Looking through the fish-eye.

Here are a few photos via the DSLR (and Mike) with the fisheye/macro attachment. (read: a janky $8 ebay find). I really like the way these came out though! (Straight from the camera, no post-processing). Visit Mike's blog for more of his work.

I really loved this property. I hope we helped show just how beautiful and majestic it really was! 

PS; I was so thrilled to see so many of you take part in the LoveBomb today! It was awesome to read all of the comments left for Annie! Thanks for being such stars!


  1. Great photos and I have to mention your use of the word "janky"! I use that word all the time but I've encountered quite a few people who I guess have never heard it before? Glad to know I'm not the only one using it! =]

  2. i love the fish-eye pictures...so cool!

    thanks for stopping by my blog : )

  3. Loving the colors! It is a fact that everything looks cooler through a fish eyes lens. Lol http://www.comedycentral.com/videos/index.jhtml?videoId=246714&title=everything-looks-cooler-through

  4. You caught in orb! You can see it floating around in several of those pictures. I just went on a ghost tour in Charleston, those people are all about orbs.

  5. saw you on yes and yes, love your dimples and your style fellow bee. this makes me want to get a fish eye lens too


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