Wedding Wednesday!

So that whole thing I said about "lightning fast wifi" in the last post was a bit of a stretch... oops! Mike and I went out for Mexican tonight and then we ended up back at the beach, laying on blankets and building sand pigs (more on that later). As much as I'd love to go super indepth with a rad entry, we have rerouted ourselves through South Carolina and Georgia on our way home... lengthening our drive, but allowing us the opportunity to go to the Georgia Aquarium (my favorite aquarium ever! and Mike has never been!). We might even go to the aquarium in Chattanooga if we have time! (and the one here in Kure Beach!)

Anyway, you're here for the weddings... so I'll get to them!

This first wedding is a gorgeous take on an outdoor ranch wedding (Texas!). Typically I stray from the long cathedral veils and white bridesmaid dresses, but the other details were too good to pass up. (via Ruffled Blog)

This second set is an engagement session from down under that I just couldn't say no to. How cute are these two?! I just want to reach through the computer and squeeze them! And look at her dress! SQUEEE! 

A gorgeous DIY seating chart of sorts for your big day! I am absolutely in LOVE with this how-to and I think you will be, too! Check out the indepth instructions after the jump! 

What you’ll need:
- Tray of home grown wheatgrass
- 3 24″ balsa dowels
- Balsa wood sign
- Gold metallic string
- Miniature clothes line clips
- Guest’s names printed on paper
- A pair of wedding birds from craft store
- Black paint for sign

Step 1: Purchase wheatgrass kit online and follow instructions.

Step 2: Construct wire poles by cutting one of the 3 balsa dowels into 5 even pieces (about 5 inches). Wrap gold string around the top cross bar in a star pattern until parallel and secure. Repeat on lower cross bar. Repeat for opposite pole.
Step 3: Tie gold string between the two wire poles for the names to hang on. Push the poles into the tray of wheatgrass.
Step 4: Pin guest names to the string with mini clothes pins. Glue wedding birds on opposite tops of poles.
Step 5: Hand paint sign. Glue the remaining 5 inch piece of dowel to the back of the sign. Stick sign into the front of the wheatgrass tray.

If things have seemed a bit slow around these parts as of late, it's probably because they have been. I won't blame it all on the vacations either because the truth is that I've been slacking a wee bit as a result of school. Boring ol' school, I know. Either way, I hope to be back in full swing of things shortly and I have two extra extravagant and oh-so-divine giveaways coming up for you and there are so very many chances to win! I hope you're as excited as I am! I hope I can pop back by later! If not, I'm going to do my best to get Things I Love Thursday up at a proper time! It's looking like we'll be back in Tennessee on Friday at some point! So much to do! Hope you're having a great hump day and feelin' the wedding bliss whether you're single, married, or planning that big day of yours (even if just in your head like me!).


  1. oh my gah! i just love looking at these photos! :) brilliant post!

  2. OH my god! I don't even get all mushy usually, but that 2nd couple-the one's from downunder...CUTEST PAIR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!


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