries // loaded cheesy potato balls // parmesan au gratin potatoes (this pregnancy makes me want cheesy potatoes... what can i say?!) // strawberry pineapple slush // avocado fries (!!!) // salted caramel granola bars

// 25 fun facts about 'A League of Their Own'. This is so up my alley! Thanks Diana!

// Remember Michael Vick's terrible dogfighting ring? This will warm your heart!

// Wishlist Wears: the eyelet pattern on this dress is just too good // these sandals are my favorite kind of sandals! // this dress is the perfect color, pattern and cut! // these island loafers! // normally i don't gravitate to this color or length, but i'm digging it here // under the sea heels! with scallops! // this bright green and fuchsia dress is perfect for a 60's throwback // crocheted lace oxfords!

// DIY ice cream cone easter eggs... They look beautiful, but I would not eat them haha!

// I'm so tempted to steal (I mean, borrow!) this Snapshot blog idea. It's the perfect way to do a weekly wrap-up of life's happenings for the blog!

// Free printable clothing swap invites! These are so cute!

What are you loving this week?

// 26 Before 27 - Goals and Intentions

I'm only two weeks tardy to the party this year! I didn't want to rush my list and fill it with a bunch of useless mumbo jumbo. I'm trying to be very intentional with my time this go around since I know bringing in a new baby will have a learning curve of adjustment. I also wanted to make sure I sprinkled enough stuff to cover personal attention, family, business life, and all around fun. There are definitely other things I hope to accomplish in the next 12 months, but these are what I decided to write down for my annual list. (Here's my 25 Before 26 list if you're interested!) Some are easier than others, and some are ones that I carry over almost every year. Let's hope I can check them all off before turning 27! (I can't believe my next birthday will be my 27th! Where is life going?!) Without further ado...

Despite the fact that Mike and I own several businesses, we don't have a formal business plan. We sort of had one for Honeybean, and then we just started winging it. Now that he's going to be in school full time and I'll be ~*bringing home the bacon, I thought it'd be nice to really lay out a concrete foundation for where I see our businesses going in the future. I definitely have long term goals that I'd like to achieve with each venture, but I don't really have a map on how to get there. Let's give it a whirl!

I successfully sewed some baby leggings the other day (two pair actually!), and I sort of have the nesting bug! I want to do all sorts of little bits and bobs for him, but my patience (and skill set) is limited. Right now I have canvas shoes, bibs (with bowties!) and more leggings on my radar. They seem simple enough, but I'd really like to have a nice little collection of handmade goodies to have for him when he joins us.

Truncated to save you an eternity of scrolling! Click to read the rest of my list!

// Pregnancy Diaries - v.2

Now I'm back to talk my way through another pregnancy post... you know, because I don't do that in every other post. Yesterday was a pretty big "medical" day for us and we had been on pins and needles for 2 full weeks leading up to it. When I went in for my 22 week appointment, my doctor told me that they had found choroid plexus cysts on the baby's brain. I had absolutely no idea what that meant, and she was trying to tell me not to worry, but my mind was going a million miles a minute trying to process the information. She said 1% of babies get them in utero, and most of the time they resolve themselves. But then she said they can be soft markers for Trisomy 18. Again, I didn't really know what that was off the top of my head, but I knew it didn't sound good. She said I shouldn't get worked up, but that she would give me a referral to Vanderbilt for a Level 2 ultrasound. I walked out into the waiting room to find Mike and Toby (since it was a routine checkup I let Mike entertain Toby outside) and as soon as we hit the sidewalk I broke down. I tried holding it together long enough to make the mad dash to the car and then I was basically hysterical. At this point Mike had no idea what was going on or why I was upset, so I started to explain it to him. I was trying to explain something I didn't even understand, so right then and there we started reading articles on CPCs and Trisomy 18. Uh, big mistake! CPCs in themselves are not really a huge deal. They're not birth defects and they don't cause any functional damage to the brain. But Trisomy 18 is no joke. And right then and there my heart broke into a million tiny pieces.

I kept reading and reading and reading, trying to reassure myself that our odds were good for a clean L2 scan because my doctor didn't mention any other signs of T18. I had to wait 2 days for a phone call with my referral and ultrasound date. That date was yesterday. It was a long, hard 15 days. We only told our parents and maybe 2 friends, because we didn't want to worry anyone unnecessarily. Those 2 weeks were spent reading every article on every corner of the internet just to try and prepare myself for something if it showed up. Which, you know, is kind of not the smartest thing to do in a heightened emotional state. I came across a forum of moms talking about CPCs and how everything checked out perfectly fine and their babies were happy and healthy. I cannot tell you how much reading those accounts helped. Typically I stay far, far away from mommy forums (because those places are WHOA!) but I kept clicking, page after page, soaking in reassurance from strangers who didn't even know I existed. 

my view at 24 weeks. hello baby!

