Wedding Wednesday: Elycia + Ivan

I've been excited about sharing this wedding for months now! Not only did I get to play a teensy-weensy little part (Hey Hive+Honey hair pieces!), but Elycia is one of my favorite blogger gals! Her wedding was nothing short of dreamy and I know you'll fee the same way! Peep the cake! SRSLY! Enjoy!

If you're on the homepage or reading through an RSS feed, click Read More to check out the little interview with Elycia on her big day! 

Want to be part of the 'Bean?!

I'm excited to announce that we will be taking on a select number of indie designers via consignment and wholesale! I didn't intend on getting others involved so soon but the truth lies in the fact that I can't do it all myself if I want to get it rollin' super soon! That's where you come in! 

Are you a crafty maven with an Etsy shop or Big Cartel full your handmade goodness? The 'bean is looking to stock lots of awesome items from other indie designers and entrepreneurs! 

If you'd like to be considered as a Honeybean designer and you want to talk shop, shoot me an email at and be sure to include a little bit about yourself, your items and a link to your shop (or some photographic examples of your work!). I hope to hear from you soon! xo

PS; If you design jewelry or other awesome accessories/wearables, we'd really love to hear from you!

Sunbaked Clay

This outfit is from about two months ago (don't hate me!) but I never got around to posting it. It was a Kaelah's Closet dress that I had never worn before so I decided to give it a little twirl. The title of the outfit isn't so much related to the outfit itself, but instead to my obviously melting face! Gah, makeup is so not Southern-summer appropriate! Oh well, at least I can have a sense of humor about it I guess!

We've gone out to take outfit pictures for the past few days but the mosquitos are insane in our yard and we haven't found time to venture elsewhere. I'm going to reshoot an outfit that I've been wearing *all* weekend and then share it on here. Style blogging is weird, isn't it?!

Not much to report from my end of the world. We tore out Honeybean's garment rack and built a new one (much like the one in our loft! Sans the chains). We're very happy with it. Yesterday we painted the shelf above it and now it's finished! Just gotta clean it up and finish putting everything in it. I want to take some good styled photos of it before I share it but I just don't know if/when we'll have time! Mike works a lot this week and we just found out that my (second) favorite band in the whole wide world, Pearl and the Beard, is playing at 3rd and Lindsley Thursday night so we'll be out for that. Life never wants to slow down!

We're so happy to have her home and we even got some "thumbs up" on the interstate driving home! She's fancy and we love her! Honeybean is now on Facebook, too! (I'm working on designing a website/blog for her!) Would you mind popping over and clicking "Like" to stay updated on her adventures and events?! I'd really appreciate it! CLICK HERE to "Like" her! Happy Tuesday!

Target dress
Forever 21 cardigan
Charlotte Russe shoes via Goodwill

Music Monday: Kate York

This week's Music Monday is fellow Nashvillian, Kate York! Kate's "radio station" on Last.FM is one of my absolute favorites so imagine my embarrassing ignorance when she came on stage with Rosi Golan last week at 3rd and Lindsley to sing. I had no idea she lived in Nashville! Such a happy surprise as this town is full of wonderful musicians. If you like my kind of music then you'll love Kate. For some reason listening to her music makes me think of sitting on the porch with some cider on a breezy Autumn day! Maybe because I'm desperately looking forward to that. Enjoy! xo

What have you been singing along to lately?


I got some glasses the other day. Yep. (Interesting fact: I'm blind in my left eye. Prescription lenses don't help but I couldn't pass these cute frames up!) They're Derek Cardigan frames and they're brown but fade to pink. How perfect! My two favorite colors! Susannah blogged about hers (which are exactly the same, except black. I like to jock her style.) and I wanted them badly! They're from Coastal Contacts and they regularly do a deal where they give away thousands of free glasses if you 'Like' them on Facebook or whatever. Seriously. (In fact, we ordered Mike a pair and I also ordered my second pair!). Kind of awesome! 

They're silly and perfect in every way! I've always thought glasses were awesome.

Do you wear glasses?(Another fun fact: I used to have some *serious* coke bottle glasses when I was younger. I also used to have to wear an eye patch several hours a day! Okay, fun fact sharing time is over :P)

PS; Honeybean is home! We're doing some revamping on her (read: tearing out the current garment rack and installing our own) but she'll be ready to share soon!

Shoe Maniaaa!

