Wedding Wednesday!

I am in LOVE with this shoot! The beautiful dancer and the gorgeous dress! And her hair! The charming fella in the great outfit! Oh my goodness!

Doesn't this couple just look like so much fun?! The adorable dress, the wonderful tabletop centerpieces, and the GORGEOUS styling! Swoon!

UM HI BEAUTIFUL EVERYTHING! I know these aren't the same wedding, but they're the same photographer. And well, both of these are AWESOME.

How about that paper flower installation, huh?! Oh my stars! I need that in my life! I love when couples take a handmade approach to weddings and it's so over-the-top-but-still-subtle like this! And those flower arrangements and centerpieces are some of the most fantastic I've ever seen! I love the wood block numbers. They'd be great for practical purposes in the home afterwards, too! You must check out this feature! [BTW, the photographer is the oh-so-talented Kyle Hale who I featured way back in the day! Cool!] OH OH OH! One more thing, the awesome paper flower installation is done by Dolci Odille and you can go oogle and drool over the blog by clicking HERE. I'm currently doing so.]

The flowers! Ooooh the flowers! [And the bride's incredible red hair!]

Gah! I just can't help but swoon over such well-done weddings! Can I get married now?! Please?! I want my childhood, fairytale, ~dream wedding, too! You can view the original features of all the weddings by clicking on the ♥ under the photos! Now for the weekly wedding question!

How do you feel/where do you stand on the bride taking the groom's last name? Is it too traditional for you? Is it expected? What do you think of women who choose to keep their maiden name? And how about the hyphenated last name? [Okay.. there were several questions...]

Just curious! Mike and I were discussing this the other night and I'd love to know what you all think! At the end of the day, I think it's totally the bride [and groom]'s call and there's no right or wrong answer. Some have some very special reasons for wanting to keep their maiden name, and some think that taking on the new last name is expected and a perk of being married. Let's hear your thoughts!


Tuesday, again?!

Howdy ho there, partner! Two updates in one day you say? Whaaa! Okay okay... Liz and I just got back from seeing Toy Story 3. We decided to forgo our usual gym routine and treat ourselves to some childhood flashbacks, laughs, and probably some tears, too. 

First off, can you believe the first Toy Story came out fifteen years ago! I was only SEVEN! Oh my! While I can't tell you too terribly much about the second one (it's been a while!), I can tell you that without a doubt, this was the best movie I've seen this year! Tuesdays were always my date night with Mike, so I had to do a little compromising but we had a wonderful time. Movie tickets are so expensive in NYC ($16.50 each! Eep!) but it was well worth it! There wasn't a single minute of the movie that wasn't entertaining! So much laughter and so many memories. I thought it was awesome how it was definitely made for our generation. Not even for our little brothers or sisters. There's so much that kids today wouldn't understand and it was a wonderful ending to a great story. I held back the tears (for the most part) until I saw a guy 2 rows up from me crying. Then I just kinda decided to go with it. There was a girl behind me that at one point had to catch her breath. It was definitely a treat and I recommend it to anyone who wants a little taste of nostalgia.

Afterwards I popped over to The Lyric Diner and grabbed a veggie burger to go. You'd think that all I ever ingested were pickles, Naked juices, and oj by the looks of my fridge! Grocery shopping tomorrow... a must! Now I'm hanging out at home while I wait on Mike to get back home so we can Skype.

Tomorrow is my last day of work for the week! I have Thursday, Friday, AND Monday off since Mike is in town! Woo hoo! You can be that this weekend will be full of photos, picnics and adventures! I'm so excited he gets to come visit for the holiday! Do any of you have any sweet plans for the 4th?! This is my first year away from home [and by away I mean "away away" aka 1000 miles from my family]. I don't know what we'll get into, but I can for sure tell you that we will NOT be going to Governor's Island! She and Him are playing a free show but I can't even imagine the mad house! 

Anywhoo, I'm off of here! Im gonna try to catch the series premier of Huge online! There was a big ruckus over it at work today and apparently everyone loved it. Did you watch it? What did you think?  I'll be back with my daily photo soon!


PS; Thanks for everyone's reactions and comments on the last post! It was really great to hear what you had to say! The gal who asked followed up on my FormSpring and I directed her here. Hopefully she'll gather some reinforcement from all of your amazing words!

PPS; Danielle of Sometimes Sweet featured me on her blog today for Tattoo Tuesday! Such an honor to be asked and I'm still incredibly flattered. Thanks so much Danielle! CLICK HERE if you'd like to read it!

