Guest Post: SusannahBean DIY Retro Foil Wreath!

metallic diy wreath

I have a soft spot for cheesy Christmas decorations. I love tinsel and candy canes and elves, and if it looks like it came from the 1950s I’m all over it. That’s where the idea for this wreath came from. I wanted something with 50s style but a modern twist, and I wanted to reuse things I already had laying around my house. Thank you, Kaelah, for letting me share this with your readers!!

What you'll need:

  • One large (14”) Styrofoam wreath
  • One pack of ornaments (feel free to use any assortment of ornaments you have. It looks best if you have
  • different sizes)
  • One roll heavy duty tinfoil
  • Pins
  • Kitchen shears (or scissors, but they’ll need to be strong)
  • 3”x 3” square of cardstock (for a template, use any thick paper or cardboard)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • (Optional): One 5-6” length of coordinating ribbon to use as a hanger, OR an over the door wreath hanger


Tear off a length of foil and fold it in half as many times as needed until you get a square pretty close in size to your template. It’s much quicker to cut the foil like this, that way you end up with a lot of squares!

You’ll want to separate the individual squares. Don’t worry if they tear a little bit, or if they aren’t perfect
squares. You’re just going to crumple them up anyway!

Take one square of tinfoil and wrap it loosely around the tip of your finger. Twist the center part of the square around and fold it back on itself. You need to make it thicker at the middle so it won’t rip when you pin it to your wreath, so as long as you can make a little thick spot you’re doing good!

Insert a pin through the thick spot on your foil square.

Then insert the pin into your wreath. Crumple the foil a little, but not too much. Once you get going this won’t matter as much. You want to have each piece standing up as opposed to flattened out. Continue to pin down more foil squares, making sure you’re covering the Styrofoam so that no white shows through.
You don’t need to do the back half of your wreath because you want it to lay flat against your door, so just pin the foil to the top half of your wreath.

After you’ve done a little patch of foil leaves you’ll add your ornaments. Try out an arrangement before you glue it together. It helps to start with the biggest ornament and fill the little ones in around it. Once you’ve settled on an arrangement, glue them down with your hot glue gun. Use lots of glue, you want it to be secure!

Get an assistant if you need to (my kitty Mr. Littlejeans tried to help, but it wasn’t working out, so I enlisted my boyfriend Chris!).

Keep cutting and folding the little squares and pinning them to your wreath. You’ll need quite a few to cover it, so just keep going until it’s completely covered!

Crumple the foil in a way that will cover the white around your ornaments. If you’ve glued your ornaments close enough together, you should not need to pin any foil in between them.

Once your wreath is covered in foil, you’re pretty much done! If you need to use a length of ribbon for your hanger, fold it as I’ve done in the picture below and pin it in place.

Hang your pretty retro wreath on your door and enjoy! All in all, I spent $9 on this little beauty, $5 for the wreath and $4 for the ornaments. It’s a cute way to add Christmas cheer to your house when you’re on a budget! If you make one of your own foil wreaths, I’d love to see it! Leave me a link to it on my blog at so I can check it out! Happy Holidays!!


Be sure to drop by Susannah's blog and say hello! A huge thank you for the ultra rad and shiny holiday decor! I hope you're into DIY Week as much as I am! There's more where this is coming from! xo

Guest Post: LindsayHarmony DIY Felt Penguin Ornament!

Hello everyone! I just got my Christmas tree a couple of days ago, and I don’t know about you guys but I love handmade Christmas ornaments! They don’t have to be too complicated either, here’s a tutorial for an easy and fun penguin ornament made of felt and some fabric scraps.

Here’s what you’ll need:

felt and fabric penguin christmas ornament diy

Some felt in a few different colors (one main color for the body plus a few scraps for the beak and bow tie), some fabric scraps, buttons, some ribbon or rick-rack, a needle and thread, some glue, and optional polyester fiber-fill (or other stuffing material).

First, print and cut out the pattern pieces attached, then trace and cut out all your pieces. Part A will be cut from your main color of felt twice, this will be the front and back of the penguin. Part B will be cut from your fabric scraps, this will be the belly. And the bow tie and beak can be cut from other scraps of felt.

Next, you’re going to want to sew or glue the belly piece onto one of your pieces of felt. Line the bottoms of the pieces up. If you’re choosing to sew it on, you only need to sew the arch part, as the bottom will get sewed together later when you sew the back and front together.

felt and fabric penguin christmas ornament diy

Next come the eyes, you can again either sew or glue on the buttons. Then glue on the beak and bow tie. I prefer to glue these rather than sew because they’re so tiny. If you’re using tacky glue, don’t worry about getting any on the felt, it will dry clear!

felt and fabric penguin christmas ornament diy

Now you have the front of the penguin done! If you wanted to make this a no-sew project, you could easily glue on some ribbon to the top of the penguin and he’d be all ready to hang. But if you’d like to stuff the penguin, it’s time to stitch him all together! We’re going to stitch this front piece to the other piece of felt you’ve cut out. Lay the front piece on top of the back, and start to sew a running stitch all around the edges.

felt and fabric penguin christmas ornament diy

Once you get to the top, fold a piece of ribbon or rick-rack and lay it in between the front and back of the penguin. Sew over this to secure it.

felt and fabric penguin christmas ornament diy
felt and fabric penguin christmas ornament diy

Continue sewing all the way around, until you have about 2 inches left to sew. Stuff the penguin as little or as much as you’d like. I personally like mine a little plump =]

felt and fabric penguin christmas ornament diy

Finish off the stitching with a knot and you’re all done!

felt and fabric penguin christmas ornament diy

I love to make these little penguins in all kinds of color + fabric combinations. They make great gifts and look perfect on any tree!

Happy crafting!