I like ugly shoes. There's really no way around that one. Many of you were readers back in February when I finally threw caution to the wind and bought some wedges. Yep. Wedges! I had jumped ship on my "black flats only! I hate all otha shoez!" kick and I never looked back. Now my shoe collection is slightly embarrassing (and it's only growing!). Maybe my fascination with Jeffrey Campbell shoes is because they're ~sew hip right now or something, but even if 99% of the population finds them positively nauseating, I can't help but love them. Thus my collection of Litas grew to four today, and I added a pair of pink and red polka dot El Carmens just this week. (don't count my Hamilton wedges or Daisy D platforms! Srsly, I love me some JC.) I also snagged some cute Betsey Johnson flats on Ideeli the other day (like 70% off!). And when I saw a pair of red/maroon platforms on LuLu*s, I added them to my basket and voila! Mine they shall be!

I'd like to think I've just become more mature with my footwear choices but when you're talking about 5-6" heels and sky high platforms, you don't exactly think of mature ladies. No matter how you spin it I've just decided to have fun with my shoes and hope that I can pull them off! I'm going to share a few of my most recent (and favorite!) shoe additions!

Jeffrey Campbell Kitty Litas via LuLu*s ♥ 
I bought these earlier today because I simply couldn't say no. I have the matching tapestry bag so it kind of felt like fate. I know you're thinking they're the most god awful things you've ever seen. I'd be crazy to say otherwise. I'm totally into them though!

♥  Jeffrey Campbell Pink/Red Dot El Carmens via Karmaloop ♥ 
I had some store credit left over at KL and I wasn't convinced on the Astral Litas so Mike and I decided these were a nice middle ground on "crazy/out there" and "totally normal". I like that they have a subtle pin-up vibe. I'm really hoping to get my hands on the red/white dots but I want to make sure they're comfortable first!

♥  Qupid Bikini Red Velvet Wedges via LuLu*s ♥ 
I saw these yesterday while browsing for the cat Litas and I loved the color combination too much to say no. I own a ton of Qupid shoes and while they're not always the best quality, they're cheap enough that you can afford to expriment with them. I've only ever had 1 pair of Qupid's crap out on me so I don't mind the $30 price tag.

♥  Gee WaWa Flora Wedges in Black and Olive via Karmaloop ♥ 
I first saw these shoes on our visit to Chicago back at the end of June. We went into Akira downtown and I was in love. I didn't like the price tag and I wouldn't have been able to buy them at the time anyway, so I left empty handed. Upon arriving back in Nashville I saw the black ones on sale at Karmaloop for half off. They had one pair left. And it was my size. Um, fate anybody?! I tried snagging them but something went wrong and I thought they were gone forever. Cue me to buy the olive ones instead (also the last pair... and in my size! Oh the shoe gods were smiling that day!). Come to find out I actually had purchased the black ones, but my payment hadn't gone through yet. And cut to the end where I became the owner of two pairs of Floras, and no, I wouldn't trade them for anything. They're like moon shoes!

♥  Jeffrey Campbell Waffle Weave Brown Litas via LuLu*s ♥ 
I received these as a gift from LuLu*s for doing a guest post series on their blog and I was overjoyed. I had wanted the Waffle Weave since buying the Stars & Stripes Litas because they're so neutral and can be worn year round. Believe me when I say: Litas are so incredibly comfortable! Don't let that giant heel fool you!

♥  Jeffrey Campbell Pink Pony Hair Litas via Karmaloop ♥ 
These were a quick last minute grab too because they were on sale. I'm such a sucker for sales! I went a half size down (to what I normally wear) and they're a bit snug. I still love them and the pink heel is my favorite! Everyone said Litas run large but I definitely didn't find that to be true.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

While all of the above are officially mine, here are a few that I'm totally coveting! 

♥  Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spikes ♥ 
These are the perfect blend of awesome and badass. Not that those two things are all that different. They're really appropriate for colder months and I've been trying to buy them for days! I gave myself 24 hours to make sure I really wanted them and as soon as I decided "DUH!", they were sold out of my size! I'm working on it though! 

These just scream 1950's pinup! They'd look classic with a white dress or even black! Or take it full on nautical! These are definitely shoes to usher in Summer, not quite so much to say goodbye!

