// Urban Body Jewelry (+ an IG Giveaway!)

Urban Body Jewelry Giveaway
Urban Body Jewelry Giveaway
Urban Body Jewelry Giveaway
I love me some good plugs. My ears have been stretched for roughly 12 years now (or longer?), and they've been about the size they are now (1.5 inches) for somewhere around 8 or so. I've never really been one to wear tunnels, as decorative embellishments and ornate carvings are usually what catch my eye. I used to have quite the collection of wooden plugs, but I seem to have misplaced them over the years. Since losing most of my collection I've been more of a ~creature of habit~ by wearing white acrylic plugs any time I sported jewelry. It's not rare for me to go "naked" and just let my lobes do their thing, but I jumped at the opportunity to partner up with Urban Body Jewelry so I could rock some attention grabbers once more. UBJ has a huge selection of body jewelry on their website, and it's not just plugs either. Nose rings, septum clickers, labret jewelry, you name it. The number one reason I said yes to a partnership was because of the prices! Y'all, large plugs are spendy! I'm talking $$$. Scrolling through UBJ left me kind of being all "Um, what?" Like too good to be true, right? 

I picked up a couple of pairs to give them a whirl and put them to the test. I ended up with these pink howlite stone teardrops, these adorable wooden sunflowers, a pair of white silicone plugs (a trusty fav!), and this super cute rose gold septum clicker (!!!). I was not the least bit disappointed. Everything came in its own little bag, a measuring card was included, and probably my favorite part of all: the septum clicker fit nice and snug on my nose. It didn't dangle down like so many others do. It's a real trick to try and find the perfect sizing for septum clickers, so I was elated that this one was a home-run straight off the bat. While these pieces have all held up wonderfully over the past several weeks, I rest easy knowing that if I were to misplace one or wear one down I could easily replace them because the price tag is totally easy to stomach.

Among their selection of jewelry they have over 1,200 styles of plugs, over 360 different septum clickers, thousands of nose rings, labret studs, lip rings, tongue rings, you name it. They also have a huge assortment of "fake" jewelry so you can try out a new piercing to see how it'd look, or just look the part for a fun night out on the town. You can customize your look effortlessly! 
Urban Body Jewelry Giveaway
Urban Body Jewelry Giveaway
And because I love my pieces so much, I'm stoked to be giving one of YOU the chance to start your own UBJ collection! If you'll pop over to my Instagram account (this post!), you can enter to win a $60 gift card to Urban Body Jewelry! That's plenty of dough to pick up a few pairs of plugs, some cute nose studs, a clicker or three, etc. The possibilities are endless! Just like the IG post and tag a friend or three in the comments! Each friend tagged is another entry to win! There might even been an additional way to enter, so check it out. I'll draw a random winner next Friday night on December 15th. Good luck!
Urban Body Jewelry Giveaway

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// Things I Love Thursday v.301

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these yummy macarons ♥
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this pretty pink gingerbread house ♥
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// Just in case you're wanting to buy me a Christmas present... pickle vodka is a thing. And I need it!

// ICYMI: My kids looking PRESH in their matching holiday 'jamas! (Drop by and tell me about your holiday traditions!) -- and swing back by tomorrow for a super fun giveaway! 

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// Matching 'Jamas + Holiday Traditions

This post is sponsored by Kohl’s. I was paid for this post and
received the included pajamas as compensation.

While we didn't really have Christmas traditions growing up, I've always known I wanted to have traditions with my kids. We only have a few that we commit to every year: listening to Punk Goes Christmas while decorating the tree (that's definitely one I implemented haha), each member of the family gets to pick one new ornament for our collection/tree, cinnamon rolls on Christmas Day, and matching 'jamas for the boys (that they normally open on Christmas Eve). Personally I always watch 'Love, Actually' too - usually on Christmas Eve if I can squeeze it in! It's been important to me to only incorporate traditions that are simple in nature, and easy to continue. I never want our holidays to feel like a chore. I love to create low-key activity advent calendars for the boys if I'm up for it, but some years it's just too much. I feel like we've struck a good balance overall.

In the spirit of the holiday I've partnered with Kohl's to share America's Favorite Jammies. Destination Dreamland is Carter's holiday sleepwear collection, featuring new colors and themes, like this precious polar bear and buffalo check pairing. They were so soft when I opened up the packaging. I would 100% wrap myself up in them if they came in my size. Unfortunately for me the Destination Dreamland collection only comes in baby, toddler, and little kids sizes. They have footed jamas with non-skid soles, safety tab to keep the zipper in place on one-piece fleece jamas, and elastic back heels to keep the footies on. For girls they have nightgown and doll gown sets (precious!). The pieces come in cotton, polyester, and fleece options. And the cherry on top of it all, Kohl's always has amazing sales and coupons so you can score a couple sets of these precious pajamas.

The boys were tickled pink to get their jamas early. I have to admit, seeing them all matchy matchy just makes my heart sing, and makes me wish I could get away with dressing them alike 24/7. Snapping these photos in front of the Christmas tree just makes it all the more real - Christmas is coming! Quickly! While I'm not typically a fan of cold weather or winter, I love Christmas and the excitement surrounding it. It makes the freezing temps feel a little more bearable. (Heh, bearable...get it?)

How about you and your family? Any fun holiday traditions that you try and stick to, year after year? Do you do Christmas pajamas, too?

Also, what do you call pajamas?
Jamas? Jammies? Jam Jams? PJs?
So many options!

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PS; I don't have a photo of 2015 or 2016, but here's a sweet snap of the boys on Christmas Eve 2014, wearing their matching bug pajamas from a Carter's collection. They weren't holiday themed, but oh my stars aren't they the sweetest?! My babies were so little!

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