// Things I Love Thursday

Another week, another post full of wonderful! This week's TiLT is filled with animal photos and gifs, and too many links to even fathom. Here's to hoping you can make your way through it before next Thursday! ;) Let me know your favorite inclusion below! xo
these artworks by Kendra Binney are magical! ♥
this is so adorable! ♥
♥ this is a beautiful view. ♥
these koalas are so sweet! ♥
♥ this episode made me cry and cry and cry ♥
♥ and this is an otter playing basketball. ♥
this series by Benoit Paille is pretty awesome. ♥
this poor pug! ♥
these cinemagraphs are beautiful ♥
You don’t have to get a job that makes others feel comfortable about what they perceive as your success. You don’t have to explain what you plan to do with your life. You don’t have to justify your education by demonstrating its financial rewards. You don’t have to maintain an impeccable credit score. Anyone who expects you to do any of those things has no sense of history or economics or science or the arts. -- You have to pay your electric bill. You have to be kind. You have to give it all you got. You have to find people who love you truly and love them back with the same truth. But that’s all.” -Cheryl Strayed
//  DKNY stole 300 photo from a NYC based street photographer. It's pretty messed up.

// CAT LADIES! I compiled an awesome list of kitty-themed clothing + accessories (um because hey, why not?!) --> scarf // dress // watch // dress // platform boots // coin purse

// "If You Pick Your Nose, Your Eyeballs Will Fall Out" And Other Lies To Tell Children. Did your parents tell you anything ridiculous when you were little?

// Have you seen FLOTUS Michelle Obama doing the "Evolution of Mom Dancing" with Jimmy Fallon? Here are the gifs! SO good!

// Brothers of a Boston fraternity band together to help raise money for a transgender brother's female-to-male surgery. Probably not the first thing that might come to mind when you think of Greek life, but this just goes to show how wrong stereotypes can be. They exceeded their goal in record time, but all exceed funds will go to the Jim Collins Foundation!

// Legally Blonde was such a great movie. You go, girl!

// AHOY! Nautical pretties: this dress // this dress // this scarf // this necklace // [here are links to two dresses in my last Stitch Fix haul! navy racerback + ivory striped] // 

// Procrastination Is Not Laziness. I had never heard this take on it. What do you think? (Better question: Are you a procrastinator?)

// Imagine an vending machine for books... printed before your very eyes. It's real! The Espresso Book Machine has access to over 500,000 books and prints books at a rate of over 100 pages per minute. Whoa!

// 16 bloggers from around the world will trade lives (and blogs!) for 10 days through the Big Blog Exchange. WHAT?! I'm totally signing up! This is the coolest thing, and of course there's a big picture belief: cultural awareness and appreciation can help save the world.

// Wishlist Wears: these sandals will be mine! (and i'll wear them non-stop! ps; they're only $25!) // these pink bow flats! and in mint, too! // pleated ivory dress perfect for spring // this blue polka dot frock! // 

// I Can Lengthen My Words And So Can Youuuuuuuuuu. Guilty as charged. (and not proud).

// Foodie Finds: tomato asparagus salad // chocolate chip cookie dough brownie bombs (what?!) // corn + black bean stuffed peppers // cinnamon cream cheese coffee cake // soft pretzel bites

// I talked more about feeling on the brink of self discovery + a "new season" on my Jux today!

What are you loving this week?

