it's amazing to feel your heart in this state. it's no longer in a state of limbo; just trying to regain it's stable footing. to feel it beat so hard. it's one of those nights where you find it in your throat. rendering you utterly useless in the way of speech. you can't say anything. but just like a rollercoaster, you ascend to the peak, you crash down in a rush, but you always level out. the ride has to level before you can exit. life will pick itself up again and you'll love with more ferocity than you've ever know. and best of all, this time it will be real. i'm over the quick turns, the whiplash, the twists, the loops, being suspended in the air with absolutely no control. i'm sick. i'm nauseous. i'm worn out.

your ride has ended. please unbuckle and exit to your left.

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