// A Sappy One

I've been having a time of it lately... Trying to process watching Toby grow up before our very eyes. To think back a year and a half ago now (wow!) to when we got custody... he was so timid and quiet. His personality had yet to really blossom. Now he's constantly on the move. He has reasoning ability and opinions. He understands his actions have repercussions. And he's so very polite (even if it kills me, he'll be polite!)

Now the title "Mommy" is reserved for when he's upset, for whatever reason. In the general day by day I'm simply "Mom" and that's okay. My heart breaks just a little when I think about how much he's grown up. I miss that sweet little chubby face from when he was barely a year old. But at the same time I cherish the conversations I have with him now. My heart swells when he asks to ride along to run tedious errands with me. Every morning he greets me with "Hey mom, want me to check the mail for you?" He'll lend a helping hand at home without even realizing it's typically considered more of a "chore" than simply being kind. But that's just who he is... kind

All of these thoughts and emotions started rushing over me when I picked him up from our bed the other night (where he fell asleep) and carted him over to his room. I laid him down, tucked him (and Jumpy, his kangaroo) in, and kissed his forehead (no need to push his hair back now that it's all gone! Ah, that's a whole other can of worms!) I whispered "I love you" as I started to pull away and he wrestled around and murmured "I love you, too". Well, to be fair it was more of a "eih lohh eh too" haha, but I knew what he was saying. 

He's never going to be this small again, and I'm trying my best to make sure I cherish each and every moment. Even the ones where he's kicking and screaming up a storm because he simply doesn't understand something. Despite how easily I may become frustrated on certain days, I pinch myself constantly because I know just how lucky I am. Mike and Toby have given me the very best gift of all, and that's the gift of being a mom. I wasn't given the gift of motherhood by biology, but that doesn't mean I don't feel it 110% in my heart. Toby has taught me so very much about life in the past year. I know we're in each other's lives for a reason.

What an amazing little man.

// Things I Love Thursday v.137

these "Poehler-oids!" ha ♥
this little elephant is having a good time! ♥
♥ ...just starin' at myself. ♥
this is SO cute! ♥
that tongue! ♥
♥ would you give this "blind date" for books a go? ♥
this is the heart of the Congo, shot using dead-stock infrared film! ♥
♥ this whole amanda bynes thing is really sad, but this tweet was gold. troll or in need of help?♥
this is a "virtual market" in japan! scan what you want + it'll be delivered to your home!  ♥
♥ love this photo of manhattan ♥
♥ an honorary master's degree was given to a service dog who sat thru every one of owner's classes ♥

// How about a "Juggalo OKCupid Tumblr" blog?! Oh yes, it exists. And it is magical!

// My favorite song by my favorite band just turned 10 years old. Here, have a listen!

// Restaurant allows unemployed patrons to work for a meal. I love this business plan so much.

// "Stop Rescuing African Children Through Corrupt Adoptions" This was a really interesting read.

// Ashley just posted an extended introduction on her blog and I loved reading it. She has such a cute space on the 'net!

// New bits and bobs over at The Northern Sea: this antiqued cicada ring (!!!), a chevron ring (love the layered look), and the leaf ring in gold (and silver, too!) Can you tell I'm totally into rings right now?! haha

// Carrie Anne always has the most interesting guest posters on her blog. The latest about Greenwashing is no exception! I feel like I always learn a lot when I pop by her place. (I love her Snapshots posts, too! Fantastic links)

// Wishlist Wears: I love the coloring of this mint chiffon dress (with pink and white!) // i love this peach dress so much! oh my stars // this black and white graphic dress // I NEED this horse belt! // tortoise sunglasses with a fun shape // this dress is the perfect mix of daphne + thelma from scooby doo i think! // i love these bright red sandals, and the $17 price tag // black bauble bib necklace // the perfect striped beach bag // lazy oaf "weirdo" tote // nautical bracelet with anchor!

// ROXY GOT MARRIED! Look at these darling preview photos!

// Karen was tagged in the "25 Questions" meme - I love stuff like this!

// Beluga bookends! How cute!

// Don't forget! We'll be with Honeybean at Porter Flea tomorrow night and all day Saturday! There are still a few preview market tickets available for the party on Friday night (21+). Then Saturday we'll be open 10am - 5pm! You guys HAVE to come see all of the new goodies we've made/procured! I'm so excited! Are any of you planning on dropping by?

What are you loving this week?

