// Things I Love Thursday v.261

these incredible double-exposure tattoos ♥
these amazing wood whittlings  ♥
♥ these lollipops ♥
this "bone china on a budget" illustration on a paper plate ♥
this illustration ♥
this painted fruit ♥
this design ♥

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What are you loving this week?

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// Nashville Shores

Nashville Shores
Nashville Shores
Nashville Shores
Nashville Shores
Nashville Shores
Nashville Shores
Nashville Shores has become one of our very favorite places to spend the day this summer. Along with Whitney and her crew, we bought seasons passes and we're putting them to good use. We've already been 3 times in June (one of those times Whitney and I went alone haha! Shh!) and we're thinking about heading back this week again. I know the photos don't look like it, but I swear my other kid was there too! :P Toby and CJ stayed on the waterslides non-stop so we maybe saw them for about 15 minutes total. Linden and I took it easy over in the kiddie pool. He hated it for the first 2 hours - he just clung to me and whined (and ate snacks). Finally once I got him to stand up and realize the water was only 1' deep, he was all about it. He started going down the slide and he didn't stop until I forced him to leave. That photo of him up there in the little umbrella stroller is the perfect depiction of how we all felt when we finally left. 

Every time we go Toby ends up saying "This was the best day of my life!" and I can't help but find that totally magical and adorable. Totally a win!

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// Taking Space

Things have been really slow around here the past several months (years? Eh?) but that's not all indicative of life offline. The days have been packed and chaotic and often overwhelming, but also really enjoyable (usually). It feels like I come on here every couple of weeks to give a brief synopsis of what's been going on, but the truth is all I can ever really do is skim the surface. Things are good though! I've felt better about myself in the past few weeks than I have in years, and I think that really shows. Right now I'm trying to figure out just how exactly I'm supposed to navigate this new chapter for myself and the boys. Mainly dating. Everything else (so far) I feel like I have a pretty solid grip on. But y'all, can we just talk about post-divorce dating when you're in your 20's and have 2 kids?! Yep. It's about as messy as one would expect. Haha! While I likely won't come here to divulge all the details, I can say that I have been dating and it's been pretty weird / funny / awkward so far. Aside from a couple of months before Mike and I reconnected, I haven't been single in a decade. Things are so strange now. But I'm figuring it out. I think! The boys are spending some time with Mike this weekend so I'm busying myself with projects and friends. It's weird to wake up to a silent house sometimes. I even slept in for the first time in forever the other day.

I have a feeling y'all will start to see a lot more of me soon. I've really just needed to take space and time to sort through everything going on behind the scenes 

It feels really good to be where I am right now. Mentally, physically, emotionally. I feel like I'm starting to get a little spark back that I've been missing. I like where things are headed. See you soon?

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// Things I Love Thursday v.260

these amazing illustrations ♥
♥ this. ♥
this adorable pup ♥
this house is unreal! ♥
♥ this is so true ♥
this custom ducati ♥
these bouquets ♥
this reminder ♥
this neon sign ♥
this gif ♥

// I need to find the perfect beach bag. These Hat Attack ones are so pretty!

// 3 days only! Shopbop is having a sale! Take an extra 25% off your sale purchase with the code 25EXTRA!

// Currently on the hunt for a pretty new wallet. I'm leaning toward one from Kate Spade. Help me decide!

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// Movie Night Popcorn Flight

Last week the boys and I had a movie night at home. We ran by Walmart to pick up the supplies or the night, and then we popped some Pop Secret popcorn (with yummy toppings, obviously), piled up on the couch, and watched "The Land Before Time." Toby is always so fascinated when tv shows or movies that he watches are ones that I watched as a kid. Of course in Toby's brain I'm basically a century old, so his wording is always pretty hilarious. Anyway, since we were having a movie night we decided to make some homemade "gourmet" popcorn to satisfy the sweet tooth we all have. I had a set of these small glass condiment bowls and they were perfect for kid-sized portions of the good stuff. Since we had a couple of ideas in mind for the popcorn, I opted to make a "Popcorn Flight" for the boys. I let Toby pick his favorite recipes from a handful of ideas, and he chose S'mores Popcorn, Black and White Popcorn, and Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn. Here's a quick run down of each:

S'Mores Popcorn

+ Melt a handful of marshmallows in the microwave for 45 seconds. Spread melted marshmallows onto bed of popcorn. Crumble graham crackers over the still-sticky marshmallows. Melt milk chocolate in the microwave until it's a smooth and creamy consistency. Drizzle and drop the chocolate over the popcorn and crackers. Place in the fridge for 30 minutes and serve.