Be sure to stop by Lindsay's etsy shop to see her cute little pieces of felty-goodness! (The shark is my favorite! Followed close behind by the Sweet Autumn headband!) Thanks Lindsay! Stay tuned for a magical metallic foil wreath by SusannahBean coming up later today!

Guest Post: Starry Eyed Charlie DIY Floral Headband!

diy floral headband

Hi Everyone!!! I'm Carla from Starry Eyed Charlie.

diy at starry eyed charlie blog

I've been working on a hair accessory D.I.Y. for some time now and I'm so glad to be doing it for Kaelah's blog. It's very easy and requires few store bought items.

Here's what you'll need:


  • Paper
  • Sharpie
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Elastic
  • Ribbon
  • Different Fabrics (I used 1/2 yd of fabric & a sleeve off a vintage dress)

First, you need to create your stencil. Grab a sheet of paper and fold it lengthwise.


Make sure the fold is at the bottom before you draw in your stencil.
Draw in your shape (I did a couple of different styles to add dimension).


Now begin cutting, making sure again that the crease is at the bottom of your page.


Get your fabric and fold it lengthwise, with the crease at the bottom, just like you did for your paper stencil.

Begin folding your fabric in an accordion, aligned with your stencil. Pin the stencil to the fabric at the bottom. 

Begin cutting.


*It is very important to only cut the top of the stencil into the floral shape. The sides and bottom should never be cut.*

When you're finished cutting, you can open up your fabric and it will look something like this:


Fold it lengthwise again. Get a needle and a long piece of thread to begin stitching. You are creating a long stitch along the crease:


Slowly and gently, pull the thread so the fabric begins to bunch.


When you've stitched the whole length, join the two ends. Now, stitch along the middle of the flower so that the fabric is secure.


I made four flowers.


Measure the ribbon so that it fits 3/4 of the way around your head.
Stitch one end of elastic to the ribbon without measuring or cutting the other end.


Now that one side of elastic has been fastened, put the headband back on your head to measure where to cut the elastic. Your headband should be snug.
Sew this other end of elastic to your ribbon. It should look like this.


Attach your flowers by sewing them on one by one on the headband. I chose to alternate colors.


And the finished product:

accessory diy at starry eyed charlie blog

Wear it with ruffles and wavy hair for a romantic effect.

vogue italia at starry eyed charlie blog
 (via Vogue Italia)

Thanks for coming along for this D.I.Y. You can see more on my blog or follow me on twitter.

Fairy Dust and I'm Out.



Thanks so much to Carla for the lovely DIY! I went out and bought some fabric last night so I can try it out next week once everything is settled down and over with! Stay tuned for some more fabulous guest bloggers and sweet DIYs during Little Chief Honeybee's DIY Week!

DIY WEEK BEGINS! with Instax Ornaments!

instax ornaments

This is going to be the most simple and ridiculous DIY ever. In fact, it's simplicity barely warrants it to boast the title of a DIY. But it still does and it's a fabulous one at that. 

Basically, alll you need is: Instax Photos [or any instant photo], Ornament Hooks [purchased at Target for $2 per 100 count], and Scotch Tape!

Guess what you do now? Yep. You lay those bad boys [photos] face down, take a hook and tape that sucker right to the top center of the photo! Then you hang on your tree. and voila! The perfect use of Instax photos if you're like us [and by us I mean we have more than we know what to do with], and it's a great way to make your Christmas tree that much more special. We're in love with ours.

instax ornaments
instax ornaments
instax ornaments

Told you it was simple! 

Btw, this is our first Christmas tree together! We're starting a tradition where we buy one ornament every year which represents the year in review. Perfect considering our anniversary is at the beginning of December! I'm so very excited! [And I'll share it once we finally pick it out!]

Also- Show me your Christmas trees if you've got them up! Or any other awesome holiday decor regardless of your religion! I can't wait to see! [link me to a post in your blog below, or leave image links!]

Stay tuned this week for more fun and easy DIYs to add to your holiday cheer! xo

Sunday Spotlight - Illustrator: Gemma Correll

I'm excited about this week's Sunday Spotlight because there is something absolutely adorable, yet undeniably "odd", about this sweet lady's work. Hailing from Norwich, UK, Gemma's knack for doodling hilarious little bits and bobbles will surely delight you. Miss Gemma snagged a BA in Graphic Design while specializing in illustration during her time at art school. There's something about her that just seems so sweet and down to earth. I love perusing her website and I honestly couldn't pick one thing or one piece of work that is my favorite... they're all so charming! So without blabbing on about how rad she is [or seems to be!], I will leave you with a plethora of really neat images. You're going to want to go check out the rest at her website and other online haunts! Website // Flickr // FormSpring // Twitter (And if her sweet illustrations don't get ya, her little pug Mr. Pickles surely will!)

gemma correll
gemma correll
gemma correll
gemma correll
gemma correll
gemma correll
gemma correll
gemma correll
gemma correll
gemma correll
gemma correll
gemma correll
gemma correll

Don't you just love it all? Well, if you're in the London area, be sure to swing by the BUST magazine London Holiday Craftacular and stop by her booth! [Of course by the time this gets posted it might already be over! Darn time zones! Either way!] OH! Also, you can check out a tour of her studio space at Share Some Candy

PS; A lovely reader, Emily, passed along this link! Her friend's clothing company, Accordion Apparel, has a limited edition Gemma Correll poster up for grabs in their shop. [Only 50 available!] All proceeds will go to benefit Leukaemia Care. Click here to shop!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

If you'd like to nominate someone to be chosen as the Sunday Spotlight, feel free to email me at! I'd love to hear them! They can be an illustrator, photographer, musician, etsian, artist, etc. Anything goes! (and you'll get credit for it, too!)