// Swan Dive

Swan Dive
Yeah, I'm totally starting the blog post with that picture. Whatever. These photos ended up being way underexposed so please excuse the janky Lightroom hackjob on fixing the exposure. My bag looks like it's glowing but that's really basically the truth. This thing is HOT pink. Like, the most neon pink you can ever imagine. And because of the fabric, it just reflects an insane amount of light. I should probably tote that around if I find myself walking on a dark road at night haha This white lace dress is another find from JCPenney. I swear I'm not getting paid to shop there (though that sounds like a fun gig!). But there's seriously so much good going on in there! I topped it off with my striped swan cardigan and it was the perfect outfit for Saturday's errands in Nashville. I also wore my light pink bib necklace that I recently got via StitchFix! This necklace is awesome. I must be tardy to the party when it comes to the bib necklace trend but I am making up for lost time!
Swan Dive
Swan Dive
Speaking of StitchFix - I received my 30th fix last week (WHOA!) That should probably be embarrassing to admit, but I'm a loyal Stitch Fix fan so I can't help it. I've got a permanent stylist at this point it seems (Margaret - she's amazing!) and I am always so impressed with how far she goes to get me something she knows I'll like. She's even scoured my Pinterest boards and emailed me to keep me in the loop! Love that so much. I'll probably go to my grave preaching the Stitch Fix gospel haha Have any of you given it a go lately? If not, here's an invite! If so, what'd you think?
Swan Dive
Swan Dive
My holiday-weekend-acquired tan is finally in full force. My freckles are out and about and they make my tattoos look like they've been splattered with brown ink dots. Freckles are my absolute favorite thing about summer so bring it on! I'm also loving what the sun is doing for my complexion. I wear makeup with built in SPF but one thing I notice is when the sun comes out in full force, my face becomes the clearest. I love not even having to slap on tinted moisturizer sometimes. Just some pink on the cheeks and mascara, then boom! Good to go! I'm going to do a litte write up about my favorite tinted moisturizer though. I could sing about it from the rooftops, too! I swear, when I find something that just works for me, I become the most loyal avid follower. Moisturizer, Stitch Fix and JCPenney... you're currently rocking my world!
New Pillow Designs
Custom Sign Orders
Also! We did a limited run of 5 (of the 15+) envelope pillow shams we'll have at Porter Flea this weekend + made them available for online purchase! There are only 3 of each design available. The ones up for immediate purchase are the hot dog print, analog camera, vintage mcdonalds, mushrooms, and pastel donut designs! You can shop those HERE! (Free domestic shipping!) -- I also have a very limited number of custom painted wooden signs up for grabs! They range in size and price, but can be made to say/look however you want! These make *the best* wedding gift - So thoughtful and unique! Feel free to email me (kaelahbee@gmail.com) if you want to order one! They're selling like crazy mad so reserve yours quickly!

JCPenney dress
Swan cardigan c/o LOVE clothing (2 years ago)
Bib necklace via Stitch Fix
MIA Jukebox wedges
Neon pink bag via Marshalls

