the past few days...

i feel like nothing has happened but everything has happened. it's been a strange week. tuesday consisted of long classes, my first critique in advertising (it went way better than expected, praise the lamb!), some people coming over then going to the pond for a few beers, then bryan and i just kicked it for the rest of the night. it was a lot of fun. wednesday i woke up and got down to business.

bryan and i drove up to nashville to check out the new bar that i'll be bartending at during the week. this job just fell into my lap EXACTLY when i needed it to so thank you whoever is watching out for me! i put it out there that i needed a second job and voila! i'm so blessed. the bar opens in mid-october and its called Undertones. it's upstairs at The Muse. now, if you know Nashville at all, or know of The Muse, you'll know its in the sketchy side of town... 4th avenue south. Crack central. i dont know how well the bar will do, or if i'll make any money, but i'm happy to be apart of something new and the developing stages of the bar, etc. I'm the only bartender currently so being the lead is awesome. i have to find a yummy drink for the house drink :) i also need to find other bartenders so if you're in nashville, get at me if you have experience! the bar itself upstairs is coming along nicely. it looks really legit. excitement.

after that, we separated and did our own cleaning of the sorts. i managed to rummage through part of my closet and get about 75 things so far that i took pictures of and posted for sale (see previous entry). then we loaded up and went to murfreesboro to get his shirt for his date tonight. after that we went to the YMCA to check on membership (total ripoff! and they're not even 24 hours!) looks liek we'll be working out at the FAC. then we came home and i did more clothing things and we kicked it outside on the deck til abotu 1:30. then i passed out.

now here i am. sold some stuff this morning, getting ready for class, georgia has a vet appointment afterwards and i have to do a whole lottaaaa studying for my art history test in the morning. huzzah!

happy thursday!

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