the weepies.

"Gotta Have You" was the second song I ever heard by The Weepies ("World Spins Madly On" was the first.. on Scrubs!) but it was the first song that actually sucked me into them. I have so much respect for this band. Not just respect, but envy. I know it's bad but they're simply perfect. Deb and Steve met in a cafe at a show, began writing together, got signed, fell in love, got married, and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. and they still manae to make amazing music together. Incredible. I'd like a nice little arrangement like that. Mates of State-esque. I definitely listen to "Not Your Year" by The Weepies every single time I get down on myself or just in a crappy mood. That song is incredible. "Gotta Have You" definitely has it's place in my heart though. So many memories of that song. Simply amazing. And this photo just sparked my love of them even more so I thought I'd share!

I have yet to see them live but boy oh boy, I will!

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