// Linden Atlas - Six Months

Our little Linden is officially half a year old! He turned 6 months on the 23rd. The past month was a bit of a rollercoaster and there were a few not-so-fun parts, but overall I think we're doing pretty good haha He had a yucky allergic reaction to apples and it pretty much terrified me. We stopped solids for a little bit but just recently started them back. He's a big fan of sweet potatoes! He's such a happy baby and that I am oh so thankful for.

This month Linden:
+ weighs 17.5 pounds (!!!!!)
+ is 26.5 inches tall
+ learned to sit unassisted (!!!)
+ loves being in his jumparoo and exersaucer.
+ started napping on his own again (most of the time...)
+ sleeps in his Breeze bassinet half of the night + co-sleeps the rest
+ discovered how fun it is to splash water in the bath tub

Here's to the second half of our little guy's first year! xo

// Things I Love Thursday v.214

this is one of my favorite twitters. (see also: denny's! SO GOOD!) ♥
this time-lapse photo of hundreds of sunsets ♥
this print ♥
this logic. right?! ♥
this silly valentine's humor ♥
this is true! ♥
these incredible portraits of auschwitz survivors ♥
this view! ♥
this. awww yeah. ♥

// Watch this! I tried so so hard to embed it but just couldn't. It's the most precious thing. Ugh, my heart!

// I've been going crazy on TeaBoxExpress' Pinterest lately. So many amazing things that you should see!

// Have you heard of "babycore?" Yeah, me neither.

// Wishlist Wears: french bulldog dress FTW! // this gorgeous skirt // i can't wear regular earrings but oh boy if i could // i love love love the bottom of this dress // this dress reminds me of a monet painting // i love how this necklace is both rustic and flashy at the same time

What are you loving this week?

PS; What are your current favorite blogs!? I need to overhaul my Bloglovin' and obviously y'all have great taste! ;)

// Tidying Up

Mike and I spent most of Saturday morning and all of Sunday overhauling our room and Linden's nursery. L's nursery had turned into a "catch all" for every random piece of furniture and ever basket of laundry that had yet to be folded (ugh), and honestly, it was just bad. We had previously taken his crib and turned it into a sidecar in our room, but the time had come to move it back. He's been sleeping roughly half of the night in his crib next to our bed, so we opted to swap it out and put his 4moms Breeze in our room instead. It felt good to finally get his nursery done! You know, 6 months after he was born. These photos are just a few sneak peeks but I'll be sure to share a full tour shortly.

Our room is coming along, too. We had a giant clothes mountain form in front of our entirely-too-small closet and we dove headfirst into it. I bagged up 2 huge bags of clothes to get rid of via Kaelah's Closet, and I tossed even more into the garbage. It's nice to see our floor again haha! 

We have a couple of little projects to finish in both our room and Linden's, but I'm eager to get them started soon. Remember when I said only two rooms in my home could be clean at one time? Don't ask about the kitchen or the living room. We're getting there! Happy Monday! xo

// Things I Love Thursday v.213

♥ this print ♥

this! 33 brain-melting works of 3D sidewalk chalk art ♥
♥ these precious face cookies! ♥
♥ this fiat 500 with wicker seats! oh my word! ♥
♥ this gorgeous illustration ♥
♥ these are SO COOL! ♥
♥ this gorgeous shelf of plants ♥
♥ this DIY candle is perfect for valentine's day! ♥
♥ this is the perfect way to spruce up a room on the cheap ♥
♥ this pattern ♥

// I've been browsing nose rings on Fresh Trends because I'm thinking about getting mine re-pierced... for the third time. Yay or nay?

// London's 30 most Instagrammed restaurants.

// Women agreed with compliments men gave them online, and it didn't go well. This will make you want to slam your head against your desk... just a heads up!

// You can get $15 worth of FREE kids clothes AND free shipping if you sign into Schoola using this link by midnight tonight! (Free shipping ends tonight, but the $15 worth of clothes is good indefinitely!) And the best part? School still donates 40% of the original price of the clothing... so you don't have to feel guilty about saving some cash!

// It happened to me: I became friends with the woman my boyfriend had an affair with.

// I admit it: I don't shower every day. How often do you shower? I take at least one bath a day (in the morning), and often a shower at night. I love those precious few minutes I get to myself! (Okay, so Linden is there for the baths, but just swinging away haha)

// 26 amazing gifts to empower little girls.

// Last week I shared a coupon code for a free month of Rocksbox but sadly it wasn't working for some of you! Now this code is guaranteed to work so go ahead and try it out for a FREE month of Rocksbox (and I think $25 credit, too!) Use the code kaelahxoxo and let me know if you have any trouble!

// Here's some more info on the Style Society and #IamUnique campaign from Unique Vintage if you're interested!

// Wishlist Wears: this cloud dress is perfect // the colors of this necklace are so pretty // this white lace shrug // this denim jumper // this dress is... whoa! // love the vintage feel of this skirt

// I can't handle how cute Roxy is. Her birthday was this week... go tell that lady Happy Birthday!