Black and White Popcorn

+ Melt white chocolate and milk chocolate separately and drizzle over popcorn. Place in fridge for 30 minutes to harden before serving.

Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn

+ Mix 1/4 cup sugar with 1 tablespoon cinnamon. In a separate bowl mix 1/4 cup butter with 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. In a large bowl drizzle the popcorn with the butter mixture and then toss with the cinnamon sugar. 

So The Land Before Time: Complete Collection just came out at Walmart last week and I don't think my house could hold enough tissues for me to make it through the entire thing. But it's on our summer bucket list so I guess we'll be doing it anyway! Y'all totally cried during The Land Before Time, too, right?! Little Foot is just such a sweet little dinosaur. Both Toby and Linden were totally entranced by the movie, so it didn't take them much to be still (though this makes me so excited to take Linden to his first theater!). But neither boy really talked much during the movie. If anything they just snacked and watched. Linden fell asleep about 10 minutes before the end, and I was in heaven. That was a really good night.

If you have a summer bucket list of your own, I suggest homemade gourmet popcorn and The Land before Time: The Complete Collection DVD should be on your list (but hurry because it's only while supplies last!) Feel free to come join us as we snack our way through the entire set! Haha 

What are some of your favorite popcorn toppings?

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This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® , Universal Studios Home Entertainment and Pop Secret, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #Pop4LandB4time http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

// Things I Love Thursday v.259

♥ this is everything! ♥
this DIY pinata cake ♥
this stunning room ♥
this awesome wallpaper! ♥
this embroidery hoop ♥
this! ♥
♥ and this, too! ♥
♥ this gives me all the feels ♥

// Children forced into sex work are victims, not "child prostitutes." This is very heavy subject matter, and may be triggering to some. But it really is important.

// A psychologist believes there are only four personality types. Which are you?

// I am 100% obsessed with these GORGEOUS yoga mats!

// Have you heard of #HotDogPrincess? Because I love her!

// This photographer documents the stunning diversity of redheaded people of color.

// I'm well on my way to owning everything in the gift boutique over at Shopbop haha! I'm obsessed with the new fun pool floats especially!

// Did you hear there is a new Saved by the Bell themed diner in Chicago?! Um yes! And it's just as incredible as it sounds!

// Need a cute little filler for bridesmaid gifts or favors? These monogram mugs are perfect!

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// Summertime Entertaining on the Deck

* Apologies in the delay posting this! Technical difficulties have pushed posts back ~one day or so. Look for my TiLT post tomorrow!

Sitting on the deck is one of my favorite parts of Summer. I love to socialize and even sit quietly alone on my deck all season long. There's some thick wooded areas around our house so our neighborhood sits nestled in this little forest of sorts, despite being inside city limits. I love how green everything gets around here! I've been getting a lot of deck time in lately as Linden is up and ready to be outside well before 7am on most days. I often jump on his tiny trampoline with him, or play with him in the sandbox, but he really digs playing with the older kids or on his own. That leaves me with plenty of time to kick back on the furniture or hammock, and take in the sunshine. Lately Amy (my neighbor) has been meeting me on the deck each morning to chit chat while the children start to wrestle their way outside. It's a nice start to my day! Since it was especially pretty the other day, I whipped up a fruit tray, some tangy punch, and pulled out all of my goodies I snagged at Michaels

This month's Michaels Makers challenge was to create an entertaining space or event. We didn't really have any reason to throw a party (but isn't that in itself the best reason to throw a party?), but I loved scouring the outdoor lighting aisle because that is riiiiight up my alley. Give me twinklelights or give me death! Or something like that. Anyway, I scooped up some long strands of bulbs, some white "paper" lanterns to hang in the tree, a couple super cute embroidered/stamped pillows, and a big box of awesome flameless candles! Oh, and those adorable bottlecap stools?! Also from Michaels! And for like 50% off! They were only $25 each, y'all! They also had them in red and I'm so tempted to go buy 2 more so there is plenty of seating and side tables to be used on the deck. I know our Summer will be full of BBQs and all that jazz, so I'm preparing! I've also ordered some outdoor goodies from Sunny Life via Shopbop, so I can't wait to entertain with them.

I love how the space lights up at night. It's so warm and inviting! It's especially pretty from the hammock below the deck! I can't wait to have loads of girls' nights here, that's for sure. ♥ If you want to check out the other Makers' spaces and creations, hop over to The Glue String! From paper crafts, party goods and baking supplies to new outdoor lighting, glass and floral, Michaels is your DIY destination for all of your summer celebrations.