FormSpring and Body Issues

I received this question in my FormSpring today upon getting home from work. I answered in a very, very, very long (and probably totally redundant) answer, but I wanted to share the question and answer with you all and see how you would answer it. (Even if you aren't a size 12 :P).

QUESTION: "i think you give inspiration to girls who arent stick thin; however, i am a size 12 and i have trouble finding guys to overlook my size and not think im fat or not datable, so in that sense im jealous that you have mike. i wish i could find my mike!"
MY ANSWER: well thanks, but first and foremost, a guy should never have to "overlook" your size! that's ridiculous! you are YOU! plain and simple! you are NOT the number on the tag of your jeans! if a guy won't date you simply because you're not a 2 or 4 or a whatever, then frankly, who gives a hoot! that guy obviously isn't worth his weight in dog poop anyhow! 
Yes, mike is amazing. absolutely. he's my prince charming, but not because he lowered his standards to date me (whoever has made you think that being a size 12 makes you unworthy of a date is absolutely looney!). i am NOT the tag on the dress i just bought. i am not the tag on the jeans i no longer wear. i'm not even the red hair and the tattoos that cover my body... i'm kaelah. i'm the personality inside of this body. i'm the intelligence inside of my brain.  
If you wear your size/weight on your shoulders, THAT is when guys will start to pass you up. they'll say "nah, no thanks" because you're so bogged down on yourself... you can't see the big picture. be proud of who you are. wear things that flatter your body, no matter if you're 100 pounds or 250! find comfort in your body because i honestly believe it when they say that no one can love you until you love yourself! 
Girls that overanalyze everything, down to the single tenth of a pound on the scale, are the kinds of girls guys don't want to bother with. they're too much. they're too much "me me me". instead, celebrate you as an individual, and celebrate the both of you as a couple. no one wants to be stuck around a negative nancy all the time!
You WILL find your mike. but first you need to find YOU. :) <3
Also, you can't wait for someone to come around and make you feel good about yourself. believe me. there are more people out there that want to bring you down more than anything, but you can't let them. you can't wait for a fella to come knocking on your door and rave over how gorgeous you are... until YOU make YOURSELF feel gorgeous. i love mike, yes. and i love that mike thinks i'm the most beautiful girl to walk the land even on days where i feel like absolute crap.... but guess what, even if i didnt have mike.. i'd feel the same way about myself. i love myself with or without a boyfriend, and you should too. 
We often get so caught up in being our own worst critic that we forget to also be our own biggest fan. <3


With that being said, where do you stand on this issue? Is being "chubby" or "fat" or a "size 12" a proper way to toss someone from a potential dating pool? Just curious. I get questions like this all the time, so I thought I'd open it up and see what y'all had to say. How would you answer this question? 

Off to see a movie with Liz! I'll be back tonight!


Tagged by MarySew!

I was tagged by MarySew to answer her 8 questions. She went on to tag 7 other people as well. So now it's my turn to answer her 8 and then tag 8 people to answer my 8! Lots of eights floating around! Okay!

1. Are you a facebook junkie?
No. I actually despise Facebook for the most part. I held out for so long and didn't get one, but finally gave in because that's what everyone at my school used. So we would all Facebook Chat with each other during class. This was actually a resourceful tool for passing along notes we may have missed, etc. I log in and check it, but I update rarely and I don't even mess with any of those event things or games. Gah!

. I give all kind of things stupid names (my TV’s name is Stevie, my iPod’s name is Lydia, my former vacuum cleaner was called the Pornstar.. ) do you give things names? If yes, give some examples.

Absolutely! My car (a silver Pontiac Solstice) is named Delilah, my MacBook Pro is named Francois, I had a sweet Fender Telecaster named Moxie. I'm sure there are more but those are the ones jumping out at me.

3. Are you rooting for a team in the soccer/football worldcup? If yes, which team?

No. I mean, I have home-team pride and all, so I would've been proud of the US had they made it farther but I don't really give a hoot about soccer and I don't pretend to during the World Cup (which a lot of people are guilty of! I'm looking at you! ;P)

What is your most annoying habit?

I bite my nails. Gross, I know. Other than that, I don't really have any that I'm aware of really. (They may be annoying to others... but not so much myself haha)

Buffy Summers, Summer Glau or Midsummer Night’s Dream?

I have no idea?

If you were a rock star, what would your rock star name be?

That's a tough one... Penny. Plain and simple. Not very "rock star"-esque but then again, I doubt I'd be playing too much "rock". I'm more laid back.

7. What’s the title of the nearest book you can grab?

There's a big pile of magazines next to me... but the books are all in the back of the office (yes, I'm at work right now. haha)

What is your favourite song right now?