// If you're interested in babywearing but you don't want to spend a ton, there's a sale on some mei teis and woven wraps! Chimparoo is a great brand so you won't be disappointed!

// A beginner's guide to leatherworking.

// I recently got a couple of super cute headbands in the mail and I love the message behind them. Headbands of Hope donates one headband to a child of cancer for every headband purchased And they donate $1 of your purchase price to the "giving partner" of your choice. Bravo!

What are you loving this week?

// Dreaming of Spring

Yesterday it was an incredible 62 degrees here! The sky was a gorgeous shade of blue, and the sun was out in full force. I was so excited to shed the layers and run errands while it felt so great outside. Of course I know it was just a tease since it'll be cold again in no time, but boy I'm ready for Spring! I try to not wish the days away but I'd wish winter away completely if I could. Can I move to south Florida?! Anyway, since it was so nice out, I decided to wear my new dress! It was the perfect day for it. Okay so it may have been a wee bit windy, but I just held onto my skirt and hoped for the best haha! This Bernie Dexter dress from Unique Vintage is a dream! The skirt has the perfect amount of volume without needing a petticoat, and it fits so so well. I topped it off with a kelly green cardigan and a long chain necklace from Stitch Fix. I had curled my hair earlier yesterday morning and it looked awesome, but the second I stepped out the door it was so frizzy! I hate when that happens.

Today's outfit post is part of the official launch of Unique Vintage's "I am Unique" campaign and I'm excited to be part of the first UV Style Council. The Style Council is made up of a handful of bloggers of varying shapes and sizes, all aiming to promote body positivity and personal style. You can check out some of the other gals involved, and post your own body positivity photos, using the #iamunique hashtag!

This past weekend Mike and I went "car shopping" since the weather was so nice on Saturday. I could totally get used to 60 degree days in January! We're not looking to buy another car quite yet, but we know it'll be sometime fairly soon (maybe in the next year or year and a half) since we definitely want more kids. Between his truck and my Xterra we only have one family vehicle. 2 car seats and a booster might fit in my Xterra, but it'd probably be a bit tight, so we'll need to upgrade before there's another bun in the oven. We had our hearts set on a larger SUV and ideally not a van. Since it would be our primary family vehicle, we need to plan ahead for quite a ways so we definitely need a third row of seats. I love driving a Nissan so we made sure to check out those options and I think we've got our eyes on a Nissan Armada at some point. It's nice and big but not huge. I don't know how families with 4+ kids get around! Do you have a larger family? If so, what kind of car(s) do y'all have?!

After we did some car shopping we headed over to our friend Maya's new place to check it out. Maya hadn't met Linden yet so it was awesome to spend some time with her and let her see L for the first time. We grabbed a late lunch at Olive Garden on Saturday and I think every single server in that restaurant held/touched Linden in some way. I try not to be overly protective but with the flu the way it is here I just wanted to dip him into a bucket of hand sanitizer haha! I know they were all well meaning and so so sweet, but it can be a little off putting when a stranger just ups and takes your baby out of your arms. We were so glad to get home and crash for the night. Sunday was relatively uneventful and Monday was more of the same, but we needed the rest. Remember how I said my house was sort of clean last week? Well that's totally not the case anymore and now I'm going crazy trying to tidy up with every spare second I have!

I'm thinking about doing another Kaelah's Closet cleanout to gear me up for some Spring Cleaning and my organizing mission. Would that be something y'all would be interested in? I'll probably post them on my @kaelahscloset Instagram again. Anything that doesn't sell will just get donated so I have less to deal with haha

Here's to a short, but hopefully very productive, week ahead! Have anything exciting planned?

Bernie Dexter dress c/o Unique Vintage
Target flats

// REVEAL: KB's Workspace Makeover

Huzzah! A newly updated workspace for the new year! I'm ashamed to say how bad my workspace had gotten during the holidays a few weeks back. My computer went untouched, my desk became a catch-all for every discarded piece of paper, and I could maybe find my keyboard or mouse if I searched long and hard enough. It was bad. Like, bad bad. Don't get me started on how dingy my desk had become thanks to the far-too-matte white paint! I wanted to spruce the place up so I'd be more motivated to keep it clean and be productive with the new year. It was sort of perfect timing for my January Michaels Makers challenge because the theme was "New Year's Craft Resolutions." I had resolved to organize (!!! there's that magic word!) my work area and keep. it. clean! I had put it off long enough, right?
I went from having an entire bedroom as my "studio" to a mere 8 foot by 3 foot corner of the kitchen. (Yes... that picture directly above is the "before"... except it has totally been a lot worse... So embarrassing!) It took some getting used to, but generally speaking it's been a good change. I had so much fun decorating the nursery that I didn't mind giving it up for Linden. And I'm also the type of gal who can't really have drawers on her desk because I'll stuff them full of useless clutter and junk. Anyway, Mike built my desk last year and even though this wasn't it's original home or purpose, it fits perfectly in my little nook. I knew I wanted to liven the space up a bit by painting the desk, but I had the hardest time deciding what color. I fell in love with a color on a spray paint can at Michaels and that's what I ultimately matched it with. (The desk color is "Blushing" by Valspar). I knew I needed a high gloss sheen to keep it clean and wiped down, so I topped the pink paint off with some high gloss clear spray paint. So far so good! It's shiny and smooth and perfect! Did you catch the hot pink paint-dipped legs?! I think that's my favorite part! The hot pink matches the color on the backside of the honeycomb shelf.