// Polka Dot Trot

little chief honeybee kaelah bee
Are you guys like, super over me posting nothing but outfits lately? haha Normally I get dressed like once a week, now here I am... 4 in 5 days! I skipped out blogging yesterday so I could catch up on returning comments, reading new favorites, and you know, washing my hair. I found so many rad blogs to subscribe to just by going through the comments left here! Anyway -- I wore this outfit on Sunday for Toby's Gotcha Day. We spent some time with family and all that fun stuff. I picked up this dress + cardigan last weekend because I can never resist a good polka dot. I didn't try on the dress at the store because it was super crowded and crowds make me cranky (way to go KB, going to the biggest mall in Tennessee on a Saturday...) Luckily it fits like a glove! I think mint + navy might be a new favorite color combo, too. I like that it's long enough to wear without tights, but I do still wish it was just a smidge longer! Either way, I went for it. I thought the orange was a nice contrast and I even pulled my old Blowfish Garrens from their shelf. I've had these shoes for 2+ years and they're still so comfortable. Do you think the outfit needs more gravity (darker shoes)? [Btw - this dress also comes in red! And the cardigan comes two more colors: cream and red! I'm having a hard time deciding which ones to get. The cardigans are seriously perfect!]
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
Lately I've been trying to decide what tattoo I'll be getting next. I've been meaning to make an appointment for weeks but I can't decide which of my plans I want to get first. I've made the decision to take my half sleeve to another full, and also work on sleeving the rest of my right leg. Both my mom and Mike shook their head when I mentioned my plans... haha welllll.... Our friends Brian and Christina said they're coming to visit at the end of the month (they'll be here for my birthday!) and Christina plans on making a tattoo appointment while she's here so I might as well make an appointment with each of my artsits and just knock out the plans asap, right?! 
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
I really cannot wait for the weather to break. It's supposed to be rainy and cold all week, but I'm hoping March will be sunshine and greenery. We set up our hammock on our deck the other day and I can't wait to lay in the sun! Since we live so close to my parents now, I also plan on taking full advantage of their pool. As sacrilege as it is to say (in terms of tattoo care and you know, health in general), I really miss having a tan. Even just a nice natural bronze. I'm just so pale!

Forever 21 dress
Forever 21 cardigan
Maja purse c/o Little Black Bag
Garren wedges c/o Blowfish (2+ years ago)

PS; Just a heads up! I'm accepting sponsors for the month of March! If you want to reach 500,000 potential readers/customers, feel free to pop over to the Sponsor page and check it out! Shoot me an email for rates + availability! [FYI: I now offer one PRIME sponsor spot if you want to all eyes on you!] -- If you've ever sponsored LCH in the past, I'm offering 20% off each ad spot! Just give me a shout to claim the savings :)

// Autumn Breeze

Thanks for your super sweet comments on not only yesterday's Gotcha Day post, but Thursday's as well. I could say it a million times and it still not be enough, but the sense of community that can be found in blogging is so rewarding. 

This outfit was what I wore for Nashville errands on Saturday. Mike and I planned on having a little movie date while Toby was visiting his grandparents, but the consensus on Identity Thief wasn't a very good one. We skipped it for some mall shopping and lemonade drinking. We planned on getting gyros, too, but our timing was all off. We're putting that on the list for our next errand day in a week or two. (I can't fail him! I promised him I'd try a gyro! haha) It was a bit chilly at first on Saturday so I opted for tights + a knit sweater. I even took it up a notch by wearing some old Blowfish boots. I have these boots in black, too, and they're some of the only boots that fit my chunky calves haha I wish I could wear all of the cute boots out there! This outfit reminded me a little bit of Autumn and that helped a bit because otherwise the weather was pretty gloomy. Seeing all of the dead trees + grass bums me out so bad. I can't wait until everything is lush and green again! Too bad that also means 100*+ heat. Guess I should slow my role, huh?

I think it's so crazy that March is almost here! Like, two days away! What?! Ahhh that means I have 2 days to get Honeybean payments + packages out the door! We're rotating out almost all of our Honeybean designers/inventory and that is a lot of work! Mike and I spent the better portion of a day last week laying out all of the inventory, checking the sheets, going over sales logs and figuring up the numbers and paychecks. We're only keeping on a couple of designers who we accepted in November since we're doing limited engagements this year. Owning a mobile shoppe has been super eye-opening because there are so many variables and lessons to be learned. We'll be tackling things in a different manner from here on out, but it sure has been a treat to have all of the designers we've had over the past  year and a half.

I've really really been in the mood to hear some new music lately. Since I'm finally working in my office pretty much full-time, I need some new tunes to keep me happy and productive. Got any great songs/artists you'd like to recommend? I prefer the folk/singer-songwriter vibe, and I'm a total sucker for female vocals, but I'm really up for any great suggestions! I also love post-rock/instrumental (Caspian, EITS, Mogwai, etc).... Help a girl out and share your favorites! Bonus points if you have a Spotify playlist you can link me to! ;) I also need some inspiration for March's mixtape!

Here's to a productive week and welcoming March with open arms! (Please bring leaves!) Happy Monday! xo

Urban Outfitters dress
Mystree cardigan via Stitch Fix
Thrifted belt
Maja purse c/o Little Black Bag
Assets by Spanx tights
Wedge boots c/o Blowfish (2+ years ago!)

// G O T C H A ! ! !