I'm really loving "Clementine" by Sarah Jaffe still. Someone suggested it in my FormSpring last week and man, they were SO spot on! You can download it in this week's mixtape by going back a couple of entries! 

Awesome! Now it's my turn to tag some lovely folks! I normally bypass this part of the deal but I'll play fair this time! Up next is:

And my eight questions are:

1. If you could have a tea party and invite any 4 people, who would you invite and why?
2. What is one city you'd love to explore?
3. Describe your perfect day!
4. What are some of your guilty pleasures? (Music, food, movies, etc)
5. What is your astrological sign and do you think you fit the description?
6. When do you feel your prettiest?
7. Do you keep a written journal or diary?
8. What is your main life goal?

Be sure to leave links to your answers so I can see!


Tuesday, Shmoozeday!

dress: forever 21, cardigan: charlotte russe, belt: thrift, tights: walmart, ring: meggs, flats: kmart

I received this adorable little ring in the mail courtesy of Meggs early last week (or even the week before that! eep!) and I was so excited to wear it with my ultimate favorite dress (see the dress in the banner up top!) but I sadly came to the realization that the dress was missing! Apparently I had left it all the way back in Tennessee and it took me 3 weeks to notice! (But it's totally my favorite dress, ya know?! ;P) I called Mike in a panic and being the awesome boyfriend that he is, he found my dress! He shipped it to me Express and it was supposed to arrive last Friday. Of course Monday rolled around and I was really bummed that it still hadn't shown up (it'd be impossible to find this dress again since the store flooded and ModCloth took it down!) BUT upon returning from the gym last night, there it was, waiting for me! Basically this was a whole paragraph swooning over that dress, but I'm not even wearing it today! Mike loves it so I'm saving it for Thursday when I meet him at the airport! Cheesy, I know! Anywhoo! I picked up this dress ($15! Woo!) this past weekend at the new Forever 21 and it was perfect! Ripped tights, black cardigan (just to be modest) and a red thrifted belt to boot! Of course Meggs' ring was the icing on the cake! CLICK HERE to visit her shop and check out her adorable little handmades! Thanks so much Meggs!

With that being said, I just got to work and put together some boxes for Laurie. Now I must get on task and work on an ad! Also, ALL of the large ads have been sold for July! How exciting! I do have a few SMALL spots available if anyone is interested! Just click "Sponsor KaelahBee" over in the right sidebar to find out how!

It's going to be a glorious Tuesday! I hope you're all prepared for the heat! (It's already 86 degrees in NYC! Gah!)


MIXTAPE MONDAY: tokyo bound

(click title to download)

This week's mixtape couldn't be any more of a hodgepodge. I ran across these gorgeous images online and after I started making the "album art" I found the Flickr to the photographer! The images are from DavidRN's Flickr Photostream and man oh man! He has some incredibly beautiful things on there (Especially the holga shots!). Be sure to click his link and drop by his stream. You'll be impressed, I promise! I know the images don't go together at all but they were both so gorgeous, I wanted to show both of them! I know I've already played out this typeface but I can't help it! I'm obsessed! It's so wonderful and I want to use it on everything! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the mixtape. Like I said... it's a bit hodgepodge! 


PS; If you want to check out the previous Mixtape Monday posts, just click the "music monday" tag at the top of the entry and download the others! (Just note, the "Coin Laundry" one is no longer available for download)

Sunday StyleCrush

New weekly feature maybe? Maybe! Just a few looks via LookBook.Nu that I'm loving. Even loving some shorts even though I don't wear them!


The Weekend...

I apologize for my brief stint of only posting "Daily Photos"... I suppose I've just been a bit down in the dumps this weekend. It was so nice to come home on Friday evening after work and just rest. I was relaxing for the entire evening, watching several episodes of The L Word, and I managed to sleep in, too! Then yesterday I decided to venture uptown to Times Square where the new flagship Forever 21 store opened on Friday. I didn't feel up to it Friday and Liz and I had said we'd go at some point this week, but I was bored and itching to check it out so on the train I went. Times Square was of course packed, being that it was Saturday, but oh my gosh. You cannot believe how monstrous the Forever 21 is! 4 GIANT floors... it's the size of the Manhattan Mall in Herald Square! I had always thought that nothing could beat the huge 3 story Forever 21 in San Francisco, but it has met it's match for sure. I was in there for hours. Getting lost, finding amazing dresses, getting lost some more. I ended up coming out with a few really really great buys. The only thing I hate about Forever 21 is the sizing! Ugh! I left with a dress in an XS, S, M, AND L! I just don't get it! I have to try on every single thing because nothing fits the same. So frustrating! I'm wearing the dress I bought in an XS today and it fits like a glove. I'm so so very in love with it! So cute! (It's actually coral... not orange like it appears in the photos. Crap lighting!)

dress: forever 21, tights: walmart, flats: kmart.

