Outfit Post : Monday, October 11 in Louisville

I've already posted a few photos of me from yesterday so you've undoubtedly seen what I was wearing, but Mike and I happened across a really sweet neighborhood yesterday (with THE most beautiful house!) and we decided to stop for some photos. I really did love how they came out so you'll just have to deal with me posting a few more than normal! 

I've had this dress for so so so very long (4 years?) and I love it so! But to be quite honest, I love anything I can wear this belt with. Thrifted at Goodwill for a measly twenty-five cents or so, I've never loved a single clothing accessory so much! I also really love wearing red, whites and blues because I feel like my hair really manages to pop. Speaking of hair, I accidentally gave Mike a bowl-cut in the hotel room Sunday night! I tried fixiing it a bit so it's not all that obvious in these photos... but wow... there's a first for everything I reckon!

dress: forever 21 (old!), tights: target, flats: kmart, cardigan: target, belt: kmart

I hope my dashboard-overload isn't annoying y'all! I feel like I could spend the next three months blogging about the past 4 days (and then there's the trip next week! Oh my!). 


  1. I love the scenery you've captured here - so pretty. You can't tell you gave Mike a bowl cut in these photos so don't you worry. Hope you've had an amazing time.

  2. You look so cute! love the dress.
    that is so funny that you gave him a bowl cut, but it's not noticeable in the photos hehe ^.^

  3. I'm new to your blog, but I have to tell you it's amazing! You are one gorgeous girl and I adore your style. This outfit looks so perfect on you lady :]

    Definitely following!


  4. You look freakin' fabulous! :)

  5. cutest dress! It flows perfectly with that adorable red hair of yours.



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