Today is Toby's "Gotcha Day!" -- I know that's a pretty weird thing to call it, and even weirder to celebrate probably, but it's such a special day to us. One year ago today we brought home this precious little dude. The past twelve months have hurried by, and on many occasions I just wanted to write about the experience. From remembering the time spent with Toby when he was a baby, to not being able to see him for so very long, then all of a sudden getting that call. Our entire lives seriously just got turned upside down and we had no idea what to make of the situation. We played the waiting game (we were so scared + impatient!), we played the wondering game. And it was a seemingly normal Friday afternoon to start... We had no idea that we'd become full-time parents in a matter of minutes.
The day we brought him home with us // Feb. 2012
There have been so many times I've wanted to share how and why and answer all of the questions that y'all have, but as I've said before, it's simply not my story to tell. I know we'll have that conversation with Toby at some point in the (distant) future. I (we!) feel so fortunate to have been given this opportunity even though it came from a dark place. Seeing Toby for the first time in nearly a year and a half last February was so eye-opening. He didn't look like the same baby we had regularly seen. He was so tiny and looked so scared (We were terrified, too) -- the first few days/weeks were really an adjustment on us all. 

Today you'd have no idea that he's the same kid. His days are full of laughter and learning, and counting to 100 is currently his favorite thing to do (even though he calls the number twelve "two-teen" haha! He almost has it!) When we realized that today marked one whole year as a full family, we were shocked that it had flown by, but that it also had only been twelve months. I still have trouble believing that everything happened so quickly, but I wouldn't change that for the world.

// A  F E W  F A V O R I T E S //
q_ISZu on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
Toby's ticklish face. Just pretend you're going to tickle + he dies!

Seeing him evolve this past year has been so awesome. I love that I get to share that with all of you here on the blog. You get to watch him grow into such a rad little person, so thanks for taking time out of your day to spend with our family.

Today we're going to celebrate with cupcakes and lots of play time. Today we really count our blessings and recognize just how lucky we were to be given this gift. We get to be the parents he deserves. It's kind of the coolest thing in the world. Happy Gotcha Day, Toby... we love you so so much.

PS; The orange-pants photos are from yesterday...That hair! I know! Toby's grandparents are very gung-ho for a haircut, but that kid just doesn't want to give it up! I have to admit, he looks pretty adorable with his long hair when he's on his skateboard!

PPS; I know a post like this might seem like *major* overkill, but there are seriously no words to describe how much I love that little dude. I mean, just look at that gif. That's what it's all about.

// Cherry Tart

little chief honeybee kaelah bee
Red on red on red! This would have been a totally appropriate Valentine's Day outfit, I think. I wore this yesterday and honestly, I felt pretty! I think every girl really deserves to feel special, even for no reason at all, and that's totally how I felt when I put this dress on. I needed some bright color to jazz up the day. I snagged this dress from ModCloth back last year at some point and then only wore it once. I remember wearing it to our neighborhood coffee shop and getting complimented on it by a barista, but then I hung it up in my closet and never paid it any mind. For some reason it felt "off" at the time. I distinctly remember feeling somewhat self conscious in it but I can't remember why. I can guarantee that it'll be in steady rotation now. I can't believe I ever passed up an opportunity to wear a dress covered in cherries. On the real -- why aren't all dresses this length? It's perfect!
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
Speaking of cherries -- I am officially obsessed with the Sweet Tart Cherry Chip BonBons from Kerfluffles here in Nashville! My sweet and oh-so-talented friend Jenna is a marshmallow mastermind and I recently won a giveaway on her blog (!!!). The Flynn family was the recipient of a dozen marshmallows in 3 different flavors and she threw in some BonBons for an extra treat. Y'all, Oh My GAW! We ended up with Mayan Hot Chocolate (I assumed like "cocoa" hot chocolate, but no! Spicy! So good!), Pomegranate Berry (our favorite!) and Birthday Cake (sprinkles!!!). They were to die for. But I have to admit -- nothing could come close to those BonBons. I love knowing that I am surrounded by so many talented ladies and I love supporting local businesses, too. You bet your bottom dollar we're placing an order ASAP for more BonBons. (Psst -- just FYI... you can order them online and they ship worldwide! Jenna was kind enough to offer up a coupon code for me to share, too! Save 10% with the code "KMFRIENDS2013". They even make custom flavors for parties/wedding/etc!) I'm going to have to get Jenna on here to show you her magic because she's awesome. Make sure you pop by her blog and show her some love! (If you order any, tell me what you get! I'm trying to decide what mallows to get next!)
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
Today we're headed up to Nashville for a few hours to run some errands and escape the house for a bit. I mentioned that I've been working on a logo for a gyro/mediterranean food truck lately and Mike loves gyros, so we're on the hunt for the best gyro spot in Nashville so I can finally give it a whirl! I'm a super picky eater and I've always shot down his request to try it, but I gave him a Datevitation coupon book for our anniversary in December and one of the coupons was to "try a new restaurant" so here we go! If you're at all familiar with any gyro spots in town, please let us know! I'll have to report back on how it ends up... ha!

