Weekly YouTube Hilarity.

It's that time of the week again! Sharing all things funny and sweet via YouTube! (I can't believe the weeks are flying by like this! It seems like I just blogged the very same theme yesterday!) Onward with the videos! (Some of them are funny and some of them are just sweet or quirky...or just... well...)

I know everyone and their mother has seen this next one thanks to The Office, but I can't help but love love love it! I hate that it's to a Chris Brown song (ugh), but the song fits the situation!

(Please know that I'm not bashing Christianity or anything like that with the above video! I just thought it was hilarious that this youth group has formed a rap crew and has gone on and on about side hugs.)

To get you ready for the holiday season:

Christmas themed once more, but so very adorable:

Soooo very creepy:

That's this week's installment! Hope you find them as awesome as I do!


  1. Hey! I'm moving to nashville in a bit and I was wondering if you had any advice on where and what part to live? which parts are bad? I keep running into great deals in madison, and antioch but i know both of those places are hit or miss.

    also, i have a great dane, so most apartment complexes seem to think because they are so big it means they need a huge yard and lots of space but all hes does is sleep! if i let him, he would spend his whole day sleeping!

    anyways.. any advice would be fantastical.



  2. Oh my gosh hahahaha the last video! SO creepy!

    "It's a frickin' candy bra!"

  3. Emily: would you be willing to email me? I wrote out a hugeeee descriptive email to another gal with this same info! :) I'd be happy to pass it along to you :D email me at kaelahbee@gmail.com! (I'd mosey over and see if your name link provided contact info but I'm on my phone!)

  4. i don't know where I saw that candy bra one before, but it's so weird. I feel like i'll live next door to someone who strikes an odd resemblance to him. and this will be an everyday occurrence.

  5. the candy bra freaks me out... I can't even tell if it really is a women or a man. O_O

  6. I have seen that wedding one before that is too good! I died watching the cat one it was way tooo cute! Candy bra though....

  7. oh my god, after the very first time you posted that candy bra video my boyfriend and I were walking around saying "don't cha just love it?! It's a friggin candy bra!" for like.... 3 weeks. Then we kinda forgot about it, thank god! and now you posted it again and it's stuck in my head AGAIN. GAH! Bad Kaelah!

  8. ahhh christian side hugs! thats a huge inside joke where i work. its hilarious. hahah

  9. hahaha, as a christian who has been to conferences and summer camps and such, i can safely say that the side hug rap is HILARIOUS. i guess they were trying to present the rules in a 'fun' way or something. but a lot of youth groups are indeed quite fond of the side hug, including the one i used to attend. so freaking funny.

  10. Check out Christian side hug part 2!!! Its more hilarious!!! I nearly cried when I saw it




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