labor day.

work went well saturday night. it picked up so i was pleased. i woke up sunday morning, loaded up georgia and headed 70 miles south to my parents' house. they're in the middle of remodling so the place was dusty, smelled like paint, and cluttered since bedroom furniture migrated to the living room haha we had a few people over and grilled out. everyone was chowing down on steak and i had a yummy grilled veggie skewer and steamed broccoli & asparagus. it was heavenly. i relaxed and watched a whole lot of travel channel and TLC on sunday because i never watch tv it seems. georgia played with the sprinkler and hose for a solid 45 minutes. she'd just bite the water and chase it and run smack into it. it was the most precious thing ever. bryan got off work at 10 and drove down. we hung out from 11:30 til about 3am. we had so much fun. sure, we live together and see each other every single day, and we hang out 24/7, but he is my best friend and thats how much we love each other. i can't even recall all the events. normally we find ourselves driving backroads and creeping ourselves out with ghost stories but last night we played it safe and hung out on the patio, ventured to walmart once and then watched comedy central at his house. i passed out on the couch and decided it was time to walk my booty the 4 houses down back home to sleep.

i woke up at 10am this morning, had breakfast with my folks and headed back to franklin with GiGi (thats bry's nickname for Georgia). got my tire checked and rather than 29pounds of pressure, i had 6. haha uhhhh.. yeah. going in for a new tire on wednesday. i headed up to panera in brentwood to meet up with merissa, elle and kayce for a bit. then i went ot elle's to get some printed pictures, then to panera on columbia ave to sketch my little heart out for hours. after i hit a wall and started crying, i went to target, pampered myself a little bit, came home for a hot relaxing bath while i dyed my hair and then worked on flash stuff. i hate advertising. i hate it.

i do not want to sell people shit they do not need. i just don't. i'd rather make beautiful, horrible, ugly, marvelous art. i know as a designer i have to sell myself, but that doesnt mean selling chocolate that costs $10 a piece. i can already tell it'll be a long, hard semester in advertising. :(

today was also chock full of personal battles and relationship issues. i'm hoping everything is resolved.

this is a ridiculously long entry for me. but i've pretty much stopped updating over on my LJ. i need to get back into that because its much more personal but i did a lot of moleskin writings today so that helped lift a heavy heart.

tomorrow i will wake at 7am, get ready and rush over to school to print and half-ass these advertising roughs, go to holistic wellness, try to get some more stuff done in my break and then go to web 2 and straight to advertising. its a busy 9am to 7pm day.

hopefully tomorrow night will be chill with bryan. i think we'll probably end up getting some beers and kicking it on the back deck like we normally do. thanks for being my best friend, bryan :D

here are some pictures. xoxo

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