i haven't updated since like 2am friday morning so it's overdue, i apologize! this weekend was jam packed with things i don't even care to remember. i worked friday and saturday night at the bar and last night proved to be so incredibly dramatic. a lot of sly, not-so-good things have been going on so i've just been told to "watch my back"... seems as though someone who is also employed there is trying to get my job and has been accusing me of such outlandish things... its a really sucky situation because we're all such good friends, but i guess those are the ones that get ya. please keep your fingers crossed for me! i dont want to lose my job over something that is so totally not true. hmph. i used this weekend to really really catch up on my sleep. then yesterday i ventured up to hendersonville to get tattooed. it too was much overdue. jason worked on my sleeve for 3 hours and boy oh boy... we saved all the painful stuff for the end. nothing but blackwork on the inside of my arm, back of my armpit and the back of my elbow. good gracious i was sore! i got really swollen and i bruised incredibly bad, too. just gotta detail over the portrait once more and color in the frame then we're done with the top half! he's going to have my forearm drawn out on wednesday and if i like what he's done, we're going to lay out and outline the entire forearm. oh my oh my! so excited.

i worked with my arm bandaged up for most of hte night then i cleaned it and worked without. i was hurting by the end of the shift but all went well. today i woke up and ventured over to walmart and kicked it with bryan on the clock for a bit. then i cooked him lunch so we could eat out on the back deck and hang out. i do love him so so so much. he's hands down my best guy friend on the planet and i love that we're so close! :D makes me happy. i had plans to hang out with my friend jeffrey today but a bunch of crap came up and i have to be gone by 7 so i didnt want him to drive all the way from east nashville to only hang out for an hour. so we shall hang out tomorrow instead! tonight i'm going to CJ's work party at mellow mushroom downtown with him. apparently theres a Sublime tribute band. amazing! hahaha im sure it'll be fun. then afterwards Bry and i are going to kick it and maybe watch a zombie movie, have a few drinks, etc. Craig just mentioned a show at the 5 spot and it looks good, wish i could go, but alas, i have other plans so i had to say no :( we don't get to hang out enough but whatever whateverrrrr.

this is way too long. no one is ever going to read this so im ending it here. cool! :D

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