the past few days have gone by in a blur. i feel like my weeks speed up and slow down. always a continuous motion. i'm sitting at a tiny little round table against the large glass window at barnes & noble's starbucks in brentwood. it's coming a monsoon outside and i had to move seats to accomdate my mac's draining battery. i'm listening to the appleseed cast and perusing blogs when i should be doing homework. as soon as i got out of class today (advertising was canceled! huzzah!) i went to the coffee shop (the beanery on 96) to work for a few hours. i doodled in some moleskins and prepared a few mixed cd's to be sent off. after that i came here, simply for a change of scenery, and more coffee. i can't seem to work at home.

i'm not sure why, but i can only motivate myself to work on something in the company of other people. mainly strangers with little fear that they'll interrupt me. i can watch them work and lounge about... the lady beside me has a pile of adobe photoshop books stacked on the seat across from her. she's poking around on a dell laptop and all i can hear is *click click click* from her mouse. theres a moustached man sitting 10 feet from me with a venti frappaccino and he's quickly going through magazines.

this week has been crazy and its only tuesday. yesterday i had flash class and for some reason beyond me, i couldn't wrap my head around it. i became overwhelmed so quickly. the 3.5 hour class came to an end and i just sat there confused. i stayed 3 extra hours to work on my project and ended up scrapping it twice. i'm starting all over. my heart has been very heavy recently and a lot has been going on in my mind so as i walked out of the viscom building i called my mother. i cried on the phone like a child and she assured me all would be fine. i just felt so stupid for some reason. luckily after pushing it aside, relaxing, crying even more and then sleeping, i awoke to feel as though i could take on the world. today is a new day.

i need to get home to my little georgia before too long. bryan just called me and we had a fun little chit chat. we're getting excited for vegan cooking night on thursday. elle will be in attendance and maybe tony if he can get off work.

i've been itching to get tattooed so much lately. its been 5+ weeks and thats so unusual for me seeing as i typically sit 1-2 times a week on my sleeve. but alas i've been taking off work a bit lately and i'm hoping to spend my fall break in lovely northern california next month so my monies are going elsewhere. as long as i have my full traditional sleeve finished by my mother's wedding in april i'll be happy. i can't believe by then i'll be 22 years old. crazy. i feel too young to be that old.

speaking of tattoos, ive decided to most likely take my left arm (the kurt halsey half sleeve) into a full sleeve as well. but not just kurt's work. the forearm sleeve will be a mixture of some of my favorite works by different illustrators. but a full sleeve of illustrations nonetheless! so exciting! i'll be adding a piece by Justin Wallis for sure. i've wanted one of his mountain hags tattooed on me since i saw them!

i feel like my entries become long winded because i typically use one entry to write up everything, then use several smaller ones for inspiration, etc. anyway, enough of this. happy tuesday!


ps; i really want my nails painted in the fashion above the entry. what do you think? too tacky or tacky enough to be badass?


  1. i love katy perrys nails. theyre awesome. i guess its not polish. its something called minx.

    but i do think you could pull it off.

  2. oh snap good call! i didnt even know those were katy perry's! haha and now that you mention it, they do look like minx. hopefully somewhere around here does 'em! :D


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