Oktoberfest Haul Part One: Camera Crazy!

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw all of my tweets last weekend exclaiming how amazing Oktoberfest was (and the entire week leading up to it!). Oktoberfest, for those who do not know, is a tradition in my hometown. It's an entire weekend devoted to about 20 miles of "yard sales" on both sides of the road.... packed right next to each other! It's amazing! It truly is a thrifter's dream! The local schools even get that Friday off of school! It beckons vendors and shoppers from all over the country. It's seen a decline in cool stuff over the past few years, but Mike was an Oktoberfest virgin so we decided to remedy that and boy oh boy! We lucked out!

I'm only going to post a photo or three (or seven) of the actual Oktoberfest festivities (mainly because we didn't take any *good* ones really. We were far too focused on finding awesome things!). Then you'll get to see about half of our camera haul! We finished the two day weekend (we skipped Sunday) with 27 new cameras to add to our collection I believe! We only photographed about 14 or so today. The rest are Polaroids. Both new styles to our collection, and duplicates. We never had the intention of starting a "collection" but it was basically inevitable. We're going to house them in a sweet case soon! [Yes, we are those people.]

And the cameras:

Among our finds was a Nikon F60 (Film SLR! Perfect working condition!), several 8mm video cameras, lots and lots and lotsss of Polaroids, and several more SLR cameras, too. All seem to be in working condition. Doubtful that we'll ever shoot with all of them, but it's still nice. 

I wish I could share with you EVERYTHING we happened upon but gosh golly, this little blog just wouldn't be able to house it all! We're heading out on our trip tomorrow pretty early so we're able to stop by this EPIC flea market in Crossville that I used to frequent when I was younger with my Nana! I hope it lives up to my expectations because I haven't been in about a decade! 

Mike and I are off to finish some errands and head over to my bar for a night's work and then come home to crash! I'll be back tomorrow with the Sunday Spotlight and hopefully some road-trip inspired stuff!


  1. I am definitely thinking you need to share these with the world by selling them online:) I'm a bit jelly.

  2. Carla: we've contemplated selling our duplicates but there's no way we'll be parting with most :P I'll let you know if I list any though! :D

  3. Oktoberfest sounds amazing. And you truly hit the jackpot with all those cameras! I can't wait to see how your display of them all turns out.

    Have an awesome road trip. :)

  4. HOLY #@%#@*!! that must have been some kind of ah-may-zing shopping experience. I can not believe how many cameras you got. What a cool idea 'Oktoberfest' is!

  5. all those cameras! I always get excited when I see some that I don't have...so jealous!

  6. wow, i just stumbled across your blog...and I love it! Also, WOWEE I'm jealous of your camera collection.


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