these two albums got mega playtime on my itunes tonight while getting ready for work. i was the only one home so i took advantage of it and blared them and sang along like you wouldn't even believe. and trust me, i can't carry a tune in a bucket. they're vastly different but they were perfect. new found glory's sticks and stones will always be amazing to me haha and rocky votolato has an amazing voice. any and every one of his albums are great.

suggested listens:
rocky votolato: white daisy passing
rocky votolato: tennessee train tracks
joe purdy: why do i

"why do i get so lonely when there really ain't nothin' wrong, cause i can sleep just fine when you hold me, can't sleep at all when you're gone, yeah and why do i stay out drinking when i should just get back home? i guess the company of strangers is better than drinking alone."

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