Outfit Post : Saturday, October 9 + Exhaustion

As I write this, I'm sitting on the couch in our living room about to fall asleep... I am exhausted. As is Mike. Turns out today went a little differently than expected. We ended up in Hohenwald again as my mom called this morning to tell me she had purchased a lady's entire owl collection for me. We drove down to take part in Oktoberfest Day 2. Oh boy... we sure are glad we did!

Without getting too in-depth with all of our goodies (and spoiling the surprise!), I will just say that I am so grateful I had Mike with me today because he's a wonderful haggler and we came home with the most exciting collection of stuff. We're both still in shock. (Don't worry, I will be photographing and blogging them in sections over the next few days!)

Now we're back in town and we have a few errands to run and such. Tomorrow morning we are leaving for a little mini roadtrip. We're driving to Louisville, Kentucky tomorrow and staying the night, and meeting up with Susannah and her fella, Chris on Monday! How fun right! A little bleet-up (blogger meet-up)! I'm so very excited as I just adore her and I hope that Mike and Chris will get on just right! Not going to lie though, I'm always nervous/anxious when I meet people via blogs and well, I'm so awkward and shy that it's bound to be interesting! 

With that being said, I'm going to queue up some posts hopefully and have some things for y'all (though I don't know what exactly!) but I'll go ahead and put up my mixtape for Monday just incase our hotel doesn't have wifi. I don't know if/when I'll be around the computer but I won't leave you hanging! We're driving back Monday night and I'm sure we'll be pooped. 

Anyhow - here's the last of the outfit photos we shot the other day.. guess it's back to the drawing board to conjure up some new ones! 

dress: charlotte russe; tights: target; flats: kmart; cardigan: target

Alright off we go to tend to our errands! Happy Saturday, y'all!


  1. That is ridic sweet of your Mom. I get nervous meeting bloggers too- even though I've done it a hundred million times & they usually turn out to be my best friends. I am shy too, & try not to let it show, so I tend to do the opposite instead and babble really fast like a crazy person, its awful!

  2. Em: i'm the same way! if you meet me in real life, i'll probably hug you because i hug everyone to subconsciously cover up my shy/awkwardness! haha i'm a hugging monster :P i also avoid eye contact in the weirdest way! i never notice this until after the fact :P

  3. ahhh!!! i live in louisville! i wish we could become blog buddies and meet up. louisville has some charm to it. enjoy!



  4. Haha oh yeah I always go in for the hug too! Usually the awkward you-put-your-arm-up-and-so-do-i-and-oh-no-wait-we-are-going-this-way-and-end-up-crushing-you type!

  5. I can't wait to see your treasures. I've picked up a few of my own lately (via Craigslist) so I share in your excitement!

  6. Im excited about seeing all your goddies! :) I have never had a blogger meet up before, but I know for a fact I would be super shy. Let us know how it goes :) you look fab as always little miss. Hope the rest of your weekend has been lovely xx

  7. I love louisville! We might move there eventually.

  8. you are SO gorgeous kaelah! i always enjoy your outfit posts and your stories. sorry i haven't been around to keep up lately! fall is just a busy season isn't it?

    lyndsey of hellolyndseyyy.blogspot.com


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