tuesday is a busy day.

uh oh.. one of those posts. the long one probably... i finally found my way under the covers barely before 6am. i spent most of the night having an awesome conversation with an awesome new friend. win/win! pretty stoked on it, you know who you are :P i woke up pretty awake at 9am but i decided to skip holistic wellness and snooze until 11:15am. felt like a million bucks when i woke up, got all dolled up and headed to class. web 2 at 1pm and then advertising at 3. today was our first presentation. it went really well, got out of there around 6 and headed home. spent the evening lazin' around with bry and we did some laundry. then we came home and he hung out with elle while i opted to be productive and clean clean clean! i scrubbed my bathroom, cleaned my room, rearranged it a bit, hung some more photos and even made my bed after i washed all of my bedding! amazing! but now i'm thinking i may move my bed to the other side of the room and put my canopy back up, even though i only just took it down. gah! options! after all of that i took a nice hot bubble bath and i've just been poking around the internet since. acquired some amazing new typefaces that i'm excited to use. ~being nerdy here. tomorrow is going to be a day chock full of web 2 interface design as i work through the wireframes for my cms site. NOT FUN. i'll probably just go to the coffee shop once i wake up. its 3am and i'm still not sleepy. i'm amazed how i'm running on only 5 hours sleep but i'm still chuggin' along. oh well whatever. i'm going to end this here.

oh hey, heres some photos of me being vain. cool! i really really need to dye my hair this week. the red has seriously faded and my roots are something fierce... and not in a good way. hmph.

also, i've been listening to the band The Wooden Sky a lot lately. i'm loving the song "Somethings Hiding For Us In The Night"... i'd embed a video for you but i can't seem to find one online that allows embedding... so click on the link and go listen to it. good tunes for sure.

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