Wedding Wednesday!

It's our favorite time of the week! Weddings, weddings galore!

I didn't have plans to include this first wedding, but upon falling in love with the silhouette of the bride's dress and the coral pop of the groom's tie, anddd the sweet little wagon wheel, I realized I couldn't pass it up! And check out that view! That backdrop is insane! Helllllo, Jackson Hole, Wyoming! (via OnceWed)

This next wedding stunned me with the gorgeously detailed dress and the contrast in the photos! I'm typically a "muted-pastel photo" kind of gal but these were done so beautifully. (via RuffledBlog)

It's no newsflash that I'm a fan of all things picnicky! My 22nd birthday was celebrated with my friends on a big picnic blanket in Pinkerton... and this sweet couple did the very same on their very very big day! (Actually, you'll see a silly, smooshed face down there and you'll know why I really chose this one!) (via RuffledBlog

This final ceremony pretty much speaks for itself. Even though it took place what seems to be a million miles away, it looks like it could have been photographed in my very own town. I love the scenery (and the grandma picture!) (via RuffledBlog)

And the Weekly Wedding Question! How do you feel about non-traditionally-colored dresses? I'm not meaning ivory either. I mean pale pink and silver and lavender. Heck, even red! They're not overly common, but they're also not non-existant! I've seen some beautifully designed pale pink ones and I'm curious to hear your opinions! Heck, while we're on the subject, do you prefer stark white or a more antique ivory?

My opinion: I'm not a white gal. No stark white for me! I love love love all things ivory/cream so I've always thought I'd go that route. I guess time will tell! 


  1. I was never a "white" kinda girl either. I went Gold....It was a Winter Wedding so I think it went just fabulously! I actuall e-mailed you pictures... maybe you want to feature it on Wedding Wednesday... NO PRESSURE ;)

    Yours Truly

  2. I'm a sucker for good ol' traditional white :) Not that I would be against a flattering cream or eggshell-colored gown if I fell in love with one.

  3. I'm a sucker for good ol' traditional white! Not that I'd be against a flattering cream or eggshell-colored gown if I fell in love with one.

  4. I'm really starting to love you wedding Wednesday. I was married just over a year ago, and after all the hub-ub, I really felt blah about all the to-dos for weddings. But your thoughtful photo selection are reminding me of how beautiful, joyous, and loving weddings truly are. THANKS!

  5. My best friend swears that if she ever gets married it will be in a red dress, with her bridesmaids wearing white. Crazy, but in that perfect way that completely suits her. Personally, I'll stick with some cream or white color, but I hate that people think they HAVE to stick to traditional colors. It's YOUR wedding - have fun!

  6. I am 100% for them! Unless I can have one of the dresses the ladies you posted are wearing... then I might reconsider. But, as someone who looks awful in white (hello, Irish skin!) and tries to confine my beloved cream/ivory to places in an outfit where it won't come into contact with anything I spill/drip/sit on, I have always assumed that if I get married (not something I really care about, but I love any excuse to have a dressy party) I'll wear a non-traditional color. I'm not really into pastels but, if I must go pale, a sage green or delicate blue-grey would make me really happy.

  7. I always thought I would have a non-traditional dress. Mine was bright white, no glitter, sparkles at all. Plain satin with a big bow in the back.

    I love love love wedding pictures! I look at my grandma's all the time, and mine too. My husband has gotten into the habit of picking on me, cause I look at them so frequently!

  8. all of those weddings are equally beautiful, but the last one looks like my favourite!
    i'd definitely have a white dress, but i think other colours are pretty too! it's completely up to the bride, i saw a black dress once which was gorgeous.
    but for me, white for sure!

  9. I always loved traditional white dresses and thought that I would wear the whitest, puffiest princes dress I could find when I got married. I ended up getting married in an emerald green, knee length dress. I married a man who's last name is Peacock (yes, like the bird) so I decided to do an entire Peacock theme. My dress was green and I wore a peacock feather in my hair. I thought I was so cool for doing it... Sometimes I'm a little disappointed I didn't have a "traditional" dress. But, overall I'm glad I went non-traditional. It made my wedding unique. :)

  10. This is my most fav wedding you have posted so far in 'Wedding Wednesday'...loving the whole style the couple have gone for. Totally beautiful! :)

    - Krystal xo

  11. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I haaaate the ~crazy colored~ wedding dress thing. I really don't even like sashes with a different color on a wedding dress. For me, I just feel like...I look ~different~ enough, I wanted the big white dress.

  12. those pictures were so amazing! i love the contrast in colors in the second wedding. and i gotta say i like white or ivory, for me. i don't think i can pull off another color on the big day but i have seen others who have.

  13. My mum's getting married to my dad (FINALLY!), in a bright red wedding dress :)
    she's an unconventional woman :)

  14. I was married in blue. =)
    I've never liked myself in white, and trying to forage through the shops was just too daunting with everything else we had going on. I went to one place, found it in the prom section, and it fit like a dream. My husband wore a matching blue pashmina folded up like a cravat. I have that scarf and still wear it a lot.
    We love what we did! If I'd had more time and maybe a different time of year (October wedding), perhaps I would have gone for pale sage or blush. Or, you know, purple. ;)
    White's not for everyone!
    But for anyone wanting to retain the purity aspect of bridalwear, blue is the ancient Celtic color for purity and brides. Also the color of royalty in some cultures!


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