Organizing my space was the next challenge. I opted to lose the dry erase board and cork board because there was no balance for me. It was either full blown explosion of stuff pinned to them, or bareness. Instead I asked Mike to build me some thick floating shelves and a matching honeycomb shelf so it'd visually match our living room (which you can see from my workspace). I also took advantage of a 50% off sale at Michaels to load up on a few organizational pieces like this super cute honeycomb lazy Susan and the hanging tier that goes in the center. That lazy Susan is probably my favorite new storage solution for the space because it holds so much stuff! Prismacolor markets, Sharpies, scissors, cards, glitter... you name it! It's incredibly functional. I also picked up this wire basket drawer set that sits underneath my desk and it gives my printer the perfect boost so it's easy to reach and use.
I have a few berry baskets hanging around on the desk and shelves and they hold various things like my post-it notes, alphabet stamps, and mini ink pads. The little pop of blue makes a small but sweet impact, but provides the perfect amount of hidden storage. And my absolute favorite "totally can't live without it now" thing is my Cricut Explore! Holy moly, I'm going to be doing ALL THE PROJECTS! It fits perfectly up on my first shelf and it's so easy to bring down to use. I've already made a handful of car window decals and I can't get enough! You know those people with an insane amount of bumper stickers on the backs of their cars?! That's going to be me with vinyl decals. They are SO MUCH FUN to make! (If you have any awesome Cricut projects to share, let me know! I've started a board on Pinterest and I've gone Cricut crazy haha)
I still have a few bits and bobs that I want to work on like finding homes for a few things and hanging a few prints, but overall I'm so happy with the space! We finished it up earlier this week and I've been so insanely productive ever since. It's nice to have a space that feels cozy and purposeful. My trusty lava lamp made the cull and it bears repeating: It's like my silly little productivity secret. I turn that baby on when it's time to get to work and then I flick it off when I'm done. I don't know why it works but it's made the cut for the last several workspaces. 

This has been the perfect first challenge for the new year because I feel like it's really set me up to do awesome things from here on out. My space may be super tiny, but I love it and it's mine! Can't argue with that!


If you're looking for a project to help kick off 2015, drop by the Michaels' blog The Glue String for inspiration from all 30 of the Michaels Makers! If one of your New Year's resolutions is to clean out your closet, office or even your bedroom, check out these fun and creative DIY storage ideas. If you just need a place to store scrapbook paper, paint, markets and yarn, these craft storage systems might be perfect for you!

Thanks for letting me share my new space! Maybe this will motivate me to finish the rest of the house and share it soon. You know, we've only been living here for two years... ha!

// Things I Love Thursday v.212

I know, I know... it's Wednesday! (For once I published on the wrong day on purpose! ha!) Tomorrow I'll be sharing my monthly Michael's Makers blog post (it's going to be a super fun one!) so I moved TiLT to today so it'd get ample time in the spotlight! There are loads of great things in this post so hopefully you find something you enjoy! xo

♥ this is some TRUTH! ♥
♥ this gorgeous photo ♥

this taco clutch ♥
these rainbow spring rolls with ginger peanut sauce ♥
this! 30 incredible, once in a lifetime shots. i wanted to post them ALL! ♥
this is the most accurate illustration ever ♥
these three photos of nyc... taken ten minutes apart. ♥
these simple but fun nails ♥
these pugs in a pool ♥
♥ this dress! (source?)
this adorable embroidery ♥

// Rocksbox is a fun jewelry subscription service and you can try your first month for free with the code: kaelahxoxo! (You can wear the jewelry for as long as you want, then ship it back for a new set, or you can buy it and keep it forever!)

// If you're ever in need of a pick-me-up or to know that good people exist, just go here! It's one of my favorite pages to click on and scroll through. So much heart!

// Currentlies - 2015 update. Love this post! It makes me want to do my own!

// Katie shared an early reveal of the January TeaBoxExpress! I haven't made my scones yet, but I'm hoping to get to that this weekend. I love the British theme so much. (But heads up... February's box is going to rock your socks off! - Remember when people used that term?)

// Wishlist Wears: this dress makes me think of marbles // this dress looks gold from far away, but is actually a fun, vintage inspired print up close! // there are SO many bags i'm currently coveting... including this oxblood number, this black satchel, this rustic carryall, this perfect "everyday" bag, this bright blue backpack, and this black and white patterned tote

// 10 awesome infographics for graphic designers.

What are you loving this week?