i'm selling everything i can from my closet. it really hit me today how many clothes i have and that i dont wear 95% of them. its time i get rid of them! i'm hosting them on my photobucket and going that way so yeah...

i'm still uploading photos so be patient, but you can go ahead and see whats up thus far! if you're interested in anything, please send a detailed message with the title of the photographs you're interested in to: KAELAHSCLOSET@GMAIL.COM!

feel free to ask questions, ill try to reply ASAP. but please use email to contact me so i can reply when i'm away from the computer and on my phone.

there aren't any prices on anything yet so feel free to ask! im negotiable but firm, at the same time. :)

happy looking!

heres the link the photobucket. please note that all the categories are on the left-hand side! click on the picture to make it bigger & read the title & description information!


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ONLY INQUIRE VIA EMAIL! i will be responding from my iphone and this ensures that i can receive and reply to messages at any time! please DO NOT SEND ME MESSAGES ON MYSPACE REGARDING THESE ITEMS FOR SALE! i want to be sure i have your email! thank you so much!


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