♥  Jeffrey Campbell Cuffed Red Nubuck Platforms ♥ 
These are the perfect shoe for Autumn! They'd look fabulous with brown, purple, orange, yellow, khaki, you name it! All of the perfect colors for Fall. The deep red and the suede couldn't be more perfect. And those cutouts! Ooh la la! 
These are a lot less "Oh hey! Look at me!" and a little more conservative. The color is still unbelievable. Flouncy dresses and straw hats galore please! Maybe they'd make the perfect picnic shoes!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

I could probably go on for days but I'll leave it there for now. That was a little bit of a shoe overload but I like what I like, okay?! I never thought that I'd be this girl in a mere 6 months! It's kind of fun! 

I don't want to shill things to you all day long but if you get the hankerin' to buy something on Karmaloop, you can get 20% off with the coupon code KAELAH. :) I always do a quick Google Shopping search for everything I want to buy though and I try to buy it on the cheap! I don't like to spend more money than I have to haha.

Are you a shoe person? Love or hate the "ugly is awesome" trend?
Trendy or not, I like loud shoes. Mike hates them (but he humors me!).

Sponsored Giveaway!: The Paper Mama

I'm super excited about this week's giveaway because it's from none other than the talented Chelsey over at The Paper Mama! Chelsey contacted me a few months ago about doing a sweet little family portrait and I couldn't say no. She emailed me back a bit later with the final and it was awesome! Peep this below! (Yes, Mike is holding hands with a shark!) Well, lucky for you, one of you fabulous honeybees will walk away with your own custom family portrait (valued at $100)! Eek! I can't wait to see who wins and what comes out of it!
See more examples of her family portraits HERE!

To enter to win one custom portait (up to 3 people/animals), please drop by The Paper Mama shop and then leave a comment below telling me who would be in your family portrait!

Yep, it's that simple! A winner will be drawn on the 31st and contacted via email or Twitter (so be sure to leave a way to reach you!)

PS: Congrats to Comment #163 Kitty Kerri on winning the Pree Brulee giveaway!

Honeybean Mobile Boutique

Yesterday I saw the painted 'bean for the first time! My heart is so incredibly full. I audibly gasped and fumbled for my phone as quickly as possible to text Susannah and Mike the pictures. I cannot even begin to tell how you how real it's starting to feel! Mike worked until after 11 last night so I poked around the house cutting out fabric to make a pennant banner for her. Might as well bring her home in style, right?! A few things will be left to us when she gets in our possession this weekend so I'm scouring the internet for all sorts of odds and ends to add to her. I can't wait to have her in our driveway so I can spend too much time playing with displays and set ups! We're going to be adding a vinyl decal on the back that says "Honeybean mobile boutique" so we're also on the hunt for a reliable sign dealer here in the Nashville area. She's almost home! I can't wait to show y'all pictures!

Until then, I'm going to share some of the branding and "behind the scenes" type stuff! Up first, the logo! Followed by 6 sets of business cards that I've designed. I ordered 3 of the designs last night from Moo and VistaPrint so we'll see how the quality is or if I opt to have them printed locally/elsewhere! 

I hope you don't mind me sharing details like this. Many of you said in a recent post that you loved hearing about the business-y stuff and I know I love sharing it because I'm going to read back on these days in total awe of everything coming together! Design has always been a huge passion of mine but being able to design for my own dream job is just that much more magical! (Say that five times fast!) Thanks for being a part of this journey. I know I say it every single day but you are truly rockstars! I cherish every email, tweet and comment ♥

PS; Like my little drawing of the 'bean that I did last night? It'll replace the one up in the sidebar now since we went for a Yellowstone instead of a Shasta! I love Shastas but I couldn't be happier with our decision!

Say Hello To Our August Sponsors!

It's that time of month... the time where I share some of my fabulous sponsors who have been gracious enough to support LCH and my Honeybean Dream. Enjoy! xo

to make love stay // happy serendipity
pearls, lace and ruffles // YOU?!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Little Chief Honeybee please visit THIS page and check out the traffic/stats, perks and instructions! Feel free to email me at kaelahbee at gmail dot com with any questions you may have. Sponsor spots now have a lower rate! September will be a fun month on LCH: roadtrip to Chicago to see our best friends, visit Renegade Craft Fair, meet lots of people (!!!), hopefully nail down our wedding date (!!!), open up Honeybean Mobile Boutique (!!!!!!!!!!), and continue to live our days filled with love and laughter! Hope you'll be part of our journey! xo