// Patriot

Happy Tuesday, friends! Phew, what a weekend! I'm finally home and actually back in my office for the first (real) time in over a week. Last week was Porter Flea prep (and still is) and this past weekend was spent on the go. Saturday we had errands and bit to do in Nashville, and we met up with Sarah (from Yes and Yes) and her friend Darcy at Mas Tacos for a delicious lunch. Then we high tailed it home to rush to my little cousin's dance recital. Immediately following that we loaded up our cars and headed to the river where we camped until yesterday. I didn't even look at my phone the entire two days we were down there. It was amazing. We grilled out, had a campfire, broke in the RV, took out the boat, drank a lot of beer, got entirely too much sun, and watched Toby have the time of his life. It was the perfect mixture of sun and fun. Of course I managed to get too much sun and even with boat loads of SPF, my sleeve swelled up and burnt. The pain coming off of my forearm yesterday was indescribable. A mixture of what felt like ninth degree burns (ha) and tendonitis. Luckily it wore off and now I just need my red body to turn into a tan one. We all had such a blast though. I think the whole unplugging bit really helped, too. It's not hard for a lot of people to unplug, but I usually stress out about missing an email or something. Just goes to show how much we inflict on ourselves. I hope I can start unplugging more often (and spending more time at the river!)
Remember last week when I made the quip about owning all of the blue and white polka dot dresses? Well, here you go again! Nothing special or amazing about it, but it is another one of those awesome JCPenney finds. It could probably use a few accessories, but in all honesty it was the perfect run-around-town outfit for the day. At this point I think I just need to order about 2 more backup pairs for all 3 of the MIA Jukebox wedges that I have. I seriously wear these shoes more than any others (except my trusty tan Target flats... they're my new "black flat crutch" haha). They're the perfect wedge in height, comfort and style. My nails have been painted yellow for the past couple of weeks, but I actually swapped it out for a peachy coral the other day. That's not the point I was getting at: My nails look diseased! Ugh, that yellow is seriously such a gorgeous shade when applied, but the aftermath is straight up icky. It doesn't help that my nails are chipped and broken from working with my hands the past few days either. It's a little bit embarrassing to be honest haha 
As I said up above, I'm finally back in the work saddle for a few hours each day this week. I'll be working on design work and sponsor bits during that time. If you're looking for either a new look for your blog/biz, or maybe some new customers/readers, shoot me an email and let's work together! We head out Friday morning to get set up early at Porter Flea, then we'll be in Nashville until Saturday night. There's a canoeing trip on Sunday but Mike and I aren't sure we'll feel quite up to speed to attend. A 10-mile float that takes roughly 12 hours?! Yow. I think I got enough sun this past weekend to last me quite a while! Speaking of Porter Flea - there are still a few Preview Night tickets left. Friday night's event is from 5pm til 8pm and you'll not only get a leg up on shopping, but you'll also get plenty of delicious beer and snacks. It's 21+ and you can find out more at the Porter Flea site. The best part about Friday? Skipping out on the insane crowds! December's event was absolutely insane. I hope everyone comes back for the summer event this weekend! Let me know if you'll be there!

JCPenney dress
MIA Jukebox wedges

// Summer of Kintage Giveaway!

Kintage Giveaway
This giveaway is so exciting to me! Aileen wanted a fresh new concept for this month's Kintage giveaway and her idea was spectacular: Offer up one lucky winner the chance to pick her favorite piece each month of summer and have them delivered in style! Yep, one of y'all will get to pick your favorite Kintage piece in June, July, and August! In case you're not familiar, Kintage is an adorable online boutique specializing in affordable, attainable fashion. Aileen works diligently to source and stock the most adorable styles for every day. Lately the "New Arrivals" and product sneak peeks have been out of this world! (Seriously: She posted the most adorable yellow and white dress on the Kintage Instagram and I'm counting down the days until it's listed for sale!) Whoever wins this giveaway is going to be a very very happy lady!

Visit the Kintage shop and tell me what you'd pick for June! 

(You can share your premature July + August picks, too - if you'd like!) Leave a comment below with your choices, and a way to contact you if you win!

(Totally optional! But please leave a separate comment for each!): Like Kintage on Facebook ♥ Follow @Kintage on Instagram ♥ Follow @ShopKintage on Twitter ♥ Tweet this: I hope I win the Summer of @ShopKintage giveaway on @kaelahbee's blog! KaelahBee.com"

Overall that's 5 ways to enter! I'll choose a winner at random next weekend and announce shortly thereafter! Good luck! Have a safe and happy weekend! xo

PS; Once Kintage reaches 1,000 IG followers, Aileen is giving away multiple $50 gift cards to the shop! Plus it's awesome to get a heads up about new arrivals, and help in the decision making process!

Congratulations JaeTea Skywalker!

// Holy Guacamole! (+ Happy 4th Birthday Georgia!)

