Outfit Post : Tuesday, October 5 + Giveaway Winner!

Okay, maybe I should start with a giant disclaimer: This isn't really what I'm wearing today. Granted, I did indeed have absolutely every intention on it, but Mother Nature shook me to my very core this morning upon awakening to winter-like weather! It was so cold! This is Tennessee, and the first week of October! If I'm complaining now, I don't know how I'm going to withstand January/February! (Then again, I find solace in the fact that I'll no longer be in college and I won't have to wake up early and dress myself! Wahoo!) Do you now see why I would never hack it in a New York City winter? Yeah... well...

But the real news: I walked out of the house (willfully, and consciously) in yoga pants, gym shoes, and a hoodie for a university I have never once attended (nor stepped foot on!). That's right... I am slummin' it. I wanted to say this is the first time I've ever worn such attire to school (or in public), but I'd be lying. I recall every Friday morning last year when I had to wake and be at Art History by 8:30am. Man, I cursed those days. But I also wore this very same outfit. Well, so much for this, right? Sometimes we all need to just throw caution to the wind and not sweat the small stuff! I may look like I'm bummin' it in my jammies big time, but don't be fooled! I am soooo very toasty and comfy! 

Anywhoo- these photos were also taken yesterday, so the uber-messy hair is still all the same. What can ya do? The one thing I love about this outfit is the fact that both the shirt and the dress are SO OLD. I remember wearing this dress on my first day of college! True story! And 4 and a half years later, I'm about to graduate. It feels like a long time coming! I also wore this outfit HERE. (Again, outfit repeater! Uh oh! Butttttt, I didn't really wear it today.. so I guess all is fair? I'll probably wear it tomorrow, thus throwing off the rest of the week's outfit photos! I like to make things difficult.)

dress: forever 21 (old!), blouse: forever 21 (old!), tights: target ($12), flats: kmart ($13)

I think it's almost time for me to be buying a new MacBook battery :( Seems mine is on it's last leg. Luckily it hasn't started to get tumorous yet like my friend Kayce's! It's had a solid 2+ year run so that's good, right?!

Oh! And the winner of the 1Aeon 3-Owl Tote Giveaway is: Flora! Congrats Flora! (And Happy Birthday! What a fun coincidence!) Please email me at KaelahBee@Gmail.com with your mailing information so I can pass it along to Gabe!


  1. you look super cute my love.
    gotta love tennessee weather..at least it rarely snows.
    (in chattanooga it never snows expect in the mountains..i hate snow.)
    these pictures are beautiful.

  2. WOWWW Thank you so much! I can't believe I won, I'm so happy!!

  3. So cute! I adore Forever 21 but we don't really have it in Canada. Our version has very little selection and more conservative *pout*

  4. soooo cute! I am jealous of your cool weather :) it's still high 80's here in tx.
    love your hair color too!

  5. LOVE your outfit and the landscape of where you took these photos Kaelah! I'm always on the hunt for places like this in my area :]

  6. Those pictures are so pretty and I love that outfit! I almost wore my sweatpants to work today too but I finally toughened up enough to change right before I left.


  7. Eeeep! Your kurt halsey arm - I love it!! :))

  8. You look adorable! How do you do your hair? I've attemted to do this but it ends up just looking so..... Not like yours Haha. <3 Kate

  9. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_YNR7ngkEwlw/TKuUgZlAObI/AAAAAAAACrM/-IyjlfQi5gw/s1600/Screen+shot+2010-10-05+at+4.10.47+PM.png

    I recently cleaned my desktop, yay! And yes, I know it's October. :)

  10. Hey, I'm not much of a kiss-ass, but I think that your blog is mighty cool, and I will be comming back on a regular basis to check out whats new =). That outfit rocks btw :P

    -x- Blin

  11. NYC winter isn't that bad. I guess because I live 20 minutes out of the city it would drive me more crazy to think about a Michigan or Colorado or Maine type of winter or something.

  12. Love the outfit! And amen about the weather. I mean, what the heck is going on?! I had to crank on the heat last night...in frickin October! It used to be at least mid-november before I have to do that. Psh...whatever. I guess it's making up for the crazy heat we had this year.

    On a sidenote, where are you going to school?


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