when it rains...

i really try not to dwell on things. things happen for a reason. good things. bad things. life... it happens. right? today was hands down one of the worst days ever. it was so incredibly stressful and i just felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. it all began with art history. despite desperate attempts to retain all of the information, i couldn't. i blanked. typically i'm a fairly decent test taker... but being at an art school, you take very few comprehension tests. that was apparent today, to say the least. not to mention its just one of the hardest classes. foreign names and dates and cultures and styles. its hard. i suppose we shall see the results soon.

after class i really wanted to sleep, but i trudged forward. i mailed off 4 packages and then headed to the tire place. i've been having a tire leak for hte past 2 weeks. thinking it would be as simple as them replacing my tire (i have a warranty), they tell me that my alignment is all messed up and this has caused my little car to eat my brand new tires (i bought 4 new tires LAST summer, followed by 2 replacements...) therefore my car has had 8 new tires in the span of 13 months. but the saddest part was that my warranty did not cover this. so heres another $1,000 thrown down on tires, only to take my car to the shop and have them align it and tell me i need new front brakes. oh, and i'm 2,000 miles over on an oil change. and i've got a crack in the bottom of my windshield. literally... when it rains, it pours.

but that is life. without misfortunes and tough times, how would we appreciate things when they're good? i'm grateful for the ability to get those tires today. Lord knows that it was dangerous driving on them when the insides were worn down so low the steel insets were bald. i'm fortunate in the fact that they did not blow, i did not wreck, and that i safely made it to the shop in time. financially this sucks, sure. but its a lesson learned. i am truly grateful for the smooth ride my car now has. its like it's brand new. so keeping up with the spirit i brought my car home, cleaned it out, gave it a good rub down, and then played with georgia in the sprinkler (i tricked her into a bath! though it didtn take much tricking.. this puppy loves water!)

*edit* and after i gave my car a good washing, it is now pouring rain. haha always!

after frantic phone calls and crying on the phone to my mother, she calmed me down and assured me that everything will be fine. she's more than generous and she's always willing to help me out. i'm so lucky to have a mother like her.

tonight i have to work down at the bar. it'll be the only night i work this weekend. i hope business is good. mom isn't letting me sell my taylor swift ticket as i had planned. i was just going to work instead but she really wants me to go have a good time and try to get all the stress off of my mind. tomorrow i may try to get the brakes put on my car, or if nothing else, i will do a lot of homework, clean my room, and hopefully sell some more stuff. then i shall get ready (a new dress and boots?!) and tiffany, caitlin, katie and i will venture to downtown nashville and sing our hearts out with taylor swift. it'll be a lovely treat.

i hope everyone has a lovely weekend. <3


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