Biltmore Estate and Wilmington

On Monday morning, Mike and I woke up and decided it'd be a good morning for the Biltmore. We loaded up the car after checking out of our hotel and headed down to the huge estate. We were amazed at the incredible number of people who were out and about on a Monday morning to see this place! It was packed! We were in line for what felt like ever. We finally got in and realized that we weren't sold. $120 for this? Really? Maybe it was the fact that it was so expensive, or the fact that there were easily 1000 people in the house with us at the same time, but we did not enjoy ourselves. Between rude people pushing and shoving, and having to pee halfway through, we were just ready to leave. We really wish we had been given the opportunity to truly appreciate every room and artifact, but that just wasn't going to happen. Ah well! You live and you learn! The gardens were beautiful though, and the scenery was breathtaking. The mountains in the fall! 

Afterwards we headed to the batting cages at The Fun Depot. That's right... batting cages. I proceeded to own him, but he did show me a thing or two in Skee-Ball. We had a really fun time and only spent like $15! Then we were famished so we ate. Afterwards we headed over to Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company and decided to see a $3 showing of Eat, Pray, Love. I wish we had taken photos of the inside because it was darling! It was not a typical movie theater. We all had our own seats, but in front of us was a little bar and everyone was drinking beer, eating pizza, etc. There was even a bar/concession stand IN the movie theater so you never missed a beat! So wonderful. We departed Asheville and decided to mosey on toward Wilmington. We had our fingers crossed for the Port City. We ended up staying about halfway to Wilmington in Lincolnton for the night. Then we woke up and drove to the beach! That night we laid out on the beach way past sundown and we even crafted a little sand pig! Haha We didn't spend a ton of time on the beach because I didn't have sunscreen and we didn't bring any bathing attire. Instead, we adventured around the city, went to aquariums, and wrote down every realty company we saw....

Tomorrow I'll post about the trip to the aquarium and downtown Wilmington. But I'll go ahead and say: Our hearts are in the Wilmington/Kure Beach area! We got such great vibes from there and we'd definitely love to relocate there as soon as possible... of course, there are a lot of things we must do here before we can even entertain the thought. But still.... we're looking! 

Stay tuned for the Huge Handmade Giveaway! It's finally done and you're going to love it! 


  1. ahh wilmington! haha i am the one from formspring :]. Wilmington is quite lovely! I am glad you guys liked it. I hope yall can move here soon :D

  2. The pic of you two holding hands is so cute!


  3. im glad you went to wilmington it is so wonderful!! and you look so cute as always!! aaaand if that is a blossom clip in your hair i am super happy!!

  4. kinda sucks that you came all the way to aville to hang out at Biltmore. There is so much to see and do here for little to no money.... bummer

  5. Beautiful pictures! I love the first one of you too holding hands and those buildings are incredible, hope you guys enjoy your trip! xx

  6. $120 for the biltmore..
    i haven't been in awhile..good grief!!!
    that a lil extreme.
    but i hope you had a wonderful time on your trip..

  7. $120? What?!?!

    I love Wilmington. I bet it would be a great place to live.

  8. i can't believe i've never read this post before! i live on topsail island, which is about 30 minutes down the road from wilmington and i agree wth you, it's great. it would be so wonderful if you moved here then i could possibly meet you! gah! haha


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