sleepy bee.

this is what i've been staring at for the past three hours. i'm at the coffee shop because its the only place i seem to be productive. i've been streaming some tunes by The Acorn and trying to wireframe this entire vegan website that i'm creating. i wish it could just do itself. but i suppose anything worth doing is worth doing right, and if i can actually get this thing live after creating the CMS (content management system) that goes with it, i will be set. sorry for all of the nerdy talk. i got pretty excited after josh (my professor) showed us how the CMS works and how it pretty much makes your life a breeze when creating a site with hundreds or thousands of pages.... its just GETTING to that point.. oh my.

i'm so incredibly exhausted. i finally found myself falling asleep around 5am. i need to stop it with this rediculous sleep schedule. i allowed myself to sleep until noon... to make up for the fact i basically got NO sleep the night before. not a good idea. time and time again i know that sleeping late totally screws with my day. whatever. i'm going to whip out some of this wireframe mess, go to whole foods and get some groceries, go to the bank, get hair dye, dye my hair, go to the FAC gym, and then who knows. crap, i just forgot i have to do an entire essay quiz for tomorrow, too. bah humbug!


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