Outfit Post : Sunday, October 17

Upon arriving to our hotel tonight I realized that I have enough red-white-and-blue clothing to style for the entire duration of this road trip... I'm not sure why I love the combo so much. I've become such a fan of nautical styled ensembles.

These photos were taken off of Public Road at the Dandridge Municipal Park at Douglas Lake yesterday. My eyes are bloodshot and puffy as I had just finished crying (I know, right?). Don't worry... nothing bad... but I managed to scratch the loving life out of my eyeball and I've still yet to recover fully.

Anywhoo, some photos!

dress: wet seal (old!), belt: goodwill, tights: target, cardigan: target, flats: kmart, necklace: c/o dolly & boy jewelry, rings: gift from mom & flea market.

We're off to enjoy the day! No idea if we'll stay another night in Asheville or if we'll move farther East... either way, we'll be sure to document! Happy Monday! The mixtape will go live a bit later! 


  1. Aw, love I hope you're feeling better.
    You still look super cute.

  2. you look great! i have to agree too that red, white and blue do look really great and also one of my favorite combos! i am a huge fan of nautical style, it just looks so classy and you can twist the style in so many ways too!


  3. just found your blog, followed you a while ago. nice photo's. road trips are always fun and exciting hope i can be in road trip too.

  4. your belt is fantastic.
    good find. [:

  5. What a gorgeous set of photos, and a gorgeous outfit. I swear the sky never gets that blue over here in rainy England!xx

  6. Ashley: no. The one on my left hand is my birthstone ring from my mom. The one on my right hand is a flea market find. If either were an engagement ring you wouldve heard of it by now.

  7. Nautical suits you. Hope your poor eyeball makes a full recovery here soon!

  8. haha oh okay! i didn't think i'd missed that little bit of info.

  9. love the outfit!
    you look great!!!


  10. I'm a new follower. Found you on Yes and Yes. I just wanted to say that I love your style and find it really inspiring. That's all. ;)


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