average life.

"Today, I was at Target and they just recently put out the Halloween costumes. I noticed a banana costume so I decided to put it on. I started running around the store singing “Its peanut butter jelly time!” The best part was that when I was walking silently down an aisle, a man turns to me and says ” Hey, isn’t it peanut butter jelly time?” You bet it is. MLIA"

"A couple days ago, I realized that on my math desk, someone had scratched in ‘wan’. I filled it in with ‘I want ice cream’. When I came back the next day, I saw someone had scratched out ‘ice cream’ and wrote ‘food’. Thinking of MLIA, I scratched out ‘food’ and wrote ‘to be a ninja’. When I came in today, they had crossed it out and wrote ‘to be a FLYING ninja’. I crossed theirs out and wrote ‘to be a flying pirate ninja wizard’. I’m excited to go back tomorrow. I think I’m winning. MLIA."

"Today, I was playing Rock Band with my boyfriend when his grandma came downstairs and asked what we were playing. After we explained to her what Rock Band was, she asked if she could play the drums for one song. I didn’t think she’d do all that well. She beat a song on expert, first try. I wish my grandma was that cool. MLIA"

"Today, my husband and I were playing the letter doodle game where one person writes a letter and the other person has to turn it into something. I found out that I can turn any letter of the alphabet into a dinosaur. Best achievement ever. MLIA"

"Today, I asked my mom why she had given my brother and I the same initials. Her response was, “So I can tell my friends that I own two BMWs.” MLIA"

"Today I plugged my iPhone into my car speakers and started to use iGun. I turned up the volume, rolled down the windows and started shooting at a girl walking by me. She proceeded to act out the most dramatic death I’ve ever seen. We’re having coffee next weekend. MLIA."

(via MyLifeIsAverage)


  1. My friend nat and I totally put on that banana costume at Target on Sunday.....after we were bummed out at how different the Anna Sui collection looks in person...

  2. haha thats amazing. i need to go find this costume because i am intrigued! and i was very bummed on the anna sui today! i was so upset i couldnt find the one dreamy dress i wanted. i tried on 3 others and wasn't impressed. especially after comparing them to their price tags!

  3. OMG, you're an MLIAer? me too!! =D
    long live average people!!


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