Sunday Spotlight - Photographer: Tec Petaja

Last week's spotlight featured the work of the always-inspiring Joy Thigpen... well, this week we're focusing on someone she has worked with a bit in her past. While she has definitely had the luxury of meeting and collaborating with some of the world's finest photographers and vendors, I can't help but fall in love with everything she and Tec Petaja do together. And quite frankly -- everything he does solo, too! 

I don't remember how I first found Tec... I think it was around the time Southern Weddings magazine was launched and he and his adorable wife, Chelsea, graced the cover. I had no idea that was them at the time, but their photos simply inspired me and I dare say prompted my love of all things wedding. Chelsea runs a blog and online shop over at Oh My Deer Handmade (so cute!). I also started regularly seeing Tec's work featured on Once Wed. Well, fast forward a little while and I realize that they live in my neighborhood (for the lack of a better term.) They live in East Nashville and Tec has shot many weddings in the Franklin area. Well, of course I'm going to give him bonus points for being a hometown player! Anyway- I've watched both Tec and Chelsea via the interweb (in a non-creepy way) and shared his work with Mike. I can safely say that Tec is Mike's #1 photography inspiration as he dives head-first into a new career path. We're just enamored with what he is able to produce. So now I'll share some photos and let them speak for themselves! They truly need no introduction!

(photo credit: tec petaja via

As you can tell, many of these are from weddings that I have also featured in my Wedding Wednesday posts! There is something absolutely undeniable about his work and I only hope that we can afford him once our big day comes! You can find Tec online at his website, wedding websiteblog and twitter


  1. Oh my gosh, random Kings of Leon/Nathan Followill and Jesse in there haha. Those pictures are beeeautiful.

  2. So inspiring and pretty! I love the last two... and the rest of them! :)

  3. tec is my FAVOURITE photographer and such a huge inspiration to me!

  4. These pictures are AMAZING! Wedding pics just make me smile :)

  5. wow i absolutely love the detail on the back of that first wedding dress.


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