First and foremost: Happy birthday to our sweet little baked potato, Georgia! I say that like she can, you know, read my blog or something, but whatever. Today she is 4 years old! (Mike's dad's birthday is the 22nd, then my blog on the 23rd, then G on the 24th haha) Seriously, she's FOUR! What?! How?! I remember the day I went to pick her up. Ah, my heart! I get all weird about her birthday when it rolls around because I think about the "expected lifespan" of bulldogs and then I cry because I feel like it's already halfway over. Then I think I'm ridiculous because I spend more time worrying about the inevitable than just hugging on her and spoiling her with treats. That big ol' butterball turkey is my baby so I can't help it. I just love her so much. And now I've realized I've spent all of this time blabbing on about it. Today we're going to treat her extra special!
Holy Guacamole!
The title of this outfit post comes from Mike's affectionate nickname for this dress. When I first opened the package to try it on he was totally skeptical of the color/pattern. Luckily once I had it on he decided that he actually quite liked it, yet he still called me Guacamole the whole time I wore it. I'll just consider it a pet name, yea? I actually wore this outfit last week when we headed up to Nashville to have dinner with Elle + Bryan. We stopped off at a park in Spring Hill to snap some pictures on our way up. This dress is seriously *so* comfortable (though it runs a smidge big, FYI)! Ugh, I'm embarrassed to admit I totally slept it in for like 2 nights because it's just so lightweight and breezy. (Anyone else prefer to sleep in dresses? Just me?) I grabbed my throwback Blowfish Garrens to wear with the dress, and my new favorite "everything and the kitchen sink" IZOD bag. I also took the opportunity to wear my new name laser cut necklace from Kim! Isn't it darling?! I love the typography.
Holy Guacamole!
Holy Guacamole!
I'm currently writing this post with bandaids on 6 of my 10 fingers. "What happened?!" you might be asking... A glue gun happened. How on earth I managed to burn and blister so many of my fingers is beyond me, but I did. Typing is really hard to do and we've been pulling 14-17+ hour days working on Honeybean wares lately. That combination of events has kept me from responding to emails in a timely fashion so if you're waiting on a reply, hold tight! We've been working so hard/long that I seriously start falling asleep with a glue gun in my lap. It hasn't been my finest week but man oh man, we've been so productive! Life will go back to normal after next weekend though, and I'll be so grateful for that! 
Holy Guacamole!
Today we're back at it again, but we'll be taking a nice mid-day break to take our munchkin to get the long awaited hair cut. He was so adamant about having long hair for the longest, but now he's decided to chop it all off. Honestly I'm relieved. I love his long blonde hair but I'm so over saying "Get your hair out of your mouth!" 37 times a day. And being asked "Aw, how old is she? She's so cute!" haha Traditional gender roles be darned, but it'll hopefully save the honest people the embarrassment once I politely say "He's four, but just has long hair"

Do any of y'all have any exciting plans for the holiday weekend?! Tomorrow we'll be spending most of the day in Nashville, but then rushing back that evening to go to my little cousin's dance recital. Then Sunday we're hoping we'll wake up early to head down to the river in the RV. Wishful thinking (always!) but I'm so ready to break that bad boy in! Whatever you end up doing (even if it's just a normal weekend in your neck of the woods) I hope it's fun and safe! Pop back by tomorrow for a giveaway from one of my favorite online shops!

Caught Your Island dress c/o ModCloth
IZOD tote via TJ Maxx
Blowfish "Garren" platforms (c/o, 2+ years ago)
"Kaelah" wooden necklace c/o Finest Imaginary

// Things I Love Thursday v.136 (+ Happy 4th Birthday LCH!)

This little blog is four years old today! Isn't that crazy? Not nearly as old as some of my favorites, but four years ia long time for me haha It's so crazy to think that it's been four years since I was packing up my bags for my first solo stint in NYC to work at Bust magazine. Then again, it's hard to believe that was only four years ago! Things are so different now... different in a good way though. I like to get all sentimental about this little blog. It's done so much for me. It has brought so many people into my life, and so many doors have opened. I hope the trend continues well into the fifth year and beyond. Thanks for sticking around and making it a fun blog to write day after day!

Now here's a collection of lovely things to get you through the last bit of your work week!
this looks like so much fun! ♥
this dress!!! ♥
this! i'm so fascinated by bioluminescence. ♥
♥ watch your veggies grow with this neat planter ♥
these button cookies! ♥
♥ can we talk about how fantastic this necklace is?! ♥
this adorable mug ♥
these pillows are so cute! ♥
this silly shirt! ♥
♥ this girl had the coolest life growing up! read more about her here. ♥

// Adventurer Vintage is moving out! Snag some sweet sales while they last: 35% off everything with code MOVINGSALE, then an extra 20% off of sweaters + coats. And free domestic shipping on sale items!

// This Fresh Basil Corn Salad looks delicious! (and I'm currently starving so...)

// Roxy shared her engagement video preview! Ahhh, so cute!

// Y'all... Amanda Bynes is just a whole lot of "HUH?!" -- What on earth is going on with that girl?!

// An open letter to Abercrombie & Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries... along with some new advertising suggestions in the form of photos. You go, Jes!

// The best thing ever: Gizoogle! Put in your favorite blog URL or Twitter username! Or even your own! Watch the magic unfold.

// Karen's pet Panda! (It's a guinea pig named Panda... but omg!)

// Amanda is selling her Oklahoma "Warrior" print to raise funds for disaster relief in her home state.

// Is Anyone Else Still Traumatized By Books And Movies From Childhood? Yes: Fox and the Hound. My heart breaks every time.

What are you loving this week?