I came home and again, just relaxed for a bit. I dyed my hair and talked to Mike. Finished season 3 of The L Word, then I took a nap. A glorious nap! Mike and I Skype'd for a bit and then went to sleep. But not before he could tell me the bad news. Seems like my excitement for FEMA to "right a wrong" was a bit premature and they have denied us assistance, yet again. I cried for a while (for a whilllleee) and then I tried to go to sleep. It's just a scary situation to be in. So rather than worry myself too terribly much, I took some of what I have for my NYC Fund and transferred it over to my savings immediately. That means I'll be living on very little in NYC but at the same time, maybe it's a life lesson I need, ya know? It WILL work out. It has to. It always does. This will test my ability to really pinch pennies and make the most of what I've got. Mike also transferred over the same amount as I did and we're going to just start really watching every penny. I've been doing really well thus far... not spending extravagantly or anything (obviously, since we just paid off the couch and Georgia's surgery) but I'm not a person who likes to be in debt. I don't have a penny against my name and I don't intend on starting now. I have credit cards, but the balances are all at $0.00 and if my mom taught me one thing, it's "DONT RUIN YOUR CREDIT!" haha I'm proud of the fact I haven't let credit cards take over my life, but I suppose I'm only 22 so there's still time. Must keep on top of it! 

I'm very bummed out that FEMA continues to overlook us, while TWO of our roommates received aid. They had told Mike we were seriously overlooked so they would try and fix the situation. The case worker went over our application and apparently the first roommate that applied must have claimed some of the same things (being they had pots and pans in the kitchen so they claimed the kitchen, but all the appliances and 90% of the dishes in there were mine) so we were denied. It's unfortunate but rather than dwell on disaster, Mike and I just need to pick up where they left off and try to make the best of it. It's teaching us that: 1) Life isn't always fair. 2) The only place to go from the bottom is up! 3) To live in a way that we can afford. As much as I may feel that this is a curse, I also feel that it is a blessing. Rather than being handed a large sum of money to "make our worries disappear," we're having to push through it together and really tackle the situation. This will prove incredibly rewarding in the future. I have faith that everything will be just fine.

With that being said, I scoured the internet looking for apartments yesterday. Much to my dismay, no one wants to give us a 5 month lease. Obviously. And if they did, our rent would be so high for the two of us, it wouldn't be worth it. Plus the several hundred dollars for Georgia's pet fee. This morning I started looking on Craigslist for rooms for rent, etc. Thinking this may be a better bet since we'll have a dog, need to have a short-term lease, and we have no furniture. We found a really really nice house in Spring Hill (about 15 minutes from my school) and Mike is going to look at it tonight. We don't know the size of the room available but it's a darling house with a pool, etc. Not that that really matters to us but the price is nice and he's willing to let us leave in mid-to-late December. Things will work out.

I just got home from a quick trip to KMart at Astor Place. I picked up a few odds and ends and I'm going to start writing back my penpals today. I received a lovely letter from Tamara all the way from Germany! That's 3 Germany things this week! Apparently we're loved over there! (I love Germany, too! Such a gorgeous place to visit!). If you're expecting a return letter/package from me, it will be sent later next weekend. Mike gets into town on Thursday and we're going to scour the city for great little odds and ends to put in the packages and what not! I like to make one big ol trip to the post office! 

Also, I have a couple SMALL ads available still for the month of July! Just $15 for the entire month. If you'd rather have a large ad, shoot me an email and let's talk!

Here are a few screenshots of Georgia being adorable the other night on Skype! She kept stepping all over Mike to try and get to the computer. It was the sweetest thing in the world. I miss her so much!


Sponsored Giveaway!: Handmade Laptop Pouch!

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Good luck!


Things I Love Thursday

This week's edition of Things I Love Thursday is going to be very, very short. Why? Because. That's why. :) (Didn't you always hate it when you asked your parents why and their only reply was 'Because' or 'Because I said so'. Ugh! Still boils my blood and I'm 22!)

♥ Pretty Soaps via Urban Outfitters ♥

♥ Funny Texts From Last Night ♥
My friend Caitlin sent this one to me and said it made her think of me. Haha I will take that as an epic compliment. Thank you Ma'am!

♥ My Desktop Background and Icons ♥
(click image to see it larger)

What are YOU loving this week?