// Elderflower Razz Cocktail

I have found the holy grail of delicious boozy sorbet drinks! It's this! THIS! And it's so simple! Grab you some raspberry sorbet and a bottle of St-Germain. Mix those babies together and drink, drink, drink! St-Germain is one of my favorite liqueur to mix with. If you've never had it before, it's an elderflower liqueur and it's especially delicious with champagne! I have a couple of fun cocktail recipes up my sleeve that include a fun bubbly, so stay tuned.

I know it's the very very very end of "Summer" but if you enjoy any hot weather beverage this Labor Day weekend, let it be this one! It's especially delicious once it's all melted and swirled together. YUM!

Any exciting plans for your Labor Day weekend?!

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// Book Club: Do The Work

This book is tiny, and it can be devoured by almost anyone in barely an hour or two. Though it's short, the message is strong! Steven Pressfield is the bestselling author of The War of Art and Turning Pro (which I have and will re-read to share a review!) This book is basically like your pocket-guide to getting shit done! Pressfield calls out the big bad monster that causes us all to panic, procrastinate, and self sabotage. He named it Resistance and he says the more important the project (small business, screenplay, diet, whatever) is to you, the harder Resistance will attack. This book basically walks you through how to execute a brilliant idea from start to finish. If this book doesn't motivate you, nothing will!

I shared a couple snaps of this book on Snapchat (@kaelahbee) recently and folks loved it! Verdict: If you've ever gotten in your own way and/or abandoned a project - READ THIS! I promise you'll thank me later!

Do you read any small business books? If so, which ones do you recommend?

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// Things I Love Thursday v.267

♥ this! ♥
♥ and also this! ♥
this acai recipe is *heart eyes* ♥
this DIY ice bucket is so pretty ♥
this cake! ♥
this illustration ♥
♥ this has a name apparently! ♥
these vegan s'mores tacos! ♥
these photos by guda koster ♥

this might be the prettiest speaker ever made. and it's voice controlled! ♥
it's half price for the next 3 days, plus $50 off with code GETWHYD

// The top 25 memes from the web's first 25 years. (Happy birthday, Internet!)

// I just ordered this Feminist necklace for myself! Treat yo'self!

// How friggin cute are these panda cosmetic cases from Furla?!

// While I'll likely never own any pieces of my own, I'm LOVING Mira Mikati's work!

// I've been using the 2Chic Ultra Revive conditioner from Giovanni lately and holy moly it's awesome. The pineapple-ginger scent is heavenly, and my hair is always so soft after.

// The flat lays are so pretty they make me want to go buy a backpack right now.

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