friday funday.

so i'm looking a little rough today. oh well. nasty hair, same shirt from last night, whatever. haha no one to impress. i've gotta work tonight. story of my life. gotta get that cash moniezzzz. hopefully the bar will be busy, but i'm not sure because i think the fair is in town. ugh. doesn't georgia look adorable? her eye surgery is supposed to be in 3 weeks. we should find out for sure next thursday when she goes back to the vet. it doesn't seem to be bothering her which is good. she was so hyper today. we were playing outside for ages and ages. the owl above is an illustration i did while i was at the coffee shop today. hopefully i can finish it all up, mount it and put it in the gallery at the bank.

i have so much goin on this next week its ridiculous. im trying to find time to make plans with my friend Tony but it's proving to be hard. work tonight and tomorrow night, then sunday i'm going to go down to my parents', probably stay the night, come back monday, kill myself trying to do advertising roughs for class on tuesday, then class all day tuesday 9am - 7pm, then im sure we'll all go back to the pond for some beers and wednesday i have some pretty important plans but i've forgotten them. oops. i do know, however, that i'm hanging out with an old friend of mine from like 4 years ago... derek. haven't seen him in 3 years so it'll be good to catch up over some beers. thursday is my next free day but he has to work and i need to study for my exam at 9am on friday. ughhhhh! i hate being this busy busy busy.

but for now i'm going to go to walmart and pester my best friend/roommate B-Lockk and junk until i have to jet off to work in an hour. happy friday!


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