Yesterday was our ultrasound appointment. We took Toby out of school for the day so he could go to the ultrasound with us and see his little brother for the first "real" time. We ran errands beforehand and I tried not to think too much about it. We showed up at the Vanderbilt Maternal and Fetal Clinic and I put on my big girl britches. Normally my ultrasounds take all of 10 minutes or so, but I was on the table for a solid 30 minutes this time. Mike and I would occasionally glance over to each other because we'd notice a note the ultrasound tech would write. At one point I saw her highlight several areas of the baby's brain and then label them "CP" (choroid plexus)... so I was convinced he had a half dozen cysts. Again, babies can be fine with multiple cysts, but the more there are the higher the likelihood of an abnormality like T18. I stared at the screen for the full half hour, watching every single turn the baby made and every little picture the tech took. I began to worry (again) and my heart was racing. Then the doctor came in... and she was lovely. She was so kind and she asked us questions. One of her first questions was "So how much do you know about why you're here and CPCs and Tri18?" and my only answer was "Entirely too much." (Seriously KB, stay away from Google!) She walked us through identifying features on the ultrasound and told us that in her professional opinion, she saw nothing else that would indicate T18. She reassured us that T18 comes with a multitude of other physical markers and our little guy looked perfect. At 1 pound 7 ounces, he was in the 44% percentile and looked as strong as could be. We said our thanks, gathered our things and headed out of the office.

baby's moses basket + rocker for our room

Mike cried in the elevator when he hugged me. He was so relieved. This was the news we had been hoping for! I sent off a few texts to my mom and friends letting them know that the baby checked out perfect, and then we were off to run more errands. 10 minutes later we're standing in the paint aisle in Lowes and I just lose it! I started crying in front of the drop cloths and telling Mike that my heart is just so full. It was such a delayed reaction but it felt so good to cry those tears, ya know? 

I can't begin to imagine what it must be like to experience pregnancy and then have doctors tell you the reality of T18 and your baby. My heart breaks knowing that anyone ever has to go through that. I said it yesterday on Instagram and I'll say it again: I don't take even one second of this experience for granted. I wish I could bottle up this amazing feeling and keep it with me forever because there's nothing like it. I would find myself playing the "What if" game too much when I'd think about the chances of a poor ultrasound. And I even questioned whether we should order our stroller before our appointment... But ultimately we decided that we obviously have to live our lives and hope for the best. So that's what we did. Even if we were told our baby had T18, it wouldn't change our course of action. We wouldn't terminate, and we would love him just the same. Even if we never got to bring him home. Our stroller was delivered while I was on the ultrasound table at Vanderbilt... Maybe it sounds silly to say but it felt like a sign and a good omen to come home to. Mike put it together last night while I had a long phone conversation with Susannah. I walked into the house to find it in the kitchen and my heart skipped 15 beats! I know a stroller is just a material item, but it all feels so real when we start seeing his little things put together. It's a sign that he'll be here in a few short months and we'll get to share moments with him in and around these things. I just hope this sweet little baby knows how much we love him. He has already taken over our hearts. 

baby's new wheels! and his sweet bassinet attachment.

This whole pregnancy thing is such an emotional rollercoaster. There are so many things you do in preparation, and making sure that the baby grows to be strong and healthy inside of you. But there are so many factors that are completely and totally out of your control. If anything the past several months has taught me that I can't micromanage every detail of every thing in life. We're so thankful for a good report and I knew this was something I wanted to share because it's been one of the only things on my heart lately. Thanks to everyone who left such kind words on the IG post I shared yesterday. Please know that every single comment was read and cherished. It feels amazing to have the support of so many people! xo

// Things I Love Thursday v.179

this is the coolest plant pot ever. ♥
this globe is made of thousands of tiny, individually painted matchsticks! ♥
this is the best thing EVER. what a great mom! ♥
this! dogs are so amazing. ♥
this wheelchair-friendly stroller is amazing. what a cool design! ♥
this photo is so hauntingly beautiful. ♥
this is the best advice. ♥
this photo is touching in such a simple way. ♥
these cat head planters! ♥

// We're currently on what feels like a never ending hunt for two area rugs, like these from FloorsUSA, for our living room and the nursery. Crossing our fingers we find something snazzy soon!

// Have you ever seen a banana sing Celine Dion? Now you have.

// I'm done making my kid's childhood magical. I'd love to hear what you fellow parents thought of this article. Personally, I found it to be pretty powerful and direct. So much time and effort is spent on making sure our children are attended to 24/7... but most of my favorite memories from growing up were just me playing with my friends in the neighborhood.

// If you're into the black and white printed leggings look, these and these would be perfect (and affordable!) for your wardrobe!

// This is hands down one of the best dresses I've ever gotten from ModCloth. Everything about it is absolutely perfect and I'm definitely going to wear it out this Spring/Summer!

// Joelle shared a blog post in reply to a reader's question about getting started as a blogger.

// America, why are you naming all of your boys like this? This is pretty fascinating to me since the baby name game has taken over my brain the past few months. We've decided on a name for Baby Flynn... It may or may not end in "N" haha

// Roxy's dinner party post got me thinking about hosting our own sometime soon. Here's my question for y'all - What makes the best dinner party for you? Any tips you want to share?!

What are you loving this week?