Sunday is a special day for the Flynn family, too. I'll be sure to share a post about that tomorrow! Hope your weekend is wonderful! xo

Pull Up A Cherry Dress via ModCloth
Target cardigan
Thrifted clutch
MIA Jukebox wedges (I have all 3 colors - seriously, favorite wedges ever!)

// Strawberry Rain

little chief honeybee kaelah bee
Yesterday's weather was totally yucky around these parts, but that didn't stop me from getting dressed up. (Truth talk: I didn't actually realize it was raining until we were about to head out the door... ahh, blissful ignorance). I found my trusty ol' strawberry umbrella and we braved the rain anyway. We quickly shot these on our back deck (with Mike safely under the carport haha!) and with my newfound awareness of the weather I opted to swap my shoes out for flats. But c'mon! Look at those shoes! They are dreamy, right?!?! I was a lucky winner of a Miss Karmaloop giveaway on Danielle's blog a few weeks back and I got a hefty $1,000 to spend on ugly shoes. Basically made my life. I'll have to do a little haul of my pickings because they're just that good! I had my doubts about these babies but I am in love. As for the rest of the outfit, I was originally wearing a black dress (black on black on black on black) but decided that was just too much so I changed into a lacy number I picked up from H&M a couple of years ago. It helps lighten the mood a bit!The heart cardigan helps balance the skull cameo brooch, I think. Yeah? Totally.
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
I know I kind of vaguely hinted at a "change" or whatever a few days/weeks/posts back, and I guess I'm starting to feel like I'm finally figuring it out? I'm not sure. So basically when I spoke on the social media panel at the Nashville Creativity Summit, I mentioned that I felt out of my element and sort of "lost" on the whole thing. I love this blog, and I love using it to document our daily lives and adventures and whatever, but I feel like I've just sort of been "aloof" with it all of these years. I never really had a purpose or a main "goal" with it. I never sought out to have thousands of followers, though at one point it was more of a priority. I've been really thinking about my relationship with blogging the past few months - not just as an author, but also as a reader. The kinds of blogs I gravitate toward, the kind I enjoy reading day after day. Not to try and emulate them necessarily, but to find "my groove". I love that so many of y'all read here because you're actually interested in my little family, like, personally. That seriously means so much. (So often I feel like I need to apologize for the narcissism and personal post dumps [ex. wedding posts], but I also know that's totally silly because it's a personal blog). 

I guess what I'm getting at (in a very indirect, roundabout way) is that I want to explore other ways of reaching people on LCH. With content, with comments, with any and everything. I want to open up ways for y'all to submit things you like, want to see, etc. I want to broaden my post "topics". I don't think one should try to spread themselves too thin in the pursuit of more readers, but instead I want to just expand my content. I want to post about things that I'm really bad at -- like cooking. So maybe my recipes won't be something you should like, invest in, but I'd like to get better at stuff and document that on my road to "sucking just a little bit less" haha Does that even make sense? 

In the era of Pinterest, the whole blog world seems so saturated with so many ideas and so many people saying "hey! look at me! I did it better!" but I think I've just had a cynical perspective. I probably won't come up with the best DIYs or recipes or whatever, but it'd be kind of boring if we only did what we were good at. Plus who cares if someone has done it before... I guess this is just one of those brain dumps. Just excuse me! 
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
I've really been itching for a redesign lately. Not just a redesign, but like a rebrand. A new focus (or well, a main focus to begin with!) It's a bit contridictory for me to say that I want a focus for LCH, but I want to expand the content, but that's exactly what I'm saying. I just want to try new things and if they work, awesome! If they don't, I'll rotate them out and try something else in it's place. -- To be honest, I'm really feeling the same in my personal life (as far as "work/career" goes). I just haven't found "it" yet, so the quest continues!

Basically this is me saying Thank You, to all of you who continue to check in daily and are sort of on this bumpy ride with me. Blogging can seem so weird if you really start to think about it, but I love it. Here's to hoping it's a fun ride at least! -- Did any of this blog post make any sense? (I realize I already  asked that a few paragraphs up...) Do you totally think I'm crazy? haha ugh.

The TL;DR version: I sometimes get bored writing my blog (bet that means some of y'all get tired of reading it) and I'm planning on ~changing things up. Nothing major. Just pushing myself to try new things that I've always wanted to but lacked the drive/confidence/etc. It goes a bit deeper than that, but I'm sure you get the jist. I love opening up the door for conversation on these sorts of things, but I'm pretty determined to move forward with my plan regardless. I hope you'll stick around for it! :)

H&M lace dress
Forever 21 heart cardigan
Thrifted belt
Assets by Spanx tights
Skull cameo brooch via Etsy
SheInside necklace
Forever 21 bracelets
Edition01 spike bracelet
Jeffrey Campbell Roxbury boot

PS; Can we just go ahead and say it to get it out of the way? Dumbest outfit title ever haha -- Newly goal: Create "fashion blogger outfit title generator" website. A bunch of random nouns and colors, haphazardly strung together for the perfect title. Taking all of creative thinking out of it ;)

// Things I Love Thursday

I think Thursdays might be my new favorite. I'm growing a bit reliant on the sort-of-mid-week pick me up in the TiLT posts! Do you write a TiLT/Friday Favorites post? If so, leave a link to your blog below so I can check it out! Enjoy!
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
♥ i love this installation. ♥
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
this makes me want summertime real bad ♥
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
this striped iceberg is so cool! ♥
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
♥ this picture is so simple but so pretty ♥

♥ anderson cooper interviews a woman who supports a pastor's anti-gay rant ♥
I just gotta say - AC - you rule. So much more can be said, but I'll keep it simple.
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
♥ this is the prettiest picture ever ♥
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
this is perfect. ♥
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
this perfect breakfast is perfect ♥
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
these self defense kitty keychains are a great tool to have ♥
little chief honeybee kaelah bee
♥ this. ♥

♥ this is so stinking cute! (via) ♥

// So I polled everyone on Twitter + Tumblr yesterday, but they were seriously split on this question. Should I get the tan or peach version of this dress? (Peach is my favorite color, but I do own a bit of it, and ultimately I want to wear the dress with these shoes!) What do you think?

// Did y'all catch the McDonald's Twitter hack? Oh my stars! It was hilarious. Then the next day Jeep got hacked... yowza!

// Rilo Kiley wants you to let them back in! Help create the video for their new single! (My heart is weeping tears of joy that they're back in the saddle!)

// "Lena Dunham Made Me A Feminist" - Seriously, one of my absolute favorite pieces this week. I caught up on all 6 episodes of the current season while sick and I just love GIRLS.

// Mike and I considered going on a cruise for our honeymoon, or maybe even for our wedding anniversary this year, but this article may change my mind! 7 Reasons To Never Ever Ever Vacation On A Cruise Ship. I mean, obviously those aren't typical occurrences, but in the wake of the Carnival ship stuck at sea, it's a bit fresh!

// Have y'all seen the glitter "confetti" wall decals over at Emerging Thoughts? I'm placing my order today and I'm stoked to slap those babies up on my office wall! Ahh, so sparkly!

// Omerica Organic just relaunched their newly designed site! Holla! They now carry jewelry, too! Seriously, if that initial pendant isn't the best piece of jewelry ever, I don't know what is. (Just a heads up! You can use the repcode KAELAH for 20% off!)

// So I know y'all probably don't take my shoe love seriously considering I like ugly shoes 90% of the time, but for real, these are all gorgeous. and NORMAL! -- I want these so bad I can't even... JC Xylophone flat // JC Caesar flat (but in natural!) // JC Cinda flat (those scallops!) // JC Study Buds flat (oh em gee)

// A meteor struck Russia last week... whoa! What's up, Mother Earth?! (The videos of it falling from the sky are unreal!)

// Wishlist Wears: a flamingo sweater (!!!) // perfect kate spade shoes // scalloped leather tote bag // cutest mittens (and under $8!) // a gold sequin dress... be still my heart! // floral loafers that i'd like on my feet please!

// Taco Bell is a BAMF. That is all! (also - that last tweet/reply... you go, TB!)

// Julia's Long List Of Things Your Parents Taught You That Really Were Useful - love this list! If you're fresh out on your own or in college, this is a great read!

What are you loving this week?